Zhou Xun made things difficult and said harsh words to Ma Yili. She failed 9 times in test tubes. Why was the 55-year-old so angry?
Zhou Xun made things difficult and said harsh words to Ma Yili. She failed 9 times in test tubes. Why was the 55-year-old so angry?
I hope we can all learn the courage and strength to live well from her.

recently, "mother-in-law's bracelet" was a hit, and a clip in the play surprised me.

Wu Junmei's mother-in-law, Li Shuanqing, misses her daughter after retirement.

she sits alone at the mouth of Lao Nongtang in Shanghai.

the children were chasing and fighting in the alley.

she had a half-curly perm and her eyes moved with the child's figure.

in a trance, I seemed to hear my daughter calling her mother many years ago.

there is only one line in the whole clip, not a single tear.

but with the interpretation of Wu Junmei, the feeling of loneliness is about to emerge.

many netizens praised: what a good actor, indeed an old actor, even playing a supporting role can overshadow the protagonist.

his acting skills are becoming more and more perfect, and his state is becoming more and more charming.

and we know more about her life experience of more than 50 years:

it is not that time is invincible beauty, but a woman with a strong heart who can withstand the wind and frost of time.

become famous from a young age

to middle-aged supporting actress

Wu Junmei's acting talent has appeared since she was very young.

her mother is a movie star Zhu Manfang. Since childhood, her mother has taken her to the cinema to see her own movies.

but at a young age, she could see the place where her mother acted in the movie.

she laughed wildly and shouted, "I'm sure I can't act like this", so angry that my mother scolded her for being "unruly".

before the age of 20, she had made 16 films, large and small.

at the age of 20, she played the role of Shu Fei Wenxiu in the Last Emperor, which won nine Oscars.

Wenxiu, which is suffocating but longing for freedom, is a collection of green, charming and brave Wenxiu, which has been shaped into a classic character that is still remembered by many people today.

at the age of 24, she became the first Chinese actress on people magazine's list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

at the age of 27, he starred in the Joy Luck Club, the first all-Asian film in Hollywood history.

the audience was conquered by a play with only two lines.

at the age of 28, he was invited to be the guest of the American Golden Globe Awards.

at the age of 29, he became a lifelong judge of the American Academy Awards.

at the age of 30, she became the first Asian actress to be nominated for Best Actress at the Italian Academy Awards and the Canadian Gini Awards for her stunning performance in the movie Pillow Book.

play Soong Mei-ling three times after the age of 30:

from the young and innocent "returnee girl" in the Song Dynasty to the decent lady who has experienced ups and downs but calmly in the Flying Eagle far away.

her interpretation at different levels is very vivid, and she is praised as "the most elegant demeanor like the actress of Soong Mei-ling."

however, most of the young people's impression of her now may remain:

A middle-aged supporting actress with good acting skills and deep impression in domestic dramas.

but even if she plays a supporting role, her light is no less than that of the so-called protagonist.

she plays the energetic female workplace boss MISS Wu in the first half of my Life.

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at the first sight of Ma Yili, he briskly put down cruel words:

"I don't care who you are. I don't care whether you do a good job or not."

when she plays the role of senile Zhen Huan in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, she has a lot of tension when she makes her debut.

with only one look, one can't help holding his breath, and his heart is hooked to his throat.

she and Chen Chong, two old actors and actresses, are more attracted to each other than male and female stars Huo Jianhua and Zhou Xun.

there are hidden arrows in the eyes and cold guns in the words. on the surface, the clouds are light and the wind is light, but secretly it is full of surging undercurrent.

although it is the confrontation with the imperial concubine after the "Last Emperor" after an interval of 30 years,

but the two people put it away freely, and time left traces on their faces, but it gave them richer life experiences and more precious spiritual wealth.

Wu Junmei plays Sun Li's boss in the True Story of Hot Mom, educating Sun Li, who is depressed by divorce.

A "sermon" was praised by netizens as "human sobriety":

there are four major events in life, birth, old age, sickness and death, among which there is no divorce.

in this case, you have to work harder.

otherwise you will really be reduced to a stupid woman who is divorced, with children, no spiritual connotation and no extension of life.

from a teenage actress to a middle-aged supporting actress, this transformation falls on others, and it is hard to avoid a huge sense of disparity.

but Wu Junmei does not have it at all. she is not entangled or confined to the past.

in her opinion, no matter the supporting role of the leading role, the play is bigger than the sky.

as long as there is a part that can make her have a good time, it will be worth it.

behind the light,

there are many unknown hardships

from the perspective of her resume, her life has been going well and doesn't seem to have experienced any setbacks.

and only she knows that even if the halo of the film is added to her body, she has worked so hard that no one can imagine.

but in the Hollywood environment at that time, the status of Asians was very low, and the roles and roles were very few.

even if it's the title of the queen, yes.It didn't help her to take on the play.

she had to work and study, so she sold vacuum cleaners, worked as a cleaner, and worked as a babysitter.

9 of the 10 auditions failed, and many people advised her to give up.

but she came up stubbornly and clenched her teeth.

slowly, play an oriental from the thunder play Ninja Turtle 3:

to be able to play a Vietnamese wife in the Vietnam War movie "Heaven and Earth" and gain a foothold in Hollywood with the Joy Luck Club.

my father had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage and had a craniotomy to save his life.

as a result, she stopped working for half a year, and then gradually shifted the focus of her work and life back to China.

many people feel sorry for her. At her age, after returning home, most of them can only play the roles of mother and mother-in-law in domestic dramas.

she is calm:

"there are good scenes everywhere. I will go wherever I am at home. Home is the most important thing."

the protagonist is still a supporting role, and she never cares about this:

"the protagonist of a bad play is not as good as me as a supporting role in a good play."

her idol is Meryl Streep, and her goal is to be like an idol:

"at every age, she has a shining role that no one else can replace, and she plays what she looks like.

maybe I'll have more opportunities after 50 like her, you never know. "

that's why we can see that in "snail dwelling", she plays Mrs. Song Siming, who is middle-aged and suffering from marital crisis.

the main room style, which is riddled with holes in the heart and calm and determined on the face, makes people shudder, so that many people admire it with emotion after watching it.

that's why we can see that she resolutely refuses to pretend to be young for the film pay and only takes the roles that suit her.

at the same time, we carefully instruct the young actors in the same crew to selflessly share their many years of acting experience.

the sufferings she once suffered have now been turned into precious wealth that nourishes herself and others.

not trapped in the heart, not confined to the past, into middle age, she is transparent and powerful.

married for 25 years,

the way of doing business behind happiness

at the age of 28, Wu Junmei met her husband Oscar Kesco.

it wasn't love at first sight.

before the two officially met, Wu Junmei had heard the voice of Oscar on the phone and was attracted by the movie "the lost son."

Wu Junmei was disappointed when she saw me.

Oscar is not good-looking. He is not tall, has less hair and has a big belly.

12 years older than her, had a marriage and had two daughters.

but after getting along, she found that Oscar was a very reliable and family man.

so, the two were together, and looking back on the decision many years later, Wu Junmei said:

"he is the kind of man who makes me feel dependent. Before I met him, I felt like I was in the cloud.

after marrying him, I really feel secure. "

now, after 25 years of marriage, they are still in love.

when we are separated from each other, we make phone calls every day. When there was no video communication, Oscar would write a handwritten love letter and fax it to Wu Junmei.

for so many years, the rule of separation of no more than 21 days has been practiced.

in an interview, she was asked what was the focus of her life over the years.

she said blandly but happily:

"make a living. Go to the theatre, play golf, cook, watch TV and walk the dog with Oscar. We live the way other people live. "

she shares her experience:

which couple don't quarrel? our family quarrels every day. Oscar speaks Spanish and I speak Shanghainese. It's very funny.

but I can carry it clearly. I don't do it. My husband and I are very close, like good friends.

however, there are painful regrets behind such a happy marriage.

recalling the difficult years, she smiled and said, "my husband gave me an injection. The injection almost popped up. He was scared to death."

fortunately, Wu Junmei has been able to let go.

maybe we all have time of one kind or another, but God has his time for everything.

A reporter once asked impolitely, "will the absence of children affect marriage?"

Wu Junmei is very calm:

We got married because a man and a woman made the promise of "being together forever" at that moment, not to have children.

I will not despair without children. Even if I do not say "complete", at least in the identity of a woman, I continue to discover myself and get a new life.

once brilliant, did not trap her in the first half of her life;

the pain of being unable to give birth did not make her indulge in grief;

she is always ready to ride the wind and waves for the rest of her life.

in his own rhythm, he is strong.

, I hope we can all learn from herLive your courage and strength.