Women who are really popular have these six characteristics.
Women who are really popular have these six characteristics.
For the rest of my life, I wish you and I can build a good relationship and live a wonderful life of our own.

George Eastman, the father of Kodak, once said:

"the happiness of life is the happiness of interpersonal relationships."

in life, believe you and I, there are such women.

A lot of friends, excellent popularity, laughter around, surrounded by dignitaries, who is close to them, like a spring breeze, heart born love.

the quality of popularity directly determines the comfort of a woman's life and the height of her life.

the more you grow up, the more you find that women who bring their own popularity and are popular everywhere tend to have these six characteristics.

know how to respect and make people close

I agree with one sentence: there is no profound secret to interpersonal communication, that is, "mirror each other".

those women who respect others can understand others with empathy, give each other the best respect, and welcome the love of others for themselves.

actor Niu Jing once worked with Li Lihua, the evergreen tree of the film industry, but when he was young, he had a bit of inferiority complex.

Li Lihua immediately recognized him as her brother in order to relieve Niuzhu's embarrassment.

take him to the fashion store to order a denim jacket and ask the best makeup artist to design his image.

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in order to get closer to each other, Li Lihua also invited him home for dinner and taught him to distinguish between people and objects, observe life, and train his acting skills by chatting.

it is this heartfelt respect for others that makes Li Lihua show her accomplishment and charisma, making people want to be close.

so much so that she retired from the film industry for many years, and fans still followed her around, praising her.

educated women have the respect they deserve in their attitude towards people and things.

and this respect also makes her own image shine among everyone she gets along with.

No matter how rich and beautiful a woman is, if she can't respect others, no one wants to be friends with her.

and a woman who can always fully respect and understand others and always release her goodwill will naturally receive a reversal of goodwill from others, and her popularity will not be bad.

be honest with each other and gain sincerity

as the saying goes, "sincerity is more useful than any routine."

No matter how complicated his world is, as long as a woman acts faithfully and sincerely, she can take the initiative in life and win the hearts of the people.

in the TV series "the full moon in bloom that year", the heroine Zhou Ying was slandered, saying that her firm sold fake medicine.

in order to prove her innocence, Zhou Ying quickly caught the counterfeiters.

then she made an unexpected decision.

she said that although the fake medicine was planted by others on her own store, it was because of her.

she took the initiative to take responsibility and promised that all customers who bought fake drugs could go to Shenglong Quan to exchange fake drugs for real ones.

even moved the rich businessman Tuldan, got the agency of all his business in the Central Plains, and made a lot of money.

it is especially important for women to be honest with others.

some women are hypocritical and pretentious, and no one wants to come near them.

and some women do not speak falsely, hold a share of treating others with a sincere heart, and have a sense of security to deal with her.

those who feel people with sincerity will respond with sincerity.

honest women tend to go well in both work and life.

has positive energy, and everyone is willing to get close

as the old saying goes:

"and good human settlements, such as entering the room of Zhilan, do not hear its fragrance for a long time, that is, become with it."

the person you get close to is what you become.

when you are with a positive energy woman, she will take you to discover the beauty of life and turn the endless dark night into a twinkling sea of stars.

Yan Youyun, a Shanghai socialite, is an elegant woman who uses positive energy to influence friends around her.

her family was robbed, and her friends were worried. Instead of being afraid, she comforted others with a smile. "I just lost my belongings. My life, health and family are all unharmed."

the lives of husbands and colleagues who are diplomats are uncertain, and the wives of other diplomats are scared out of their wits.

she unhurriedly set up a temporary family, took them to grow vegetables and raise chickens on the isolated island, chopped wood and carried water, and produced and saved themselves.

the hardships of life did not trap Yan Youyun, but she, in the face of sudden difficulties, leisurely, always full of expectations for the future, lived her own years.

I very much agree with one sentence: the person with positive energy is the noble person of your life.

positive women always have a positive attitude towards life, always smiling and warming themselves and others.

get along with her, although you can't solve all the troubles in your life, but driven by her positive magnetic field, you will remain optimistic and look forward to life getting better and better.

Open-minded and funny, bring laughter

in this life, women will inevitably encounter unpleasant things when they rise and fall in the sea of people.

complaining about unfair fate? Or make the world worth it?

I think open-minded women will definitely choose the latter.

when they talk and laugh, they decorate their cramped life into a brilliant spring, so that the happiness index of the people around her is also greatly increased.

Japanese actor Schilling Tree is famous for his role as Grandma in the Family of Thieves..

60, she suffered retinal detachment in one eye and faced blindness.

she didn't want to waste her limited time on complicated rehabilitation treatments, and she was afraid of her family's worries, so she pretended to be serious and said, "I've seen so much gloom in the world that there's no need to restore sight."

70, when she generously announced the news of cancer, a reporter could not help asking her how she felt about the sad fact that she was about to die.

I saw her smile mischievously, with a trace of narrowness, "what do you think of death?" I don't know. I didn't die. "

this woman, who has been funny all her life, is so open-minded that a few words play down the public's fear of death and relax the body and mind of those who come into contact with her.

many filmmakers regard her as a mentor, and she is chosen by the Japanese people as the most popular female celebrity, gaining a large number of fans.

although the essence of life is cruel and tasteless.

but there are always some women who laugh at the difficulties of life with humor and live a boring life.

humorous and funny women, love to laugh and noisy, full of affinity, let people involuntarily want to get close, there are never few friends around.

maturity is not out of line, and is liked by others

I have heard a saying: "discretion is the highest level of maturity."

Women with a strong sense of size know how to advance and retreat, know restraint, know who they are, and know the bottom line of talking and doing things.

with her, not only do not get along tired, but also can have a long-lasting and warm relationship.

everyone says that Zhang ailing is light-tempered, but she praises a friend named Kuang Wenmei. "after having a friend like you, I don't like other friends."

before she died, she left her copyright and HK $2.4 million legacy to the other party.

Why can this woman be close to Zhang ailing, who is full of sad background?

maybe you can see a thing or two in the details of their relationship.

when Zhang ailing told Kwong about her private affairs, there was no need for advice, and Kuang Wenmei would keep her mouth shut and would not even reveal her husband.

Kuang Wenmei talks with Zhang ailing and seldom boasts about her happy family. She always leads to chat topics from each other's point of view, which leads to a stream of witty remarks and golden sentences from Zhang ailing.

familiarity does not go beyond the rules, which is the wisdom of smart women.

Cai Kangyong thinks:

"interpersonal relationship is the way in which people can continue to communicate with each other."

when getting along with people, the wisest thing to do is to keep a distance, hold a yardstick, and leave enough space for each other.

when you make others feel comfortable, they can't help but approach you.

appreciate others, never get tired of spending time

writer Li Xiaoyi said:

"We live all our lives not for who we don't like, but for our own growth. For those who don't agree, we can also see strengths and learn strengths from her. This is a skill."

the better a woman is, the better she sees others, dares to praise her opponents and is good at learning from them.

Juan, a netizen from Zhihu, discovered a strange phenomenon.

she has a kind of female friends who are average-looking and unqualified, but on the contrary, they are extremely well-off, have a wide range of contacts, and achieve much higher achievements than women with good hardware conditions.

they will not always use a magnifying glass to find the shortcomings of others, nor will they seek the pleasure of victory in comparison with others.

I agree with the saying: "fastidiousness is consumption, appreciation is nourishment."

if a woman only focuses on the shortcomings of others, she will only narrow her mind and hinder her progress.

and when she knows how to applaud her opponent sincerely, it is not only respect for others, but also kind treatment to herself.

A woman who is good at appreciating others can see the shining points of others and be broad-minded.

Don't be too picky about others, don't be stingy with praise, and everyone feels comfortable with them.

in the book how to build a good relationship, it says:

"popularity is like an echo. What you send, it will return, and what you sow, you will reap."

if you want to be a popular woman who has someone to help and fall down, you might as well consciously refine yourself and make yourself better over time.

know how to respect and sympathize with others; dominate the state of mind, positive sunshine; do not exceed the rules, look at the strengths of others.

popularity is a fast pass to walk in the world.

Women with good popularity always have more opportunities and possibilities than others.

May you and I both build a good relationship and live our own wonderful life for the rest of my life.