Whether a couple or a lover, if they love each other deeply, it should be like this.
Whether a couple or a lover, if they love each other deeply, it should be like this.
It is easier to fall in love than to get along.


it is easier to fall in love than to get along.

in life, many people judge love by whether the other person is willing to make compromises or even changes for themselves.

do not realize that only with acceptance and recognition from the bottom of the heart can the feelings between each other be stronger and more harmonious.

in a relationship, it is the greatest stupidity to want to change others.

some people say: "always trying to change others is a mental illness in itself."

but it happens that many people suffer from this disease.

Women do not have any academic qualifications and started out as a small restaurant.

at first, her husband was an employee of a listed company, but he was depressed because of a change of management. finally, he had a conflict with his boss and resigned.

Women's small restaurant is getting bigger and bigger, and later opened a branch, proposed to let men go to the branch to help manage, so that one person's salary can be saved.

but men stay at home every day to surf the Internet, drink and watch TV.

when a woman comes home from her hard work every day, she can't help scolding the man for his sloppy appearance.

Women are also well-intentioned, hoping to change men by finding fault, but men have a strong feeling of resistance.

as a result, the two men began to face each other tit-for-tat, and finally the conflict accumulated, and the marriage came to an end.

in a relationship, one always wants to change each other because it is easier to change each other than to change yourself.

but the truth is, it's hard to change yourself, and it's even harder to change others.

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before getting married, many women always feel that some of each other's faults can be changed slowly later.

it is a small matter as long as you correct it and the other person cares enough about yourself.

however, after marriage, the other party is always indifferent, occasionally listen to it, but still follow their own habits.

as a result, the woman began to feel that the other person didn't love her at all and suspected that she had found the wrong person.

not only is she so, but the other party often becomes irritable and impatient because of her dissatisfaction.

in fact, the adult's thinking, values, and habits have long taken shape, and unless he realizes the problem and wants to make a change, the more forced he is, the more counterproductive he will be.

so, never try to change others. All you can do is just emit your own light and heat, just like the sun.

the best way for both sexes to get along and love someone is to accept each other as they are.

I have read such a sentence: "if you love someone, you should love them as they are, instead of relying on your own efforts to change them and make them what you want them to be."

I think so.

Love is unconditional, conditional love will always be estranged.

Li ao, a famous writer in Taiwan, fell in love with Hu Yinmeng, "Taiwan's first beauty" at first sight, and finally got her home.

however, after three months and 22 days of marriage, Li ao announced the end of his marriage with Hu Yinmeng.

many years later, Li ao told the truth about the divorce at a press conference.

it turned out that he inadvertently saw what Hu Yinmeng looked like when he blushed because of constipation, and he couldn't accept it, so he chose to divorce.

some people say that when that person doesn't love you, it's useless for you to be a decathlon.

just like Li ao, because he didn't love, he couldn't accept her imperfections, and he easily let go for such a trifle.

the bottom line of love is whether you can accept the other person as they are; the bottom line of marriage is whether you can accept the worst part of the other person.

if you can accept him, cherish it. If you can't accept it, you don't have to choose.

MiyazakiHayao said: "Love is not finding a perfect person, but learning to appreciate the imperfect person with perfect eyes."

indeed, if you love someone, you must love his strengths as well as his shortcomings. You can't expect him to become what you want him to be just because you love him.

if you love someone, you can change yourself for the sake of others and influence them with actions.

there are no two identical people in the world, and no matter how close they are, they can't always have a connection with each other.

the best state of a relationship is to be willing to change for each other.

in Love between parents, Jiang Defu is a young and promising naval officer, and Anjie is a rich lady who has been well-off since childhood. In the process of getting along with each other, both of them have made changes and contributions for each other.

Jiang Defu is willing to change his way of life, and Angie is willing to change the way he dresses, influencing each other imperceptibly.

although they are not the same kind of people, they end up living like each other.

if the world is ruthless, it is our way of life that makes it ruthless.

so, don't easily change yourself for the one you like, let alone try to change others, unless you meet someone who really loves you.