When you go to bed, it's your life.
When you go to bed, it's your life.
From now on, sleep well and enjoy life. \ n​


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there is a saying in Huangdi Nei Jing: "if you lie at night and get up early, you will never get tired of the day."

A good night's sleep makes you refreshed; you stay up all night and you are exhausted.

sleeping has a direct impact on our health and fortune.

you don't stay up late, it's your life

as the saying goes, "if you don't sleep well, you will get sick."

A few years ago, American scientists did a study on sleep time and mortality.

the results are surprising to find that the amount of sleep has a great impact on our health.

it can be seen that every time you stay up late, you are overdrawing your body!

A scientist once said:

"less sleep will not give you more time than others, but will die earlier than others."

our body is like a machine, blindly running at high speed, non-stop, for a long time, there will be something wrong and eventually scrapped.

people who do not know how to rest will eventually spend more time seeing a doctor, or even pay a more painful price.

therefore, staying up late for any reason is a joke with your own life.

people live for only a few decades, and there is nothing worth staying up late.

Don't let troubles and worries make us run over and keep us awake at night.

even if it is a big thing, you will have the energy to face it only if you sleep well.

A good night's sleep can not only make us live every day with vitality, but also enable us to better plan our own future.

early to bed and early to rise is the top self-discipline.

Wang Yangming once said: "it is easy to break a thief in the mountain, but it is difficult to resist a thief in his heart. He who defeats others is strong, and he who wins himself is strong."

people who are really self-disciplined have great self-control, and they will not lose themselves by the temptation of the outside world, let alone sink because of temporary pleasure.

adhering to regular work and rest for a long time can not only make a person glowing, but also spend enough time to constantly reshape and improve himself.

throughout ancient and modern times, you will find that the more successful people are, the more they understand the importance of deep sleep and routine.

Zeng Guofan insisted on going to bed early and getting up early, and his family flourished for six generations without a "black sheep".

Haruki Murakami, a famous writer, went to bed at 9 p.m. and wrote novels at 04:30 for 30 years.

Yu Hua, the best-selling author of living, never stays up late to write. He told himself that whenever he left his desk, he would never think about novels any more.

in their view, rules are of great importance when doing something over a long period of time.

because life is a marathon, not a short run, if you use up your energy halfway, then the end of success must be out of reach.

the famous writer Lin Qingxuan once fell into a trough because of his writing, but after some advice from the Zen master.

began to eat and sleep seriously, and finally came out of the trough and wrote a lot of excellent and philosophical works.

people live a lifetime, everyone's energy is limited, only by taking good care of their own energy, can we go further.

as Zhuge Liang, a military strategist of one generation, said, "serenity leads to distance."

this is the case with everything. Only by self-discipline can we gain freedom, and only by freedom can we gain a calm and leisurely life.

if you want to win a free and leisurely life, you must start with every little thing and a good sleep.

sleeping is more of a spiritual practice

Wang Yangming once said, "when you are hungry, you are tired to sleep, but this practice is even more mysterious."

spiritual practice is not elsewhere, but in daily life, eat well, sleep well, and let nature take its course is the best practice.

A scholar once asked the Zen master, "are you still practicing now?"

the Zen master replied, "I practice every day."

the scholar asked, "how do you practice?"

the Zen master said, "eat and sleep when you are hungry."

the scholar smiled and said, "this is the case with all sentient beings. Why are they not spiritual practitioners, but you are?"

the Zen master replied, "people think a lot when they sleep and worry about it when they eat, so they don't eat when they eat, and they don't sleep when they sleep."

in life, many people ignore the importance of "sleep", but do not know that eating well and sleeping well is the best respect for life.

Nan Huaijin, a famous master of Sinology, once said, "if you ask me what I believe in, my answer is to sleep."

Sleep, sleep well, is an ability.

this sleeping power reflects a person's ability to self-control, self-heal and self-review.

Laozi also said: "the unity of man and nature, one yin and one yang is the way."

work and sleep are like yin and yang, half and half of each other.

sleep is for better work, work is for better sleep, understand this, understand the true meaning of life.

Sleeping is not only the awe of life, but also the experience of life. when you go to bed, it determines your spiritual practice in life.

Nan Huaijin once said, "only those who can control the morning can control life."

it's the same with sleeping. If one can't even go to bed early, how can one control his life?

any great achievementThey all start from small things step by step.

you should know that only by living every day in the present can you enjoy every day in the future.

, from now on, sleep well and enjoy life.

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