When you are old, take a walk around your siblings' house and you will understand.
When you are old, take a walk around your siblings' house and you will understand.
Harmony between brothers and sisters is the key to a happy family.

the TV series "my brothers and sisters" has a life-and-death beginning.

the parents of the family died one after another, and the four brothers and sisters were separated and wandered around the world.

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from the beginning to the end, the eldest brother was obsessed with his younger brother and sister. He took great pains and spent half his life's energy to find the three brothers and sisters one by one and reunite.

someone asked the eldest brother that his parents were gone and his brothers and sisters had their own families. Is it still meaningful to get together?

the eldest brother said a concise sentence: "if parents are away, brothers and sisters are close relatives."

the love of brothers and sisters, no matter the years pull, the suffering will not go away. Because it flows in the blood, breaking bones and tendons, it is born with it for the rest of its life.

when people get old and go to brothers and sisters' houses, they will understand a lot of things.

as people get older, they miss their old feelings more and more

when I had dinner with the owner of a furniture factory, he said that he used to make luxury goods. I was very surprised and asked him why he had such a big career change.

he sighed and then talked about the past. At that time, the company went bankrupt and owed a lot of debt, and the connections didn't work. Extremely confused, one day he passed an alley where someone was moving.

the alley is full of brand-new furniture, one of which stands out with an old table. I heard a man inside say: "this table is not for you to throw away, why did you move here?"

another replied: "you can't throw this away. When I was a child, the family ate around it. Now my parents have passed away, but my brother and sister will often come to my house as guests."

the owner of the furniture factory suddenly realized, so he packed his bags and went back to his hometown with his wife and children.

fallen leaves always return to their roots. When people get old, they miss their old feelings more and more.

when fighting outside, I often forget the affection of brothers and sisters. But the hometown born in childhood and the brothers and sisters who grew up together will eventually miss and be sentimentally attached to it.

there is a poem saying: the root of the tree is still thousands of feet high, and how far the pedestrian is from his hometown. If you are interested in going back, the old house in the mountains can be white-headed.

if you take a walk around the house of your brothers and sisters, you will know that no matter how much wealth you have saved, how many RVs you have, your final destination, or your hometown, and the brothers and sisters who grew up together.

they place their family affection in the depths of their memories and concerns in their hearts. They are the place where life begins and the final destination of the soul.

people are not easy when they are old

there was news some time ago that an old man over 60, Zhao, left home to visit a brother and sister he had not seen for many years.

he went to the eldest brother's house first, and when the two brothers got together, it was inevitable to talk about the past and the current situation.

he found that his eldest brother is not fluent in legs and feet and sometimes walks on crutches. The eldest brother lives with his son, and because the son takes care of his grandson, he doesn't care much about himself.

bid farewell to the eldest brother, the old man Zhao went to the little sister's house, the little sister worked in the system for several decades, the pension is also enough, food and clothing.

but my brother-in-law secretly told him that the children were very dissatisfied with the distribution of the family property, but the little sister was hard-tempered and did not reconcile with the children, and the children simply did not visit, so they always felt very lonely.

when he came out of his little sister's house, old man Zhao was filled with emotion: when people are old, it is not easy for anyone.

when you are old, no one will rely on you all the time; your body is not as functional as it used to be, you have some pain from time to time, and you often go to the hospital, which is annoying.

people are old, but their brothers and sisters in the distance or around them are in good health, get together more, care for each other, and comfort each other.

brothers and sisters love you more than I thought.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: what is the experience of having brothers and sisters?

A high praise replied:

on the day I got married, I had to go to the husband's house at 4: 00 in the morning. My 19-year-old brother and a party sent me to the intersection of the highway. He smoked one by one in the cold wind, saying that it was hard for you.

I burst into tears beside me. My father died early, and my younger brother took care of my affairs like my father. With my younger brother, I think the moon was really round that day.

brothers and sisters love you more than you think.

Su Shi successively lost his mother, wife and father in less than ten years, which can be described as a human tragedy.

even Su Zhe, the last relative and younger brother, gets together less and leaves more with himself. The famous saying "May people live for a long time and spend thousands of miles together" is the one Su Shi wrote to his younger brother, hoping to be reunited with Su Zhe.

Su Shi never thought that in the Wutai poem case, Su Zhe was willing to trade his official position for his brother's life.

evaluate the two brothers in the History of the Song Dynasty:

in times of adversity, friendship is strong, and there is no resentment, which is rare in ancient times.

when parents are away, the feelings of brothers and sisters are precious.

when he was a child, he fought and quarreled, and when he grew up, he got married and had children, so he inevitably had less contact.

when you reconnect with your siblings, you will find that their love has never faded and is still hot.

No complaints, no jealousy, only thoughts and pity.

"Book of Rites" says: "Father and son Benedict, brothers in harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

harmonious coexistence between brothers and sisters is the key to a happy family.

people are old, if you are still in touch with brothers and sisters, don't be afraid to disturb, there is no grudge.

it is a blessing to be together with brothers and sisters, and you must cherish it for the rest of your life.