When you are in a bad mood, think about these three words.
When you are in a bad mood, think about these three words.
Although there are many disappointments in life, it is not worth having a good mood.

as the saying goes, "things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the heart."

if things go wrong, everyone will have a bad mood, but if you let your troubles pile up, you will only hurt both physically and mentally.

We can't stop things from happening, but we can change our mood and minimize the negative impact.

when you are in a bad mood, think about these three words, which may be able to untie your heart knot.

first sentence: forget it

as the old saying goes, "once you put it down, you are at ease."

mention the weight of a thousand jin, put down two or two light, no matter how entangled with the past, it will only add to the trouble.

if you are not entangled, everything is just dust and will not cause any waves.

when you are in a bad mood, turn the big things into small ones and turn the little things into "forget it". Life is not easy, don't dwell on the past, don't embarrass yourself.

if we want to talk about the most broad-minded literati in ancient times, there must be a place for Su Shi.

his official career was rough all his life, and he was demoted to Huizhou, Huizhou and Danzhou, but no matter what happened to him, he was at ease.

there is a saying that the reason why life is not happy is because you have not read Su Dongpo. For thousands of years, Su Shi has comforted many unhappy people with his life experiences and poems.

Su Shi once wrote a song "Linjiang Immortals drink Dongpo to regain their drunkenness":

after drinking at night, Dongpo woke up and got drunk and came back as if it were three shifts.

the snorting of the family children has been thundered. Don't even knock on the door, lean on your staff and listen to the sound of the river.

I always hate that I don't have it. When do I forget the camp?

the wind is calm and flat at night. The boat died and Jiang Hai spent the rest of his life.

feasting late into the night, the servant children in the family were already fast asleep, snoring like thunder, and there was no answer at the door.

Su Shi had to "lean on his staff and listen to the sound of the river", standing alone by the deep river at night, listening to the river rolling.

think of his youth success, full of talent, but through the eunuch sea storm was demoted to Huangzhou, several setbacks, suffered grievances.

between this vast expanse of heaven and earth, Su Shi suddenly got spiritual relief.

are just a drop in the ocean.

he thought, the world is big, but life is short, why should we devote our limited life to fame and wealth? The court struggled and had a false name, but they were all wasting their time. Why not "the boat died and Jiang Hai sent the rest of his life."

forget it, it is not limited to you fighting for each other, seeing heaven and earth, seeing sentient beings, and seeing yourself in order to reach the lofty realm of life.

three thousand troubles are not worth an indifferent smile!

second sentence: it doesn't matter

have seen a story:

there is a camel walking in the desert, the sun is in the sky, it is thirsty and hungry, then it is suddenly caught in the foot by a piece of broken glass.

the tired camel was furious for a moment, so he kicked out the broken glass, but unexpectedly he made a big cut in the soles of his foot and bled all over the floor.

the camel continued to limp, but the smell of blood attracted vultures hovering in the sky. At the sight of the camel, he had to run for his life.

when it ran to the edge of the desert, it bled more and more, and the thicker smell of blood attracted the wolves in the desert.

as a last resort, the camel continued to run for his life, running like a headless fly, but near the nest of man-eating ants.

the blood from the soles of the feet caused the cannibals to pour out of the nest. they pounced on the camel, and soon the camel fell to the ground dripping with blood.

before dying, the camel thought regretfully: it's just a small piece of broken glass, why should I be angry with it?

for many of us, sometimes it's that stupid camel. But because of a small matter, lost a good mood, and even lost the whole life.

Master Yancan said: "if the heart does not move, what can the wind do? if you are not hurt, the years will be safe."

the best way for a person to live is to know the truth of reconciliation and learn to shake hands with the imperfections of the moment.

Don't worry about it so much, learn to let go, learn to let go, learn to please yourself, life will be happier and more comfortable.

Life is long and there are so many meaningful things waiting for us to do.

say "it doesn't matter" to the people and things who beat you up. You forgive others, but you let go of yourself.

third sentence: will pass

as the old saying goes, "there is no mountain that cannot be climbed, no river that cannot be crossed."

along the way of life, there will always be something that bothers you, or even makes you feel embarrassed and discouraged.

but when I look back at the past, I suddenly find that it is no more than that.

No matter how difficult things are, they will always be solved, and the worst experiences will always pass.

Shi Tiesheng, a famous writer, was paralyzed in both legs at the age of 21 and later suffered from uremia and was kept alive by dialysis. He has been plagued by illness for most of his life, and he laughs at himself: "occupation is illness, amateur writing."

in 1983, when Shi Tiesheng published his famous work, my distant Qingping Bay, he lived in a room with only six or seven square meters.

readers often come to visit him, and they are all amazed that this cramped space can hold vast philosophical ideas and great works.

they also found that Shi Tiesheng, who was seriously ill in the wheelchair, did not have the decadence and pain he had imagined.

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on the contrary, he is fascinated by all the interesting things, delicious and fun, everywhere, talking about everything.

anyone who has seen him can feel it in him.To the cheerful atmosphere, we will wonder why there is no suffering in Shi Tiesheng's face.

by this time, Shi Tiesheng had seen through life and death, and his words were full of clarity and insight: "illness is also a kind of life experience, or even a unique journey."

after all, whoever ends up is full of loess. Such being the case, what is there to let go of?

when you understand that good and bad things will eventually become a thing of the past, everything will pass, there will be no more panic, in order to better face the gains and losses of life.

writer Zhou Guoping said:

"No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

the world is full of middle-aged crises, the plight of old age, and hopelessness of illness, but there is no major event except life and death.

the more difficult life is, the more you want to be in a bright mood, be your own sun, and live every day with a smile.

everything will pass.

everything will begin.

in the bitter life, say "forget it" to yourself, maybe you will understand it when it hurts.

in rough days, say "it doesn't matter" to yourself, maybe cry and laugh out loud;

in a world of impermanence, saying "it will pass" to yourself may change for the better.

although there are many disappointments in life, it is not worth having a good mood.