When the old woman went to the bank to transfer 3 million yuan, the staff immediately called the police, but she was shocked by the identity of the old man.
When the old woman went to the bank to transfer 3 million yuan, the staff immediately called the police, but she was shocked by the identity of the old man.
With their actions, they explained to us what true greatness is.

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in September 2018, the Wuhan Airport River Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China received a pair of elderly people.

the two old men stumbled in plain clothes, accompanied by three young people at that time.

although they are colleagues, there is not too much language communication between them, and they do not seem to be familiar with each other.

after one of the old people came to the counter, he asked for a transfer of 3 million yuan to an account as far away as Heilongjiang.

such a huge amount of money has attracted the attention of bank staff, who are worried that this is another fraud aimed at the elderly.

then immediately reported the matter to the superior.

when the lobby manager learned of this, he stabilized the situation and received the party in the VIP room, while secretly calling the police.

soon the police rushed to the scene, and after learning about the situation, everyone was surprised by the identity of the plainly dressed old man.

Grandma's name is Ma Xu. She is the first female paratrooper in our country. She has been in the army all her life. There are numerous scientific research patents in airborne, and she already holds the rank of senior colonel when she retires.

decided to donate, anonymously, the life savings of himself and her husband-- 10 million yuan-- to the education cause in his hometown.

the three young people who accompany the old man are the leaders of Mulan County Education Bureau, Ma Xu's hometown.

and the legend of this old man starts from that time.

in 1933, Ma Xu was born in rural Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province.

my father fell ill and died a long time ago, leaving his mother to raise Ma Xu and his younger brother, and the family lived a very difficult life.

in that chaotic era, the school was forced by the situation to teach only Japanese and ordered all students not to speak Chinese.

once found, he will be kicked out of the classroom, kneeling or beaten.

so the young Ma Xu told himself:

"if there is no country, there is no home, not to mention personal future and destiny."

during that gloomy childhood, it was common to endure cold and hunger, as well as fear and humiliation.

the only force that supports the family to face hardship is the mother.

Ma Xu's mother can say big drum books, from the Yang family to Hua Mulan, from Wei Qing's resistance to Yue Fei's thorns, Ma Xu absorbs the national spirit and feels clank and iron from these stories.

as the year goes by, the fate of Ma Xu and the whole of China has taken a major turn for the better.

in 1947, when the War of Liberation began, the people's Liberation Army was conscripted in the Northeast, and Mulan County was also within the scope of conscription.

living in enemy-occupied areas from an early age, he was forced to learn Japanese and was used to Japanese insults and oppression of ordinary civilians.

Ma Xu's heart against the enemy to save the country with great respect of the soldiers and soldiers, this conscription even ignited her inner ideal of serving the country.

she dreams of one day becoming a hero in stories like those told by her mother, driving away the oppressors and ushering in an independent new China.

but joining the army meant that the mother could raise one less child. For the sake of patriotic ideals and to lighten the burden on the family, Ma Xu joined the army without hesitation. At that time, she was only 14 years old.

Ma Xu followed the army and came to Harbin alone. After studying at the Jilin Branch of Northeast military and political University for half a year, she became a health worker in the fourth Field Army of the people's Liberation Army.

for the next six years, she followed the army to fight north and south, risking their lives.

saved the lives of countless bloody soldiers, and thus won commemorative medals and other honors.

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in 1954, she returned from the Korean battlefield, and as an excellent health worker, she was sent to study at the first military Medical University.

it was also at this time that the airborne force had just been formed.

in order to facilitate the family members of the army to see a doctor, Ma Xu was transferred to the airborne army because of his identity as a military doctor.

by this time, Ma Xu had married her husband Yan Xueyong, and the life of the Air Force military doctor was no longer full of danger and much more leisurely.

she could have enjoyed a good married life smoothly, but Ma Xu was restless. She insisted on applying to the army for skydiving training in order to become an outstanding female paratrooper.

although he was transferred to the Air Force, Ma Xu is thin, a girl, physically weak, and does not meet the standards.

and the skydiving training at that time was the selective admission of male soldiers, but the parachuting of female soldiers had not been put on the agenda.

in the face of Ma Xu's pleading, the teacher said helplessly:

"Pony, skydiving is not the same as kicking keys. You are too thin. Go back and eat more and get better."

the division commander politely refused, but Ma Xu, who joined the army from an early age, was determined, and her determination would never be changed easily.

when the division commander refused to let her learn, she stole it with her comrades-in-arms on the training ground.

how hard does she fight?

in order to learn the high jump platform as soon as possible, she dug a large hole more than three feet deep in the small yard where she lived, filled with sand, built a high platform with tables and chairs, learned the appearance of her comrades-in-arms, and practiced skydiving repeatedly.

she secretly made a training plan for herself, dancing at least 500 times a day.

half a year later, the army began to test everyone's training results, and Ma Xu quickly found the deputy division commander in charge of skydiving training and asked to participate in the assessment.

Ma Xu explained:

"I am a military doctor, if I cannot parachute with the soldiers, in case they get sick and injured, they need timely treatment, but it is very dangerous without medical personnel around, so I have to learn to parachute."

half a year's training was not in vain. Under everyone's witness, she excellently completed three parachuting movements and performed as well as other male soldiers, and there was warm applause at the scene.

maybe everyone has a hunch that the first female paratrooper in New China is about to be born!

, Ma Xu trained with his teammates.

until March 1984, Ma Xu, who knew his destiny, had done two parachuting.

with her petite figure, she never shouted tired in training, and as a rare female paratrooper, she never asked for any preferential treatment.

she went to great pains to follow her troops through high mountains and valleys and across the Gobi Sea, setting two records of "the female soldier with the most parachuting times" and "the oldest female soldier parachuted."

Ma Xu's husband, Yan Xueyong, is also a military doctor. Both of them like to do research, like-minded, and come together.

they made an appointment to have no children and devoted all their energy and time to the army and scientific research.

in the process of parachuting with the army, Ma Xu was acutely aware that at the moment of parachuting and landing, its strong impact could easily cause fractures of the soldier's waist or ankle.

and her husband tried it over and over again, made continuous improvement, and finally successfully invented inflatable ankle protectors.

in 1995, after decades of research, the couple invented an "oxygen vest" for skydiving at high altitude, which solved the problem of skydiving at high altitude, which has plagued the army for many years.

during her decades in the army, Ma Xu never gave up the pace of study and scientific research. she has more and more patented inventions, thicker and thicker academic papers, and higher and higher military ranks.

but she doesn't care about it. Regardless of whether the outside world is praised or not, the couple always keep a simple and low profile, guard against arrogance and rashness, and never forget their original ideals and aspirations.

after retiring, Ma Xu left with the rank of senior colonel, and the couple's assets have reached 10 million yuan because of a number of bonuses paid out by the state.

but over the years, she and her wife have given up the housing arranged by the army and have been living in a remote and low bungalow. They live frugally and simply.

there is neither a decent decoration nor a gorgeous dress in the house, and even the winter boots on his feet are faded and skinned, but Ma Xu is still reluctant to throw them away.

the couple also opened up a small vegetable field in the yard and planted some fruits and vegetables that they usually eat, which looked no different from ordinary farmers.

in the old man's narrow house, the only precious thing is a whole bookcase filled with research books and work materials.

they and the dim lamp on the desk accompanied the two old people through countless days and nights.

many people wonder why they have so much wealth but still live in such poverty.

Ma Xu replied:

"compared with the past, the present life is very happy, I am very contented."

it is such a couple who are not willing to spend a penny, but donate a huge sum of 10 million yuan accumulated over the past few decades to their hometown Mulan County for the education of minors.

the day they went to the bank to collect donations was the scene at the beginning of the article.

if it were not for this beautiful misunderstanding, many people would not know that there was such an unknown heroine who spent her life savings just to give back to the country and the people.

Ma Xu said:

"some people think that we are living a hard life, and some people think that we are too stingy, but I think to have knowledge is to have wealth.

I give all my life savings back to the hometown where I was sent to join the army.

for nothing else, I just hope that more people can acquire the power of knowledge. "

what a privilege, because of a goodwill, let us know the great contribution of the two patriots behind this.

what we don't know, there are many stories of dedication that take place all over China, and there are many.

it is these cohesive goodwill that have shaped a better China and a better society for us!

when Ma Xu was moved by China's person of the year in 2018, the organizing committee commented on Ma Xu:

"the accent of leaving home has not changed, and now the world is amazed at what was once a brave woman.

with a little bit of savings converging into a river to irrigate your homesickness for the rest of your life, you live frugally for once in luxury, endure poverty and keep your soul noble. "

in this impetuous society, we always tend to question whether there is selfless dedication.

We should pay tribute to Ma Xu and Yan Xueyong.

it's him.With their actions, we have not only explained to us what is true greatness, but also proved to us what is constant patriotism.