When I saw my brother-in-law for the first time at my sister's wedding, I cried and fainted.
When I saw my brother-in-law for the first time at my sister's wedding, I cried and fainted.
In this life, I just hope my sister is all right.

I will always remember that evening.

on November 3, 1998, there was a large dizzy sunset in the sky. I took my sister's hand and sat at the door. Neither of us spoke, as if fixed by an air of despair.

later, after many years, I remember this evening. I remember the dirty tears on my sister's face, the confused eyes, and even the shape of the sunset.

my sister took me by the hand and said, "Xiao Qing, don't be afraid."

it was the first night we lost our mother.

half a year ago, my mother took my sister and me to remarry my stepfather.

as for my biological father, I have no impression except that I fell into the river and drowned when I was more than two years old. My family of four moved from Enshi to Xiangyang and had no relatives.

although there is no father, but the mother is in, no matter how hard life is, it is safe.

but after our mother left, we were really helpless.

half a month after my mother was buried, one night the stepfather told his sister that he was going to go out to work, so he couldn't contact our relatives in Enshi, and he couldn't support us, so he had to give us away.

I didn't have any feelings either. My sister and I didn't resist or even understand him.

my sister was 3 years older than me and had just turned 11 that year. The only thing she asked her stepfather to do was to find a family that could adopt both of us. The stepfather said he tried to find out.

the stepfather has run out of patience, so my sister has to give in. She says it's okay to be not in the same family, but she must be in the same place and not too far away.

after about two or three days, my stepfather took us to town and met a young couple who looked amiable. The woman was wearing a fashionable trench coat and makeup, and my sister kept holding my hand and protecting me behind me.

my sister didn't give up and asked them, "Uncle and aunt, can you raise two?" The two of us can have a meal for one person, I can help with the work, and it doesn't matter if we don't go to school, as long as we don't split up. "

the young couple looked at each other and shook their heads regretfully.

my sister's cry, also like engraved in my mind, has not been forgotten for many years.

soon, my sister was adopted, too. Fortunately, we were in the same town.

once, my sister secretly came to me after school and was beaten after being found by my adoptive parents.

I thought my sister would never come again, but she would sneak up to me once in a while and bring me some snacks and pocket money she had saved, a paper bill of 1.2 cents.

I was afraid my sister would be beaten, so I told her not to come to me again.

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my sister suddenly hugged me and began to cry.

she said, "Xiao Qing, let's grow up quickly. When we grow up, we can make our own decisions."

I said foolishly, OK, grow up quickly.

although my adoptive mother is barren, she has read and educated. She teaches in primary school. My adoptive father is an electrician and earns a good income. They are very kind to me.

but my sister is not so lucky.

her adoptive parents have a biological boy at home, but he was not treated for polio in time when he was a child, so he was inflexible and needed to be taken care of.

the elder sister has to take care of her younger brother when she comes back from school. She has to wait for her younger brother to sleep before he can do his homework. She usually has to do housework, and she has to go to the adoptive mother's factory to help on weekends.

this is what my sister told me secretly when she came to see me, but she smiled and said, it doesn't matter, it's good to grow up well, and it's good not to be separated from me.

however, it is only one year, and my adoptive mother is moving to the county town because of her job transfer.

in those days, it was only 30 kilometers from the town to the county seat, but for me, when I was 9 years old, it was as far as the horizon. Before I left, I begged my adoptive parents to let me see my sister.

my adoptive father took me to my sister's school on a motorcycle and called my sister out of the classroom for me.

my sister's eyes turned red as soon as she heard that I was leaving, and then tears filled her eyes, but she soon calmed down. She said that the town was not far from the county seat, and she could come to see me after the holiday.

then the adoptive father gave our sister our address in the county seat.

I got on the motorcycle and was about to leave. I looked back at my sister. She was wearing a very old purple woolen coat that was one size bigger, which should be the old clothes of my adoptive mother.

my sister stood under the plane tree at the school gate, waving desperately at me. I could see her when the motorcycle drove far away, gradually turning into a purple shadow, and finally disappeared.

there are always some scenes in life that will never be forgotten.

the sister of this scene is a memory point that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I haven't seen my sister for the next two years.

I quickly integrated into the new life, new environment, met new friends, and the days passed like running water.

one night, I dreamt that my sister fell into the pond and drowned. I couldn't save her. I woke up crying and my adoptive mother immediately came to comfort me, but I couldn't stop crying.

I said, my sisterHe's dead.

she said that she happened to go back to town and took me to my sister at the weekend before I calmed down.

the foster mother asked why.

my sister's adoptive father snorted, "Last year, we knew that she was so nearsighted that she could not even see clearly."

by implication, they abandoned their sister.

the adoptive mother sighed. On the way back, I heard her say, "Hey, I knew no matter how bitter it was, I would have raised her together."

I cried until I lost my voice and didn't know how to find my sister.

I heard from my sister again in 2003. I was 13 years old. When I was shopping with my classmates in the county, I met my stepfather, who worked in a restaurant.

I asked my stepfather about my sister. My stepfather said that my sister went back to visit her mother's grave during the Spring Festival, as if she were working in Jingzhou.

but my sister didn't leave her phone number. I told my stepfather the landline number at home and told him that if I saw my sister again, I must give her the number.

the stepfather agreed.

then during the Spring Festival in 2004, I really received a call from my sister.

she said that she would come back to visit her parents every year, saying that she worked in a clothing store with a salary of more than 500 a month and could get more than 600 in good times. She said that she had to save money, save a lot of money and buy a house.

for fear that my adoptive parents would be unhappy, I didn't dare to call often, only once on the last day of the month.

so I look forward to the last day every month.

after that, I never lost touch with my sister. She would send me some snacks, some beautiful little skirts, and a big bear doll. She also sent me a big sticker when it was popular.

in the late summer of 2007, my sister was 20 years old. she saved enough money to have surgery for myopia. As a result, she went all the way to an eye hospital in Guangzhou. After the examination, the doctor told her that the degree of myopia was too high to do.

my sister can only wear a high degree of glasses and go back by bus.

before the Spring Festival in 2007, my adoptive mother told me that we could let my sister come to our house for the Spring Festival, we could have a reunion, and we could come every year for the Spring Festival.

I told my sister cheerfully, but she refused.

I don't understand why I asked her. My sister was silent for a while and told me that when she grew up, she didn't want to rely on others anymore, so she didn't have to rely on anyone to live.

in 2008, after my college entrance examination, my sister bought me the first mobile phone in my life, and we can often call and send text messages.

with the consent of my adoptive parents, my sister took me on a trip to Beijing. She took me to eat Beijing Roast Duck, to Badaling to climb the Great Wall, and to Tiananmen Square to see the flag raised.

when we stood in the crowded Houhai, my sister suddenly said that she was going to get married.

I froze.

I met my brother-in-law for the first time on my sister's wedding day.

is a simple and honest person. I know my sister in Jingzhou, but my hometown is in our county town, less than 20 kilometers away from my home.

I took my adoptive parents to my sister's wedding. It was a very ordinary but lively wedding. I hid in the toilet and cried until I couldn't stand.

my sister, finally has her own home, but why, I am so sad.

after a month of marriage, my sister told me that she was pregnant.

after that, I went to Wuhan to attend university and came back once a semester. When I came back the next summer, my sister had already had a baby.

I am immersed in my own life, especially after I have a boyfriend, I seldom think of my sister, and we have a little less contact.

in 2012, after my sister's children went to kindergarten, she went out to work. Only then did I know that my brother-in-law was not kind to her, and my parents-in-law didn't take her seriously.

because she has no family and is not taken seriously, she has nowhere to go when she returns to her mother's house in the second year of junior high school.

in the year I graduated from college, my sister divorced, and my brother-in-law was found chatting with people on the Internet.

that was my sister, who cried to me for the first time. She said that her brother-in-law had never bought her a present, but bought lipstick for a woman who was a stranger online. Her parents-in-law let her have a second child, but she didn't want to. Her parents-in-law said it was bad luck to marry her.

my sister said that when she was a child, she was not doing well at all after she was adopted by her adoptive parents.

it is never her turn to buy meat and chicken at home. She has her period. The adoptive mother does not give money to buy sanitary napkins, so she can only pad toilet paper. The clothes are all old clothes of the adoptive mother. In their family for several years, they have not bought a single piece of clothes, and they are myopic and do not give her glasses. She was almost hit by a car several times.

she wasn't abandoned, she ran away on her own.

my sister said that she had just arrived at a clothing store and was forcibly kissed by a colleague's boyfriend.

for a long time, she wanted to die, but failed to be ruthless. After meeting her brother-in-law, she thought she had met true love, but the result was like this.

my brother-in-law was found chatting when the child was one year old, but my sister put up with it for the sake of the child, but now she can't stand it.

II couldn't believe what had happened to my sister. I cried silently, but I couldn't say a word of comfort.

because of her, she really doesn't have the ability to control anyone anymore.

after I graduated from college, I had a boyfriend.

at that time, my sister had settled in Wuhan, and she still did not save enough money to buy a house. She would go back to see the children during the holidays and usually buy things for the children. Even if they were separated, they should let the children feel the maternal love.

the first family I met with my boyfriend was my sister. I decided to get married and was the first to tell my sister.

We often see each other and make dinner appointments in Wuhan.

my adoptive parents knew that I had a relationship with my sister and never said anything. I told my sister's story to my foster mother, and she burst into tears and regretted not adopting my sister with me.

my adoptive mother also told me one thing.

in fact, originally, the adoptive parents chose the elder sister, but the elder sister refused to let them choose me, because the elder sister thought their family condition was good, the person was also very good.

so she gave me the opportunity.

in 2018, my sister's factory organized a physical examination, and my sister was found to have cervical cancer in situ. She never told me until she needed family members to accompany her in the operation.

after the results of the biopsy, the doctor said that it was possible to remove the uterus. My sister stayed for a long time and suddenly burst into tears.

she said that her life had been unlucky enough, why God didn't let her go, why it was her.

I hugged her and couldn't say a word.

finally, my sister had a cone operation, and two months later, I accompanied her to check that it was all right, and I was relieved.

my sister suddenly said optimistically, in fact, it's nothing, it's better than discovering cervical cancer only when it develops.

I haven't had time to say anything.

she added, "there's nothing to be afraid of. That's all you need to live."

I looked at her, too sad to speak.

Today, her 34-year-old sister is still single, but she has a stable job and income. She also bought a house in her hometown county two years ago.

she says she has a home of her own.

I am 31 years old, and I am married and have children.

my sister and I are both in Wuhan. We can often see each other and have dinner together. Ching Ming Festival, my sister and I went to visit my parents' graves.

once upon a time, scenes appeared in front of us, but they were as far away as they were in a previous life.

the evening when he lost his mother is also like the scene of a previous life.

in this life, I just hope my sister will be all right.

, I hope such a good sister must be happy!