When a person starts to be depressed, there will probably be these seven "signs". I hope you don't have any of them!
When a person starts to be depressed, there will probably be these seven "signs". I hope you don't have any of them!
How you view the problem, how the problem will treat you.


Psychological problems never happen suddenly, but accumulate over the years.

although many cases of depression occur suddenly, such as a star committing suicide because of depression, the occurrence of depression is the result of accumulation over a long period of time.

before that, there are many clues reminding us to be careful and take precautions in time.

so what are these clues or signs?


often feel down inexplicably

people are unhappy sometimes, but there is a big difference between unhappy and unhappy.

there are specific reasons for some unhappiness.

such as stress at work, or having unpleasant things with others, or being hurt, and so on, these negative events in life can lead to anxiety, irritability, and depression.

in these cases, you know that you are unhappy and why you are unhappy.

but there are times, or for some people, who find that they are often unhappy, but don't know why.

that feeling, as if I am surrounded by a thick fog, the mood can not help but become low, but can not find a specific realistic reason.

if this state lasts for a long time, such as a few months, or even more than half a year, pay attention.

because the most obvious feature of depression is depression, that is, significant and persistent depression.


keep something in mind

what do you do when you are in a bad mood?

some people talk to someone, while others hide in the room and stay alone, or get some sleep.

in Haruki Murakami's classic novel the Norwegian Forest, there is such a description:

Naoko's sister not only learns well from an early age, but also has a very likeable personality, always looking cheerful and optimistic.

occasionally, when she was in a bad mood, she locked herself in the house and came out after sleeping for two or three days. She was full of blood and came back to life, and her depression and unhappiness seemed as if she had never happened before.

this state continues until the age of 17. That year, she ended her life by committing suicide.

this is an extreme example and a typical example.

in real life, there are a lot of people dealing with their negative emotions in the same way.

this quiet way looks harmless, and it can be judged by a good temper and peace of mind, but it actually comes at a price.

when you are unhappy, you always bear it silently, and those who carry it alone are just accumulating emotions, not defusing them.

in other words, they are just replacing unhappiness with depression.

for a long time, depressed time will be more and more, more and more long, and accompanied by a heavy sense of powerlessness, always tired.

in many cases, this is how depression comes about.

it's not impossible to keep something in mind and not to say it, but don't always deal with the problem in this way, or try to deal with indigestion in other ways.

people who always carry it on their own, once one day can't bear it, the price can be devastating.


lose interest in a lot of fun things

the premise that a person can be happy is to be able to feel the beauty of life.

and the premise to feel the beauty of life is to be interested in the people and things around you.

in the movie Shawshank's Redemption, criminals who have been imprisoned for a long time have to learn one thing to survive in prison:

find one of your own interests.

Lao Bu raises birds and Andy carves small stones.

when a person maintains some interests and hobbies, TA also maintains the ability to feel and experience the outside world, which is also the source of one's vitality.

on the contrary, if a person is less and less interested in the people and things around him, and always feels boring, he will lose his enthusiasm for life.

to put it simply, it is the loss of pleasure.

if we can't make ourselves feel happy, why should we do it?

so depressed people have a hard time doing everything.

if interacting with people can't make us feel happy, why should we talk to someone?

so depressed people are more and more reluctant to go out.

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when a person is not interested in anything and has no fun, the vitality of life will be exhausted, which is a terrible state.


always think about things from a pessimistic perspective

Life is made up of 5% happy things, 5% unhappy things, 90% things that can't tell whether they are happy or unhappy.

normally, we can realize this and accept it.

for example, when you go out, you always worry about a traffic accident; when you take an exam, you always feel that you will fail in the exam; when you are with the person you like, you always feel that they will leave you, and so on.

people who look at things in this way are like wearing a pair of sunglasses, everything is gloomy and gray.Of.

this is an artificial way to make yourself unhappy.

there is a joke:

if there are no difficulties, it is necessary to create difficulties.

is used here:

nothing bad happens, and you have to create something bad to make you unhappy.

it can make people feel depressed by always taking a negative attitude towards what they are experiencing, feeling hopeless or even desperate.


frequent remorse and guilt

some people's bodies live in the present, but their hearts live in the past.

they often think about the past, especially unhappy things.

and when they think about these unhappy things, they will pay too much attention to their own mistakes.

such people are usually kind-hearted and, in Freud's theory, belong to people who are very powerful in the superego.

people with a strong superego will over-examine themselves when they encounter problems, that is, they are more likely to look for reasons from themselves.

A depressed patient once described his feelings like this:

"when I have conflicts with others, I will blame myself, as if I have done something particularly shameful. I always reflect on why I can't think more about others."

when a person blames himself for all the problems and thinks it's all his own fault, the inner pressure will increase.

since you are guilty, do you still have the right to be happy and enjoy it?

therefore, many people will feel that they have no right to be happy and take the initiative to put themselves in a state of depression.


more and more homesick

Animals in human relationships, everyone needs to interact with people and gain a sense of belonging and other pleasures.

but if you always feel tired of dealing with people, don't know how to speak or communicate with people, you may choose to withdraw from the relationship, slowly seal yourself off, try not to go out, and hide at home.

in Japan, there is a larger and larger group: cocoon people.

they neither work nor go out, and even communicate with their parents as little as possible, hiding in their rooms all day, wrapping themselves in a small, confined space like silkworms.

such people have a high incidence of depression, and residence and cocoon residence are also a typical manifestation of depression.


have, or often have suicidal thoughts

Depression is a very aggressive emotion, which points not to the outside, but to itself.

if a person is always unhappy, but TA expresses his unhappiness by complaining and blaming others, then such a person is not prone to depression because TA externalizes his aggressiveness and lets others bear it.

so we can see that when a person always complains or blames you, you will be very upset and unhappy.

that's what they want, and their goal is to make you unhappy for them, so they won't be so unhappy.

but if you don't understand, or don't have the heart to externalize aggression, you will choose to attack yourself.

shows all kinds of guilt, shame, pessimism and despair.

after a long time, some people will think that they don't have much to live and have no meaning.

as a result, the idea of ending one's own life will appear.

when a person has thought of committing suicide, he should be vigilant;

and when this kind of thought occurs frequently, it requires special attention, which indicates that a person's depression has entered a very serious state.

there are many signs and signs that a person is beginning to be depressed, and there is not much space here.

in the face of depression, the best way to deal with depression is to resolve it in advance, that is, when there is unhappiness in life, deal with it as soon as possible.

you can relieve stress by chatting with family /friends, you can adjust yourself by learning psychological knowledge, and of course, you can solve problems more systematically and deeply through psychological counseling.

if you solve it actively, it brings you positive power; if you deal with it passively, it brings you negativity.