"what's it like to divorce your wife and marry the other woman?" Two cheating men told the truth.
"what's it like to divorce your wife and marry the other woman?" Two cheating men told the truth.
Marriage, the need to respect each other, do not love, can be good together and break up.

many men like the new and hate the old in their bones.

married to his wife for a long time, no passion, no love, so cheating, divorce, followed.

will life be happier when a man divorces his wife and marries the other woman? How does it feel?

listening to the voices of these two men may give all men and women in marriage some insights and thoughts.

the wife is better than the original wife

the child is still his own parent

@ Mr. Li, 38 years old:

"my extramarital affair is with a divorced female colleague, who is good-looking and chatting, and hooks up with each other.

in fact, cheating at that time was just a temptation, fresh for a moment, just for fun, and I didn't want to get a divorce.

but later, when she was found out by her ex-wife, she was very angry, went to work and shouted and made noise, and directly took away her son, saying that she wanted to divorce me, which made me lose face. As soon as I lost my temper, I just left.

there were a lot of troubles during that time, and she felt guilty about her lover. She said she wanted a title, so she got married.

but soon after I got married, I regretted it. She was very strict with me and often checked my mobile phone and my location.

later, when there were more such things, I realized that she married me for my money.

she also has a 10-year-old son who is naughty and undisciplined, so she will contradict me, turn a deaf ear to me several times, and turn a blind eye to me as a stepfather.

now when I think about it, it is better to have a wife and a son.

however, it is no use regretting that my ex-wife is married and my son does not recognize me as a father. He only blames himself for not knowing how to cherish it and breaks their hearts.


marry whoever you want

Marriage is bound to be trivial and quarrelling

@ Mr. Wang, 43 years old:

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"to tell you the truth, my ex-wife is still very family-friendly, but she likes to nag and talk about trifles all day long, which leads to frequent quarrels and life between us.

she never likes to dress up. When I asked her to buy two beautiful clothes, she accused me of not being in charge and not knowing firewood and rice, complained to me about all kinds of trivial daily chores, and was often complacent about taking advantage of a little.

slowly, I began to get tired of this life, tired of her sloppiness, her stingy, hers can not be on the table.

at a friend party, I met a young and beautiful girl, gentle and lovely. I often went out to play in private, but I couldn't help having an affair.

in order to be with the woman I like as soon as possible, I filed for divorce with my ex-wife. I thought I could live a happy life from now on, but I didn't expect it. Instead, I became more and more unhappy.

after marriage, she changed her previous tenderness and thoughtfulness and began to become strong and picky. Whenever she was slightly upset, she would give me a look on my face and turn my face.

I am gluttonous and lazy all day. I don't do housework or go to work. I just know how to buy and buy. For this reason, I quarreled with her a lot.

I often can't help comparing her with my ex-wife. when I really live together, I find that she is not as good as I thought, and in some places she is not as good as my ex-wife.

in fact, no matter who you marry, there are trivial daily routines, running-in and quarrels.

now, I have gradually realized the virtuousness and frugality of my ex-wife. After all, I still have to pay attention to firewood, rice, oil and salt, and passion cannot be eaten after all.

however, nothing can go back. In the final analysis, I deserve it. "

if you don't know how to cherish it, you will suffer the bitter fruit eventually

from the contributions of these two gentlemen, we can see that divorcing his wife and spending time with his mistress may not be as happy as he imagined.

more may be regret and self-inflicted consequences.

for the sake of temporary desire and freshness, doing things that hurt his wife and family are doomed to take a wrong path.

when there is something wrong with marriage, what is needed is communication and resolution, not avoidance and infidelity.

in this world, there is no perfect marriage, and there is no perfect person. Only by knowing how to manage and appreciate, can two people go long in mediocrity.

if you don't understand this, even if you get married ten times, you won't be happy, or even worse.

the greatest blessing of a man is to have a woman who accompanies him wholeheartedly, whether poor or rich, who is willing to have children for him and wash her hands to make vegetable soup herself.

if you don't know how to cherish it and throw it away at will, it is tantamount to abandoning this blessing. If the blessing is gone, it will be bad luck.

in marriage, we need to respect each other and stop loving each other, so we can get together and break up.

but if you intentionally hurt and act recklessly, you will eventually pay a heavy price for your infidelity.