Wedding photos of a 24-year-old man and an 85-year-old woman have gone viral. The relationship, which is 61 years old apart, was "picked up".
Wedding photos of a 24-year-old man and an 85-year-old woman have gone viral. The relationship, which is 61 years old apart, was "picked up".
That's how you care about someone. You always want to give her the best things in the world.

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on February 26, 2021, during the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first month, 24-year-old Zhang Jiagang had a video call with his grandmother early in the morning:

"Grandma, I can't come back to eat Yuanxiao with you today. Don't be gluttonous. You can't digest if you eat too much."

85-year-old grandmother Tang Caiying murmured like a child:

"you know to supervise me, you have to concentrate on your work."

put down the phone, Tang Caiying bent nearly 90 degrees and turned out a picture:

she wears a white wedding dress with a kind smile, and her grandson Zhang Jiagang is handsome in uniform.

in the spring of 2021, this special "wedding photo" went viral on the Internet, recording not only two happy smiling faces, but also the 24-year-old "unrelated relationship between grandparents and grandchildren".

where would I be if I hadn't met you

along the winding path next to the railway in Fenyi Town, Fenyi County, Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, is a low and old brick house in Qiexia Xiang Village, which is the home of Tang Caiying and his wife Franklin Chang-Diaz.

Tang Caiying met her grandson Zhang Jiagang a year before she retired. When the spring was chilly in March 1997, Tang Caiying saw two dilapidated swaddling clothes by the side of the hospital path.

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"it's not a child, is it?" With a tremor in her heart, she hurried over.

A man and a woman! They seem to have just been born, girls are a little older than boys, and they are all very weak.

Tang Caiying took the two children home to take care of them, hoping to hand them over to the civil affairs department when they were better.

feeding milk powder and changing diapers, she was so busy that she was afraid that her sister and brother would fall out of bed, raise the edge of the bed and take turns to hold them to sleep.

Tang Caiying named her sister Zhang Jiahui and her younger brother Zhang Jiagang. The two children "babbled" and grew up day by day. She held them in her arms and often had tears in her eyes for no reason.

Tang Caiying is under great pressure to leave Zhang Jiagang and his brother at home.

it turns out that since 1983, perhaps out of an inexplicable opportunity, Tang Caiying will often encounter abandoned babies. Under normal circumstances, she will take them home for a period of time and then send them to a welfare home or be formally adopted by well-intentioned people.

she will also go through formal adoption procedures and stay on her own to take care of themselves. at most, there are six nursing babies at home.

many children have many mouths. In 1983, Tang Caiying's salary was only more than 100 yuan. A child had to eat four bags of milk powder and a bag of 4 yuan a month, which was a lot of expenses.

my wife and children disagreed at first, but then their hearts softened and they would take care of the children and share the pressure for her when they were free.

Tang Caiying thought that the child could live a better life, so she ruthlessly agreed.

A few days before she saw Zhang Jiagang off, she was not in the mood to do any work. She helped the children pack their bags, and her clothes were folded and lost her mind, saying to herself:


3-year-old Zhang Jiagang is not sensible yet, but he seems to have felt that his grandmother is going to send herself away, tugging at her clothes all day. He follows her wherever she goes, and he hugs him from time to time, especially clingy.

the night before parting, she cooked a lot of food, held Zhang Jiagang in her arms and fed him a mouthful.

but somehow, the child refused to eat and cried. Tang Caiying also cried. His wife looked and sighed, and none of the children were in the mood to move chopsticks.

"send" my grandson: you are my treasure

early the next morning, the couple got into the car and left with their children and luggage. Tang Caiying was lost. Although some children had been adopted before, for some reason, she was particularly reluctant to leave Zhang Jiagang, perhaps a special fate.

when I came back in the middle of the night, I found that there was a fleshy little person around me. Tang Caiying burst into tears silently:

"Xiaogang, you don't know. When I first saw you, I wanted to take you with me. Even if I didn't have enough to eat, I wanted to raise you."

Zhang Jiagang lost weight around, was depressed, and seemed to have been greatly aggrieved. Tang Caiying held the child in her arms and her eyes turned red.

she made up her mind not to send Zhang Jiagang away no matter how tired she was. But her sister Zhang Jiahui was later adopted by a well-intentioned doctor family and had a new home.

one day, Tang Caiying saw an abandoned children's car by the side of the road and thought that picking up waste could also subsidize the family.

so she got up at dawn and went out.

in the alleys and street corners, the creaking sound of broken strollers is clear and loud, and there are more and more scraps, and the sound becomes more and more low.

when it rains, Tang Caiying puts some broken plastic bags on her body to protect her from the rain, but her children always complain that her methods are useless. Even in light rain, she is drenched when she comes home.

one afternoon in the winter of 2001, Tang Caiying took Zhang Jiagang to pick up waste.Overworked and chronically malnourished, she suddenly went black and fainted to the ground with a thump.

Zhang Jiagang burst into tears when a team of firefighters happened to pass by and rushed to the hospital to take Tang Caiying to the hospital.

knowing the stories of their grandparents and grandchildren, members of the Fenyi County Fire Brigade spontaneously set aside part of their salary as a love fund to support Xiaogang every month.

although she only has a primary school education, Tang Caiying is well aware of the importance of studying. When Zhang Jiagang is old enough to go to school, she sends him to school without delay.

under the careful care of Tang Caiying, Zhang Jiagang grew into a sunny little boy.

one cold winter morning, Tang Caiying was just about to go out when Zhang Jiagang suddenly hugged her and said he wouldn't let her go.

"Grandma, I eat less and I don't want any new clothes. Please don't be so tired, your waist can't stand up."

during the winter and summer holidays, the uncles of the fire brigade would bring Tang Caiying and Xiaogang to visit and have dinner. Looking at the heroic fire uniform and touching the red fire engine, Zhang Jiagang came up with an idea:

I will also pursue this great and sacred profession when I grow up.

in September 2016, Zhang Jiagang was admitted to university after graduating from high school and later became a firefighter in the Pingxiang fire detachment.

on the day he joined the army, Zhang Jiagang, wearing a blue fire uniform and big red flowers on his chest, held his grandmother Tang Caiying's hand until he got on the bus and reluctantly let go.

Tang Caiying's tears never stopped. she had countless words on her mind to say to her grandson, but she wiped her tears and said only 10 words: "take care of yourself and forget about grandma."

, Zhang Jiagang and more than 700 fire recruits took part in arduous training.

after stepping into his new job, Zhang Jiagang quickly got used to it, but missed his grandmother so much in the dead of night that he could only hide in bed and shed tears.

"Xiaogang, Grandma wants to see you."

Tang Caiying kept saying this sentence when she was on the phone with her grandson. She misses Cheng. Since childhood, the two grandchildren have not been separated for so long.

Zhang Jiagang was so upset that he decided to save his salary to buy a smartphone for his grandmother and teach her video so that he could "meet" every day.

in 2019, with the launch of the "Reunion Project" of the Jiangxi Fire Rescue Corps, Zhang Jiagang was transferred from Pingxiang to Fenyi County, Xinyu City, and returned to his grandmother.

one day, Zhang Jiagang heard her grandmother talking to her neighbor, saying that she had never worn a wedding dress in her life and did not know what she would look like in it. He decided to surprise her grandmother.

in May 2020, Zhang Jiagang quietly asked for a set of wedding photos in a local studio.

he wanted to take Grandma and Grandpa to shoot together, but Grandpa was not in good health and could not make the trip, so Zhang Jiagang changed into a fire uniform and accompanied Grandma to finish the shoot.

Tang Caiying, who didn't know anything about it before, put on her wedding dress, surprised and shy: "this dress is worn by a little girl. I'm getting old. Am I ashamed?"

Zhang Jiagang took her grandmother's arm and guided her slowly to the camera: "Grandma, you are the most beautiful today. I'll shoot with you."

that's how you care about someone. You always want to give her the best things in the world.

Zhang Jiagang knew that his grandmother still wanted to go to Orange Island, so immediately, he took his grandmother on a high-speed train to Changsha, Hunan, and rode his bike around Meixi Lake for two hours. the summer wind gently blew her white hair, and she laughed like an 18-year-old girl in the wind.

so far, Zhang Jiagang has participated in fire fighting, rescue and rescue operations and social assistance more than 600 times. At the beginning of the New year in 2021, he won the "third class merit" again. Before the award was warmed up, he sent it to his grandmother.

Tang Caiying was very excited and murmured, "Xiaogang is so amazing!" Hang up the award certificate and hang it on the biggest wall in our living room. "