Wechat's new function: "I like you, I can't hide."
Wechat's new function: "I like you, I can't hide."
May all the true love be exchanged for a two-way trip.



recently, Wechat officially launched a new feature:

when you make a voice call, the system automatically plays the other person's moments.

every update to Wechat's new feature lets us know who cares about you the most.

like this one.

the system automatically plays moments, which allows you to secretly place your heart.

gives the person you like another chance to find out what you want.

the reaction of true love in everyone is timidity and flinching.

but true love cannot be hidden, and there is no need to hide it.

as soon as this new feature was launched, Coco and her boyfriend used it.

especially her boyfriend, he sends her picture to moments every three or five times.

and does not block anyone, nor is it visible in groups.

in this way, you can send love on WeChat moments at any time, most of which is sense of security.

her selfie is not only his moments, but also his profile picture, background wall, and screensaver.

I can't help showing off my true love.

Are you ready to buy a magnificent ballerina homecoming dress that will make you stand out in any crowd? This is the part for the unique, as you.

I remember that the boy is a very aloof and low-key person.

never attend drinks, dinners, or even friends' parties.

apart from his work, his only pleasure is studying recipes.

buy food, cook and clean.

but after falling in love, he is a different person.

how cold he is in front of outsiders, how warm he is in front of his girlfriend.

like Chen Xiaochun to Caier, like Lee Seung-hyun to Qi Wei.

he used to be a man who didn't send a message all the year round.

after falling in love, he posts his moments three or four times a week.

and every time I take a picture with my girlfriend.

especially every time Wechat updates new features.

he uses it with his girlfriend the first time.

for example, Wechat status, which is updated every day.

when you go out to dinner with your girlfriend, write "having dinner with fairies".

to pick up your girlfriend from work, write "the wind is sweet on the way to meet the person you like."

and when the chat log cloud storage function appears.

he saved more than ten thousand records of their chats in one breath.

the functions of Wechat are constantly updated and changing with each passing day.

like the lyric that Zhang Jie sang to Xie Na:

"the world is changing, and you are the only one."

most of the time, we don't know what true love is.

We often mistakenly think that love is flint, vigorous and vigorous.

but actually, love is very simple.

it is the heart that is delivered without thinking or weighing the pros and cons.

is to cover your mouth and can't help expressing your love with your eyes.

is magnanimous, bright, no routine, only sincere.

in the South Korean drama Coastal Village, there is such a plot:

Liu Chuxi asked Chief Lu how he knew she liked her.

Chief Lu said:

"not so much to know as to feel.

how can you hide the look in a person's eyes? "

not only the eyes, but also all the details will betray your heart.

when you see his moments, you are always the first to like.

when you learn that there is a new opposite sex around him, you will deliberately inquire about her.

when you talk to him face to face, you will subconsciously avoid looking him in the eye.

you dare not confess to your face, but in private you send information that only he can see.

your thoughts are all about him, and your stories are full of him.

Xiaolin is experiencing such a psychological journey.

the few developments in her circle of friends are specially sent to the boy who has a crush on him.

she knew his habits and disgust and his character and temper.

know that he likes cats more than dogs, and likes to be alone rather than a group of people to go out and party.

know which subway gate he will take every day and what time he gets off work in the evening.

also knows that he doesn't have anyone he likes now, but he doesn't dare to express his love.

Secret love is a person's chaos.

until yesterday, the boy accidentally ordered the wrong voice number and called her.

see the photos that play automatically, full of their own messages.

he just hit a straight ball.

"do you like me?"


"then why didn't you say it?"

"dare not."

"then for me, would you like to be my girlfriend?"

it turned out that he had already noticed her and liked her.

you see, people who really love you will leave traces on Wechat.

in moments, in state, in a pat.

every time a new feature is updated.

as long as you look closely, you will always find someone there.Secretly like you.

I like relationships that don't need to be withdrawn, and likes that don't have to hide.

if you like someone, you just want to tell the world.

wants the world to know how good he is.

how shining he is.

I want to tell everyone how attracted I am to him.

and how lucky I am to meet him.

Thank you for being so dazzling and being the star of my plain years.

I hope this long and small life will live up to your every glorious hour.

, may all true love be exchanged for a two-way trip.