Wang Leehom named his son after his third child. None of the five full names is curved. Netizen: it is high achiever.
Wang Leehom named his son after his third child. None of the five full names is curved. Netizen: it is high achiever.
Do not indulge in the glory of the past, in order to better pursue a better tomorrow.

naming a child is a matter of learning.

the child's name contains too much moral meaning to be careless.

Wang Leehom, who already has three children, is even more so when he names his children.

the name of the third son is Wang Yi, with two simple words and five full names, none of which is curved.

some netizens joked that Wang Leehom gave his child such a simple name to buy more time for his child to answer exam questions in the future.

in this regard, Wang Leehom said that this is in the hope that the child will become an upright person in the future, not taking detours or shortcuts. It is the right way to rely on yourself in a down-to-earth manner.

in fact, Wang Yi is not the name of the child. The child's eldest name is Wang Jiayao.

is not simple.

take the meaning of brilliance and hope that the child will receive more awards and glory in the future.

the child's name also carries the love and hope from the parents for the child.

No wonder some netizens sighed: although these two names are simple, they have a profound meaning. Wang Leehom is really good at naming his children, and he is worthy of a genius.

high achiever, a full member of the family

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if you want to take an inventory of high achiever in the entertainment industry, Wang Leehom must be on the list.

can not only speak seven languages, but also be proficient in writing, arranging, etc., and the vast majority of musical instruments are played.

Wang Leehom was born into a scholarly family, and he is a good-looking talent.

when he took the college entrance examination that year, Wang Leehom was admitted to many American rattan universities, such as Yale University and Princeton University, with a full SAT score.

with a large number of famous OFFER in hand, Wang Leehom finally chose the University of William in the United States.

after graduating from Williams University, he was admitted to Berkeley Conservatory of Music.

Yes, it's the world's top conservatory of music.

subjects span a lot from liberal arts and science to music, but Wang Leehom can also deal with it easily.

high achiever's life never stops. At the age of 40, Wang Leehom became the youngest doctor at Williams College.

if he does not set foot in the entertainment industry, he will certainly be able to break new ground in academia.

looking at Wang Leehom's resume, I have to sigh that this is really "someone else's child". He can do anything and anything!

however, with the brilliant halo of high achiever on his head, Wang Leehom said that he was the worst child in the family.

look at the curriculum vitae of Wang Leehom's family. It's really dazzling.

Wang Leehom's grandfather used to be a rear admiral.

Grandma Xu Liufen, who graduated from the Economics Department of Tsinghua University, was written by her grandmother in books such as the principles of Accounting and the English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary of Accounting.

Wang Leehom's father graduated from the Department of Medicine of National Taiwan University and his mother graduated from Taiwan Chengchi University.

in the bookish family atmosphere, Wang Leehom and his brother naturally emerged in the blue.

my brother, Wang Lide, has a master's and doctor's degree from Yale University and the University of Chicago, and his sister-in-law is a doctor who graduated from Harvard University.

not long ago, my brother also received a grant of 8.4 million US dollars from the California government for the study of children with tumors.

Wang Leehom's brother also graduated from MIT and is now working on Wall Street in the United States.

there are many relatives, including Wang Leehom's cousin and sister-in-law, and almost everyone in the family is a graduate of a prestigious school.

looking at it in this way, Wang Leehom says that he is the worst one, and it is not necessarily modest.

born into a family of high achiever, Wang Leehom has naturally seen a wider world than the average child.

under the influence of the academic atmosphere, Wang Leehom never stopped climbing.

now Wang Leehom has become an idol.

among his fans, there are not only the "top" Li Yifeng, but also the beautiful man Yang Yang, singer Deng Ziqi and so on.

over the years when he became an artist, Wang Leehom has released many popular songs, which have gradually become classics.

the road to music from scratch

not everyone's life is plain sailing.

once heard a saying:

"every excellent person has a period of silence, which is a time when he has made a lot of efforts but can not get a result. We call it rooting."

Wang Leehom's first half of his life is a story of trying to take root.

Wang Leehom was born in the United States and in the high achiever family. Parents naturally have high requirements for their children.

he began to learn the violin at the age of 6 and the piano at the age of 8, and his musical enlightenment at an early age paved the way for his musical career as an adult.

at the age of 19, Wang Leehom returned to Taiwan from the United States, when he was young, frowning and smiling like a teenager.

by chance, Wang Leehom was spotted by talent scouts.

after signing up with the record company, Wang Leehom released his first album with the help and promotion of the company.

however, a bad start is the norm in life.

album was released, sales were not ideal. No one knew the young man who had just started out, and no one cared about him.

but God will not mistreat talented people.

later, Wang Leehom became the spokesman of Wa. As a national brand, Wa signed Wang Leehom at a very low price, but at the same time, it also brought attention to Wang Leehom.

with the first bucket of gold, WangLeehom changed the record company and officially started his own music career.

he began to write his own songs and arrange his own songs.

every song in his writing is filled with Wang Leehom's soul and ideas.

that's how the beautiful melodies that are sung in the streets are born.

at this time, Wang Leehom has become a new star in the singing world.

after his achievements in the singing world, Wang Leehom, like many young people today, wanted to challenge more, so he chose to try to be an actor.

he starred in the movie Love announcement with Liu Yifei, starring himself as well as a director.

the song "what you don't know" in the movie has become a classic.

now Wang Leehom, who has made his debut for many years, has long gained a firm foothold in the entertainment industry with his talent and has become the mentor of the The Voice of China Initiative.

some netizens said that no matter what platform it is, as long as it is related to music, Wang Leehom will certainly be able to gain a foothold there.

Middle-aged Wang Leehom began the road of rebellion

in the twinkling of an eye, Wang Leehom has made his debut for 26 years.

this year's Wang Leehom is already 45 years old.

No matter how many fame and achievements he has won, he never stops moving forward.

some time ago, a live broadcast by Wang Leehom caused an uproar.

Wang Leehom in the live broadcast, with a beard on his face, has even grown to the Adam's apple.

what on earth happened to make this young man become an uncle overnight.

it turns out that it is because Wang Leehom is "addicted" to studying his own entrepreneurial project, "monthly Learning".

"monthly study" is mainly an online singing course.

this is an APP developed by Wang Leehom himself, which includes a lot of courses on voice production and singing.

in order to put this APP on the market, Wang Leehom taught himself programming and wrote nearly 90 pages of course materials, all by himself.

even "Big Brother" Jackie Chan could not help boasting about Wang Leehom's momentum.

indulge in study and work, so that Wang Leehom does not have much mind to take care of himself, and can only let his beard grow wayward.

this untidy look is a bit like a programmer.

in order to promote "monthly Learning" APP, Wang Leehom opened a live broadcast with his big beard dregs. In order to satisfy his fans and hit sales, Wang Leehom even said to the camera, "shave on the spot when the sales reach 3000!"

as soon as these words came out, the atmosphere at the scene rose instantly, and sales broke through all the way in order to keep Wang Leehom from being slaughtered by the pig knife of years.

in just one hour, the cumulative number of viewers reached 12.32 million.

Wang Leehom also kept his promise and shaved on the spot.

Wang Leehom continues to make a lot of money this time.

Wang Leehom, who shaved off his beard, still looks like a teenager, but now he is very different from what he used to be.

Why does Wang Leehom study programming so hard to set foot in unknown territory when his wealth is free?

I think this is because he knows better than anyone that a person's success depends not on how much money he earns and what fame he has won, but on how wide his life can be.

he has already stood at the top of the pyramid and is no longer satisfied with the status quo.

facing and challenges is the essence of a wonderful life.

looking back on Wang Leehom's first half of his life, he grew up with the aura of "other people's children" high achiever, left his family and worked hard alone in the entertainment industry.

all his achievements today are based on the accumulation of obscurity in his early days.

this is lucky for Wang Leehom, who was born into a versatile family and gave him full of support and love.

with this luck, he started his own family and extended the happiness.

material life can be very rich, but spiritual life can not be bought by any amount of money.

do not indulge in the glory of the past in order to better pursue a better tomorrow.

this is Wang Leehom's middle-aged rebellion, and it is also a path that everyone in the world can follow-- constant learning and challenge is a valuable and quality life.