Top self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and study hard at ordinary times.
Top self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and study hard at ordinary times.
May you keep moving and making progress for the rest of your life.

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what is self-discipline?

there is such an answer on the Internet:

"the healthiest self-discipline is to go to bed early, the most practical self-discipline is to make money, and the most abundant inner self-discipline is reading."

it is true.

go to bed early to support your health, earn money to support your family, and read books to support your brain.

insist on doing these three things well, and you have surpassed most people.

nothing. Go to bed early


@ Liang Shuang

talked about his own experience.

for a while, she published a new book. She was under a lot of pressure and was busy with her work.

in order to speed up the progress of work, even if you are too sleepy to open your eyes at night, you have to cheer up and support hard.

occasionally stealing time from time to time can also lead to a strong sense of guilt that it may be a drag on the entire publishing team.

staying up late for a long time, instead of bringing efficient work, broke her like a domino.

A migraine that had not stirred up for a long time found her, and her tonsils, which had not occurred for a long time, were frequently inflamed.

the whole person is impetuous, the article written is not satisfied, and then urgently wants to continue to write.

so she canceled all her to-do list, muted her cell phone and went to bed early every day.

when she woke up the next day, she went out to climb the mountain. The clear air in the mountains refreshed her, and her heart beat faster, helping her to unload the excess pressure.

persisted in this way for a period of time. Not only did I feel much better, but I was also inspired when I was writing, and the work was completed smoothly one after another.

Zhu Guangqian, master of aesthetics, said:

"the smarter people are, the more they know how to rest. Rest not only accumulates energy for work, but sometimes work must mature during rest."

We work hard to make a living during the day, and only at night can we have a chance to catch our breath.

the pressure of life, the troubles of work, and the bad feelings will all be the reasons for sleepless nights.

but you will find that staying up late not only won't solve any problems, but will greatly reduce your mental state for a long time.

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nothing to go to bed early, leave a little time for the body to take a nap, and leave a leisurely attitude to life.

take good care of yourself so that you can pursue the future you want to pursue with great enthusiasm.

make more money when you are free

as the old saying goes: we don't know the warmth of human feelings until we are down, and we don't know the world until we have no money.

the sadness of adults is best felt when they have no money.

in the past two years, "Internet celebrity professor" Dai Jianye has become an unexpected hit on the Internet because of his humorous teaching style.

became popular, he was invited to appear on the show and give a speech.

once, in the middle of the lecture, suddenly a listener stood up and asked him confidently:

"I admit that your class is very good, but do you have the character and demeanor of a scholar when you walk around for money?"

Dai Jianye, who has always been gentle, was silent and replied:

"my wife has a box of anticancer drugs of 50000 yuan. How many boxes of medicine can I buy at that salary?"

you criticize me for having no literati character, but if I lose my wife, what do I want the literati character to do? "

in the end, Dai Jianye could not hide his grief and burst into tears.

one day, Dai Jianye rushed to the hospital to visit his wife, who was suffering from cancer and was being treated, and found her lying on the ground looking for a medicine she had accidentally lost.

she felt sorry for the pill worth 1000 yuan each, and what was even more distressing was that her husband had to be busy for her at his age.

Dai Jianye, standing at the door of the ward, witnessed this scene and was very sad.

he comforted his wife that it was just a pill, what a big deal.

as soon as he turned around, he dialed the TV station and accepted the invitation to give a speech that had been rejected before.

there is a question on the Internet: "people, why do we have to make money hard?"

the highly praised answer poked many people's tears:

"I work hard to make money, not because I love money more.

but in this life, I don't want to be inferior to anyone because of money, and I don't want to embarrass anyone because of money.

I work hard to make money, but I just hope that when my parents are old, I can afford to share.

I don't run out of money when my child needs it.

I will not be helpless when my lover is sick. "

Yes, when life comes with disease, disaster and embarrassment, we realize that it is really impossible to move without money.

money is the strength for a person to live in the world. It can give you freedom, dignity and sense of security.

only by working hard to make money, can you make yourself and your family live a more decent life.

nothing less hypocritical, free to make more money, is an adult's top self-discipline.

study frequently at ordinary times

have read such a sentence:

"when you feel confused, it's best to do something 100% committed right away, and it's best to read a book."

Bai Yansong once told two stories about his reading in his speech.

at that time, he had just served as the host of the son of the East, interviewing social elites and celebrities every day.

in the process of communicating with these successful people, he gradually developed a sense of inferiority, and became confused and at a loss at work.

and when he was about to finish reading the book, he suddenly felt that he had grown up a lot.

he realized that life should return to the heart, should not look at the world in terms of simple right or wrong, win or lose, but also have the courage to face new challenges.

when he stood on the stage again and faced those outstanding "sons of the East", he completely accepted his shortcomings and became more calm and firm in his heart.

the other thing is at the age of 32.

at this time, Bai Yansong is already quite famous in the industry, and countless spotlights hang over him.

but behind the seemingly glamorous, only he knows that there is no room for breathing, and the continuous days have already overwhelmed him.

so he made a bold decision to quit his job temporarily and devote himself to the sea of books.

he refused to socialize and kept himself at home with books.

A year later, he was familiar with poetry books, returned to the TV station, created a number of classic news programs, and his hosting career ushered in a new spring.

Bai Yansong said: "I am very grateful for reading, because reading has planted so many seeds that can take root and blossom in my life, which has made me who I am today."

remember that a writer once said:

"Reading is the simplest and most practical way to drive out confusion or to fight mediocrity."

read more books, no matter what age and what difficulties you encounter, you won't get into anxiety.

because the knowledge in the book nourishes you bit by bit, changes you bit by bit, and always gives you the power to break through obstacles.

where there is a book in the belly, there is a road under the foot.

any time you spend reading will be rewarded at some point in the future.

Kant said: "the so-called freedom is not arbitrary, but self-control."

A person's greatest self-discipline is to be able to take good care of himself and take every step of his daily life.

if you go to bed early and nourish your spirit, you will have the strength to face the wind, frost, rain and snow in the world.

make more money when you have time, and leave some strength in life before you can be stable and far away in life.

usually study hard, the spirit is full, the mind can be more open-minded.

, may you keep moving and making progress for the rest of your life.

May you always have energy, courage and self-confidence, so that all the good things will meet you unexpectedly in your life.