Three keys to self-improvement: reading, exercise and going to bed early
Three keys to self-improvement: reading, exercise and going to bed early
The really hard thing is to beat yourself.

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I often wonder, what is the best way to live?

when we were young, we gave our lives to pursue a decent job, enough money, and a glorious life.

want too much, run in a hurry all the way, but make yourself more and more tired.

it wasn't until middle age that I realized that some things are just fleeting, and some things should be held in the palm of my hand.

Life is only a few decades, but there are only three things you should stick to:

read books, exercise, go to bed early.

the thickness of reading determines the height of life

I always believe that when life gets better, it starts with reading more.

but in the eyes of most people, reading more books is nothing more than finding an ordinary job, setting up an ordinary family and living an ordinary life.

there are still too few people who change their fate by reading, so why insist?

is very simple, because "wise men read a group of books and experience life".

many years ago, I knew a friend who was at the lowest point in his life.

his father died unexpectedly, and his mother could not stand the blow. before he could recover from the grief of losing a loved one, the company was suddenly in a state of emergency, and he was forced to leave the team he had created.

he said: "every time I open a book, it's like entering another world."

the more you read, the more you feel scarce, and there are many detours in life, but others have already stepped on them for you.

in fact, the fundamental purpose of reading is not necessarily to solve all problems, it is more like a spiritual comfort.

when you are lonely, you can no longer be lonely;

when you are pessimistic, you can stop being depressed;

We may not be able to decide how the world works, but at least we can determine the height of our minds.

for ordinary people, reading more is the best way.

A person who likes reading may not remember which books he has read.

but those who have read the stories, harvest feelings, imbued temperament, like a seed, slowly sprout and grow up in your body.

keep improving your awareness and saying goodbye to your immature self in the past.

even when you are at a low ebb and have nothing to rely on, you can make every day of your life more valuable and meaningful.

the energy of exercise determines the quality of life

there was a question on the Internet: at which moment did you think exercise was useful?

the following answer is very poignant: when taking the physical examination report.

how many people are in their prime, but they are weak and sickly; but some people are still Hale and hearty in their twilight years.

it is just a different way of life that widens the gap between them step by step.

Last year, Grandma Zou went on a hot search because of sports fire.

it's hard to imagine that she is 80 years old when she jumps up the rope.

while 2000 rope skips is just one of her daily exercises, she also does 6 minutes of flat support and 100 sit-ups every day.

this amount of exercise, even for young people, is dripping with sweat after completing a round, but Grandma Zou has persisted for more than 20 years.

and the result of this persistence is obvious to all. Grandma Zou seldom gets sick, and the medical record in the past 14 years is only 7 pages.

she said: "No one will not get old. what matters is how to complete the process of getting old."

when we were young, we always thought that the body had a constant supply of energy, but the debt owed by the overdrawn body would one day be repaid one by one.

you think you are too busy to exercise, and wait until you go to the hospital to find that it takes more time to wait in line.

you feel that the space is not enough for exercise and it is ineffective to wait until you lie in the hospital bed to find that the infusion and medication recover more slowly.

exercise is the most cost-effective investment. If you move, you can not only maintain a good figure and physical fitness, but also resolve your inner worries.

Haruki Murakami wrote a book called what I talk about when I talk about running.

he said that many of his novel ideas and inspiration are generated during running, and the process of exercise not only allows him to surpass himself physically, but also reaches new heights in his writing.

it makes sense to hear a saying: if the body is weak, the mind will not be strong.

the changes brought about by exercise may not be seen in the short term.

when you really start exercising, you will find that you are getting better and better.

Earth-shaking changes will take place in your body and even your life in one month, two months, one year, two years.

the state of mind of sleep determines the state of life

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how long has it been since you slept well?

being unable to sleep and not wanting to sleep is a common problem of contemporary people.

A netizen on Weibo told his story.

for a while, I had to work overtime because of my work. I went to bed at 2: 00 a. M. for about half a month.

lie down on the bed and start playing games and chasing dramas crazily, feeling that the world belongs to you.

what is even more frightening is that the body's immunity has declined significantly, and minor ailments such as fever and oral ulcers have not been cured for a long time.

later, I adjusted my schedule before getting better. Now I stay up late occasionally, but I don't dare to stay up for a long time.

in fact, we have heard the truth of staying up late and hurting ourselves countless times, but there are still too many people who regard staying up late as a silent confrontation to life.

thought that this was the control of life, but as a result, it was brought back to its original form by reality the next day.

struggle to get up and go to work without enough rest, relying on coffee to cope with a day's work.

under the vicious circle of being depressed during the day and indulging at night, the body is getting worse and worse.

but really, never underestimate the harm of staying up late.

many studies have found that if long-term biological clock disorders, the risk of depression, anxiety disorders and other diseases will be higher.

many people know that 1/3 of a person's life is spent in sleep.

but what you don't know is that this 1/3 has a great impact on the rest of your life.

there is a saying in Macbeth: "all living things must be conditioned by sleep."

people, no matter how tired they were yesterday, a good night's sleep will refresh their spirits.

when you sleep well and get enough sleep, the world will be a new and beautiful place.

forgive everything before going to bed, wake up is a new life.

in fact, it is not difficult to think about these three things, and it is also related to the quality of one's life.

Reading makes people wise, exercise makes people healthy, early to bed and early to rise nourishes the soul and body.

what's really hard is to beat yourself.

how many people start easily and calmly, but most of them can't hold on in the end.

but no matter how difficult you feel at the moment, remember:

Life is like an experience, and even the simplest self-discipline will take your life to new heights.

as long as you stick to it, you will gradually become stronger, more confident and more confident.

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