Three 17-year-old students in Gansu were diagnosed. After their whereabouts were exposed, the whole network cried.
Three 17-year-old students in Gansu were diagnosed. After their whereabouts were exposed, the whole network cried.
Young people in China have come retrograde in white.


the current epidemic is still being paid attention to.

the epidemic situation in northwest China has not only continued to develop, but has also spread to 14 provinces.

Zhong Nanshan predicts that novel coronavirus is currently in an active period, which may take nearly a month to control.

Gansu has become a focal point in the epidemic.

the activity tracks of 4 new confirmed cases were announced in Tianshui City, Gansu Province.

4 diagnosed patients were all engaged in nucleic acid sampling.

one is a health center worker who has carried out the transfer of nucleic acid testing samples.

the other 3 students were students of Tianshui Health School, all of whom had participated in nucleic acid sampling volunteer service, only 17 years old.

their current track makes the whole network red-eyed.

the trend shows that they all work until the wee hours of the morning, and some even stay up all night.

some of the three students worked until three o'clock in the morning for two days in a row;

after finishing nucleic acid sampling in one place at 1: 00 in the morning, someone rushed to another place and did not return to rest until 5 o'clock.

after this news, there was a message from a netizen, which was pushed to the forefront:

"two or three years younger than me, young has rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, tears, wish an early recovery



if there is no epidemic, what is it like at the age of 17?

they may also be called "babies" by their parents;

they may also have the trouble of blooming season;

they may also like to play games, go shopping and read science fiction and comics.

but when the epidemic came, this group of 17-year-old students were desperate to devote themselves to it.

became the young man who came forward before the disaster.

they work day and night,

rush from one place to another, almost without rest, exposing yourself to virus attacks again and again.

you know, this is still a group of children who have not stepped into society or experienced great winds and waves.

I hope that they will all recover as soon as possible, and that those young people who are still on the front line of fighting the epidemic will do a good job of self-protection and must do a good job.

put on protective clothing, they are soldiers; take off protective clothing, they are all children.

at an age when others treat them like children, they have learned from adults and bravely faced life and death.

in fact, in this epidemic in Gansu, far more than these three infected children have come forward.

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A week ago, an epidemic occurred in Gansu.

four universities, including Lanzhou University and Gansu University of traditional Chinese Medicine, have issued an initiative to senior medical students, calling on them to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

A shocking scene followed.

the maximum number of volunteers in Lanzhou University's WeChat group has reached 500 less than five hours after the volunteer recruitment notice was published.

the teacher in charge of recruitment keeps receiving private messages from students.

some people say "domineering":

teacher, please arrange for me in the evening if you can.

I have served as a soldier, stood guard, and have experience!

at 11:00 at night, the first batch of volunteers who received comprehensive training set out.

the next morning, he appeared at the work site of nucleic acid testing.

they are duty-bound to look back, and even the messages on their departure are boiling hot:

"the night is cold and the heart is hot."

Gansu University of traditional Chinese Medicine.

within an hour after the recruitment notice was issued, nearly 3000 teachers and students signed up.

applications, names and bright red fingerprints make people want to cry.

the Northwest University for nationalities also selected 1400 students on the same day, waiting for battle at any time.

I always think of that survey on the Internet, how many Chinese young people will take the initiative to go to war?

the conclusion of the survey is that at least 90%.

the result of this survey once caused controversy. There are many people who don't believe it.

if I don't believe it, I have a deep misunderstanding of the young people of our generation.

the epidemic is like a battlefield, but they do not hesitate, they all scramble to get into battle.

as a matter of fact, they have always been humble and dare not forget to worry about their country.

in fact, this group of young people already have the breeze and the moon and the country on their shoulders, playing the backbone of the times.

I don't know if you have a feeling:

when we are still blaming the post-90s and post-00s for being unsatisfactory.

they are already quietly protecting us.

Last year, the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, when the 24-year-old was in his hometown in Jingzhou.

she cycled more than 200 kilometers and took four days and three nights to get to Wuhan from Jingzhou, just to get back to the hospital as soon as possible.

this time, she grew up and picked up the meaning of guardianship with her shoulders.

during the epidemic, young people from abroad were shouting: even COVID-19 can't stop me from going to the party!

Chinese youth are already dressed in white and come retrograde.

it's not just an epidemic.

in the torrential rain in Shanxi not long ago.

firefighters who rush to the front line are still post-95 and post-00.

the road in Jinzhong collapsed and a woman accidentally fell into the pit.

A young firefighter buried his head in the mud as a fulcrum for his teammates to step on.With his own body, he pulled the woman out.

even if I turn into a ladder, I will keep you safe.

in February this year, there was a fierce fight on the border between China and India.

but sadly, four soldiers on our side were also killed and one commander was seriously injured.

Xiao Siyuan, who died among them, is just 24 years old.

but still rushed up without hesitation.

he can no longer receive the lucky money his mother gave him.

the youngest soldier among them was Chen Xiangrong, a post-00s generation.

he was born in 2001 and was not yet 19 when he died in 2020.

he once wrote down his rallying cry:

clear love, only for China.

just eight words, but it makes people heartbroken.

after the incident, a netizen's comment made the whole website cry:


as dusk approached, I was eating white rice and drinking happy water. I couldn't figure out why these able-bodied soldiers died.

I woke up late at night and suddenly remembered that they died for me! "

as long as you observe, you will find that those who rush into battle at the critical moment have already changed to young faces.

they are on the frontier, in the most dangerous places.

they already have the appearance of being young: they are full of blood fever, dare to act, are not afraid, can do, can do, and have something to do.

they have long been a group of people looking up at the stars.

there is a problem with Zhihu:

are the post-90s and post-00s really the beat generation?

there is an answer below:

look at those soldiers and police officers who are on the front line of anti-terrorism and stability maintenance. They are what you call the post-90s generation.

look at the South China Sea, North Sea and East China Sea. Most of the crew, pilots and island guards are also what you call the post-90s generation.

sometimes the more people do it, the bigger the change.

encourage each other! We just hit the road.

for this generation of post-90s and post-00s, we are so angry that we can't help but label them too much.

in 2008, Wenchuan earthquake, they have been growing.

in 2020, COVID-19, they resolutely stepped forward.

to this day, they have quietly grown into the mainstay of society.

they are marching towards the sea of stars.

they may still be ordinary and small.

but they are trying to shine. In the wilderness and darkness, they pick up torches or take the initiative to carry lanterns and lead us forward.

the Age of Awakening says:

the mountains and rivers are still there, and the country is prosperous and the people are at peace.

would like to protect the prosperous China with our youth. We must bear in mind history, live up to our original intentions, and forge ahead.

I hope this round of epidemic will pass as soon as possible.

A new generation of young people have also grown up.

have responsibility, courage and blood.