"there is a fixed amount of money in life."
"there is a fixed amount of money in life."
For the rest of your life, may you work hard to earn money and earn dignity and dignity for yourself.

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there is a saying: "how much money you can earn in your life has long been doomed."

it is true that there is a fixed amount of money in everyone's life.

this "fixed number" is hidden in the four levels of making money.

level 1: do as much as you pay


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have such an experience.

he was waiting for the bus in the waiting room. Near dinnertime, he went to a small supermarket nearby to buy something to eat.

at this time, a middle-aged man asked the clerk at the counter, "do you have any hot water?"

the clerk did not respond with a cold face. The man asked again, and the clerk replied impatiently, "No."

the man said he was hungry, but there was no hot water at the station, and he wanted to buy a bucket of instant noodles.

then he suggested to the shop assistant:

"in fact, you can provide some free hot water to the guests, so that the business will be better."

the shop assistant said, "I'm just a part-time worker. I only get a small salary every month. Whether the business is good or not is none of my business."

the man ate shrivelled and left the supermarket empty-handed.

the shop assistant's work attitude is "I will do as much as I pay". On the face of it, she seems to have nothing to lose, because she doesn't pay more than her salary.

but in the long run, it is she who suffers the most--

the shop assistant increases the income of the supermarket before he can raise his salary with the boss.

the business of the supermarket is getting worse and worse, and the boss will only reduce expenses by reducing labor costs, but the shop assistant will lose his job directly.

Kazuo Inamori divides people into three categories in his book dry method:

the first is "non-combustible", that is, people who can't burn even if they are ignited by others.

the second type is "combustible", which can be ignited as long as someone can ignite it.

the third type is "spontaneous combustion", which can burn without the help of external force.

"non-combustible" people will care about their own work, and thus form a logical closed loop:

if the boss gives you less money, you will do less, so the boss will never see your advantages and you will never get a raise.

in the long run, it is inevitable to lose enthusiasm for making money and resent life.

Napoleon once said:

"provide services that exceed what you receive, and soon your pay will exceed the amount of work you pay."

the most terrible thing about making money is not the low salary in the short term, but that you always hold the "migrant worker mentality" and always get the same salary.

those who are more afraid of losing money in the early stage are often the ones who suffer the most in the end.

level 2: pay more attention to your own growth in addition to your salary

A CEO of a listed company once told a story.

speaking of this, the friend said proudly, "I don't need one more of these three keys."

he replied, "of course not, but the monthly salary my boss gives me is not worth doing seriously. I can just make do with it."

after a few months, he was fired.

because he is always perfunctory in dealing with his work, the boss can't stand it because he has been on the job for a long time and has made no progress, so he finds an excuse to fire him.

there is a sentence in the letter to Garcia:

"the world will reward you with honor and money, as long as you have one characteristic-initiative."

initiative is a kind of responsibility, responsible for the results of work and responsible for one's own life.

take the initiative to dabble in more blind spots and make the greatest progress in the shortest possible time, so that you can have the strength to get more salary.

there is a famous "apple picking theory" in psychology.

means that a person who wants to be successful should try to pick apples that need to jump up to reach them, not those that are within reach.

because the apples at the bottom receive far less sunshine and Rain Water than the apples on the top of the tree.

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people's potential is infinite. Apples that need to jump up today may be within reach tomorrow.

those who can take the initiative to spur their own growth today will be able to increase their remuneration tomorrow.

No matter what work you do, you should do what 360 founder Zhou Hongyi said:

"whether in founder or at Yahoo, I never feel like I'm working for someone else. I always feel like I'm working for myself.

I think one thing to deal with is to waste my life. To do anything, the first thing I think about is what I can learn from it. "

level 3: always work for yourself

in 1983, Zhou Xingchi got a group role of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes".

he didn't have a chance to show his face, and the only part of the play was the sound of "ah" after being beaten.

but for this "ah", he pondered it over and over for several days, studying the size of the sound, the speed and posture of falling to the ground for a long time.

in 1999, he made the film King of Comedy as a director and screenwriter, reflecting his life with the experience of the hero Yin Tianqiu:

do the most inconspicuous tricks in the crew every day, but still take the time to study "acting"Members' self-cultivation ", saying to everyone," actually I am an actor ";

after receiving too much contempt, he waited for the appreciation of the big star, even if the role was changed by mistake, but he would never give up, just quietly waiting for his chance to become popular.

this experience also confirms a cruel fact:

if small potatoes want to counterattack, they can only try to control their own destiny.

at any time, your strength is your label.

in recent years, the word "boss thinking" has become a hit in Internet circles.

means that if you work with the mentality of the boss, you can reap the growth of the management level; if you do things with the mentality of working, you can only stay in the same place.

in other words, you will have what kind of vision and action you put yourself in.

A walk-on actor will never be popular if he only thinks of himself as a group performance; ordinary employees, if they only do the most basic things, will never have a chance of promotion.

Li Xiaolai said in the Road to Wealth:

"people who work for themselves actually sell themselves twice at the same time-once to the boss for a salary, and once to themselves for growth."

Today is easy, tomorrow is sunset.

those who know how to "work for themselves" have not only this job in mind, but also their own future.

level 4: let others work for you

Zhang Ziyi once said, "some people say I'm lucky, but I want to say that you can't catch the luck if it's given to you."

Luck is sometimes just another name for "effort".

all the people standing high have experienced hardships you can't imagine.

in 2000, Tong Wenhong, who had been unemployed at home for a year and a half after giving birth, had two interviews before applying for the receptionist post of Alibaba.

at that time, Ali had only a dozen people, and her future was still uncertain. She took a salary of 500 yuan a month, but she had to work as a receptionist and an administrative assistant.

the task is heavy, and the pay is not proportional to the return, but she never complains, but does the best of both jobs:

when a client calls to consult her business, she learns from scratch until she is proficient in solving problems for her clients.

when a colleague wants to go on a business trip, she takes the initiative to help her colleague check the train number and time, so as to improve her work efficiency.

later, Ali made up her mind to do logistics, and she took on the responsibility of human resources. She wandered around the world with contracted talents and single-handedly set up the world's first warehousing and logistics network.

in order to resolve internal conflicts, she communicates repeatedly with every colleague.

managed to promote big data's operation model and greatly improve the distribution efficiency of express delivery.

in this way, the rookie she built was valued at more than 100 billion less than three years ago.

later, Tong Wenhong became the senior vice president of Ali.

from a receptionist with a monthly salary of 500 to a senior vice president, she has spent countless amounts of energy and energy beyond her salary, dealt with countless thorny things, and faced countless collapsing situations.

but she got through it.

there is a saying: "if you are not from a wealthy family, then the only chance of a career is loyalty and diligence."

in fact, there may be only one secret to promotion to the top:

never complain, never hesitate to give your strength.

people who can't do a good job as basic employees, even if they are bosses, will be submerged in the tide of mud and sand.

there is a sentence in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

"everyone knows to take it, but don't give it to take."

means that everyone knows that what they hold in their hands is their own, but people forget to give before that.

work may be excruciating, but living beyond your means will only make people more sad.

Life may be full of hammers everywhere, but money can make it fall less hard on you.

Life is a spiritual practice. There is nothing in the world that does not require hardship, but if you work hard to grow up and get through it, there will be willows and flowers.

after all, making money legally is the most dignified and worthwhile thing in the world.

May you work hard to earn money, earn dignity and dignity for yourself, and build a solid harbor for your loved ones for the rest of your life.