There is a failed family education in which children have less and less respect for their parents
There is a failed family education in which children have less and less respect for their parents
A child who knows how to respect his parents is the greatest success of family education.

Liu Chun

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as the ancients said, "filial piety comes first."

in life, we always regard "filial piety" as the first criterion to measure the character of our children.

but in reality, children make rude remarks to their parents and even fight with each other from time to time.

in the face of these "out of line" actions of their children, many parents wonder:

"I give everything, but in exchange for children's disrespect for themselves, and even hatred."

Professor Li Meijin once said:

"many of the children's problems are created by their parents. If the parents' problems are not solved, the children's problems cannot be solved."

Children's disrespect for their parents is not only a problem for children, but also a problem with our education.

and a child who does not know how to respect his parents, no matter how good he is, is of no benefit to the family.

the biggest failure of family education is that children have less and less respect for their parents.

how many children are there,

disrespect your parents?

once there was a piece of news that a little boy did not want to go to school. His mother persuaded him for most of the day, but he played with his cell phone indifferently.

his mother asked him helplessly, "what on earth do you want to go to school?"

his son said, "get down on your knees and I'll go to school."

after listening to her son, the mother knelt down to her son on the spot.

her son, seeing his mother kneeling on the spot to persuade him to go to school, was happy to cross his legs.

then, holding his cell phone, he took a picture of his mother kneeling and sent it to his moments to show off.

and this mother knelt for a full hour.

but the son not only did not go to school, but ignored his mother on her knees and continued to play with his mobile phone.

the child's expression of indifference and disdain made people shudder.

and news like this emerges one after another.

how many children have less and less respect for their parents?

A research institute once conducted a questionnaire on some children called "who do you respect most?"

in the minds of these children, the people who respect them most are not their parents at all.

Father was ranked last, 10th, mother was even worse, squeezed out the top 10, ranked 11th.

this makes us ask:

Why do parents give everything but not the respect of their children?

humble parents,

do not get the respect of children

Zhang ailing has a classic sentence:

"if you like someone, you will be humble to the dust."

this sentence is particularly appropriate for today's parent-child relationship.

in daily life, many parents often give good advice to their children:

"Don't watch TV all the time. It's bad for your eyes. Can you turn it off for a while?"

"it's time to go to bed. Will you go to bed quickly?"

some children simply refuse, "No, no!"

they openly turned a deaf ear to what their parents said.

when children want to buy toys, if their parents do not obey, they will splash and roll, or punch and kick their parents.

many parents will also say, "Please don't do this. Can you buy it next time?"

sometimes when parents nag, the child shouts to his parents, "it's none of your business." ... "

from these scenarios, we can see:

A child who does not respect his parents, and a humble parent who can do nothing about his child.

what causes this situation is that parents hold their children's status too high.

this kind of parents usually satisfy and indulge their children without a bottom line, so that the parent-child relationship gets out of control in the end.

in this way, children will have less and less respect for their parents, and their posture in front of their children is humble to the dust.

the humility of parents makes the language they speak to their children feeble and makes education powerless.

in the long run, children will not only not respect their parents, but also develop a character of egotism, willfulness, arrogance and domineering.

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in a variety show, when discussing the topic of parenting, a star once said this:

"(parents) can't let a child have such a high status at home. In the future, when you are old, he will not think you are so important. You can't take children too seriously. "

attitude towards parents,

is the most authentic character of a child

there was a piece of news that made people look angry, and netizens scolded: "Beast!"

A son, who is nearly 40 years old, smashed his TV set and satellite receiver and begged his father to beg for mercy because his old father refused to buy him a car.

the biggest feeling of the old father was that the child was so useless and disobedient from an early age.

but the child is always "duty-bound" to eat at home, but also seems to eat "justifiably".

before, he was suspected of being grumpy and violent, and had knocked away his ex-wife.

then he blamed his parents for the frustration and resentment of his wife's departure.

he spends his days at home holding out his clothes and opening his mouth, asking for money from his family all day long, and when he is not satisfied, he starts to beat people up.

Zhou Guoping once said:

"it is instinctive to be picky about people close to you, but gramIt is a kind of upbringing to obey instinct and not to be picky about the people close to you. "

whether a child is educated or not can be seen by his attitude towards his parents. A child who has no respect for his parents cannot stand the test of human nature when he grows up.

the best education,

is to let children have parents in their hearts

Mr. Tsang Shiqiang once said:

"the best education is not to make a child a genius, but to have parents in his heart!"

indeed, for a child with parents in his heart, they are bound to abide by the bottom line of respecting their parents.

A child who knows how to respect his parents usually knows how to be grateful, which is not only a good character, but also an attitude towards life.

excellent parents will know how to establish the prestige of parents in the hearts of their children, so that their children not only respect their parents, but also trust them.

some netizens in Zhihu once shared such a story:

his daughter likes chicken legs very much, so every time she makes sliced fried chicken at home, she will leave a complete chicken leg for her daughter.

but he later found a problem. His daughter thought that she should give herself the best in the family, and she spoke impolitely to her family.

he said to his daughter, "I'll only call you for the last time. If you don't respect others and keep them waiting, then there's no need for others to wait for you."

the daughter, still motionless, nodded perfunctorily.

after everyone was halfway through the meal, the daughter arrived late.

as soon as he arrived at the table, he immediately asked, "where are my drumsticks?"

in front of his daughter, he took out the chicken leg that was kept warm in the rice cooker and said, "Today's grandmother is very hard to cook, so the chicken leg should be given to her."

his daughter cried loudly. He carried his daughter into the house for education and passed on these three ideas:

1. We love you very much, but we don't have to put you first in everything at home.

2. When your family takes care of you, you should respect your family's kindness to you and know the hard work of others.

3. Ask for help to say "please".

after coming out of the house, the daughter apologized to her family for talking too loudly earlier.

since then, my daughter will come early every time she eats, and she will no longer scramble for chicken legs.

A child who knows how to respect his parents is the greatest success of family education.

because from the child's attitude towards his parents, we can see how he will behave and deal with others in the future.

A child who pays no attention to his parents must be a person with a narrow vision and lack of etiquette when he grows up.

parents are the learning objects for their children to grow up at first. Only by being strict with themselves and controlling their words and deeds can children learn tolerance and love, understanding and respect from their parents.

We respect our children and win their respect.

Let the good educational concept nourish the child's heart, turn it into a driving force for the child to move forward, and accompany him through the long years of life.

, may our children know more about respect and love.