There are four kinds of fengshui in a family, and to raise them well is to be rich.
There are four kinds of fengshui in a family, and to raise them well is to be rich.
Home, is a lifetime of concern, is a lifetime of waiting.

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Sun Qifeng, a Neo-Confucianist in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, said such a sentence:

"with the rise and fall of family fortune, heaven cannot exercise its power, and man cannot exercise its power, but himself."

fate is made by oneself. A man's destiny lies not in heaven, but in man.

ask for happiness. The prosperity of a family lies not in the house, but in the style of the family.

the family style is excellent, and the blessings accumulated by future generations will be passed on from generation to generation.

when a family is together, raising these four kinds of feng shui is worth a lot of money.

moral ability to nourish the heart

as the old saying goes, "the family of morality is more than ten generations."

the so-called moral inheritance refers to the most important part of the family style: morality and character.

the right character is respected by all; if you have a good heart, you will win the hearts of the people; if your virtue is bad, it is difficult to move forward.

Guo Degang once talked about his educational ideas in a program.

now at the age of 47, he is still well-behaved and respectful every time he sees his father, and even when he is sitting, he will always remind himself not to cross Jiro's legs.

it is precisely because of his teaching and demonstration that the same is true of his son Guo Qilin.

in the face of his elders, Guo Qilin is never out of line, polite and courteous.

when he needs to sign his name at the ceremony, he will always bend slightly and take the pen handed over by the etiquette lady with both hands.

A good upbringing is the foundation of family happiness.

only by self-cultivation and virtue can we keep the bottom line of being a man and move forward steadily on the right path.

there are a large number of talented descendants of the Zhou family in Anhui, and they have made great contributions in various industries. An important factor is that they pay attention to words and deeds, and the older generation should play an exemplary role for the younger generation.

Zhou Fu, the founder of the Zhou family, was born as a scholar. When he was an official, he understood the feelings of the people, often helped the poor, did a lot of good deeds, and was evaluated by the people as "merit lies in the people."

Zhou's family motto mentions: "to do good is to be able to start learning and teach, followed by Zhou Ji."

as the saying goes, you can't be rich for three generations.

but the Zhou family broke this convention and became a distinguished family in one fell swoop, all of which are inseparable from the good deeds handed down from generation to generation.

when an old man is immoral, the whole family suffers; when virtue accumulates in the family, good fortune comes.

charity can serve people, and kindness is as good as water and virtue.

it is precisely this reason that as the old saying goes, "the family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing, and the family that accumulates not good will have aftermath."

Virtue can nourish the heart. If the heart keeps facing the sun, it will surely grow towering trees with luxuriant branches and leaves.

diligence and ability

it was mentioned in ancient books: "all kinds of ills are born from laziness."

laziness is the root of a person's trough and the source of a family's gradual decline.

when "Golden years" was popular, many people were filled with emotion for the changes in Jiang Nansun's family in the play.

the Chiang family originally had good living conditions, leaving a lot of savings in their ancestors, and the family lived in a mansion with no worries about food and clothing.

Jiang Nansun's father was spoiled from an early age and grew up with high expectations and low skills. he was unwilling to work hard and only wanted to speculate and speculate in stocks to make money.

lust is hard to fill, so he bet all his property on stock speculation, which led to the bankruptcy of Chiang Kai-shek.

overnight, the Chiang family changed from a rich family to nothing and moved out of the original big house.

then, Father Chiang promised that he would mend his past and find a real job so that the family could lead a good life.

but he has been used to a comfortable life for decades, and it is too difficult for him to make a living from scratch.

finally, under the pressure of huge debt, he could not bear the pain and jumped down from the bathroom, ending his life.

the debt left by Father Chiang will eventually be repaid, and the burden falls on Jiang Nansun.

from then on, Jiang Nansun worked hard while taking care of his grandmother, and finally paid off his debts slowly, bringing the Chiang family back to life.

there is a saying quite right: idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people enjoy more.

busy, can find the value of life, can make the heart become calm.

diligence can make people stand up and stabilize the foundation of the family.

Please don't forget that only by keeping the quality of diligence and persistence can a family's good fortune last forever.

wide energy gathering gas

what is the most hurtful way for a family to be together?

I saw a pertinent answer: when something happened, we blamed each other, and when we met, we only quarreled.

Family discord and resentment are the quickest ways to destroy a family.

the mode of getting along with Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu is the envy of many people.

in the first few years of marriage, they often quarreled over trifles.

once, Yang Jiang won a quarrel in a dispute, but she didn't have much joy in winning. Instead, she felt sad.

after the quarrel, the two slowly calmed down, and both felt that those excessive words were too hurtful, so they agreed not to quarrel as much as possible in the future.

later, even if they still disagreed because of some trifles, Qian Zhongshu would voluntarily give way to Yang Jiang.

Yang Jiang wondered: "Why do you let me in every quarrel? in fact, sometimes I reflect on it is my own fault."

Qian Zhongshu smiled and said:

"just"If you win the argument, what can you do? Win the truth, lose the feelings, lose you, I lose the whole life.

in the world of two people, there is always one making noise, one laughing, one quarreling, and the other coaxing. "

and these are the secrets of their happiness.

Home is not a battlefield, there is no need to wave the flag and shout, regardless of who succeeds or fails.

Home is not a chessboard, so you don't need to be careful and beware everywhere.

the best temperature is a friendly family with a little more tolerance and less blame.

just as Mr. Shan Yin Jing said: there is no one who is exquisite in spirit, but the family is unlucky. There is no hostility, but the family does not fail.

A home without kindness is like a house without a roof, which can no longer give sense of security to people.

the best way to get along with each other is to keep the big things in mind and the little things in mind.

thrift can accumulate blessings

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, wrote a sentence in his family letter:

"the only way to live at home is to worship thrift for a long time, especially to give up extravagance."

frugality is to cherish existing wealth and never forget where it comes from.

Saving is the best attitude in life without losing your original mind.

during his years as an official, Zeng Guofan's habit of thrift attracted many officials' admiration and benefited future generations of his family.

Zeng Guofan usually eats only one dish and one meal per meal, and his clothes and cloth are simple and simple. In his opinion, all he needs to wear is to keep warm.

one year on his birthday, his family made him a mandarin coat, which he treasured for many years and would only wear it on important festivals.

there is a widely circulated story:

when Zeng Guofan was in office, he went to Yangzhou on an inspection tour, and the local salt merchants prepared a feast to meet him. Because he had to prepare food and wages, he could not refuse the meal, so he had no choice but to go to the banquet.

during the dinner, he only ate a little of the food in front of him. after the banquet, he said to the people around him, "I can't bear to eat. I can't bear to see it."

this shows his worry about extravagance and waste.

Tseng Kuo-fan often teaches his children: "No matter whether you are a small family, scholar, peasant, industrial, commercial, industrious, frugal, arrogant, extravagant, or invincible."

History has proved that this is true.

frugality is the beginning of accumulating blessings; extravagance is the beginning of consuming blessings.

if people live a lifetime and know how to be frugal, they will be able to keep their own happiness.

every household, if you give up waste, you can continue your happiness forever.

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there is a passage about home in "one's Village":

"all my life, go through a door, sleep in a bed, keep out the cold and cool under a roof."

Home is the concern of a lifetime and the waiting of a lifetime.

keep these eight words: virtuous, industrious, tolerant and frugal.

the family and the days are prosperous, and everything will be prosperous at last.

even if there is no great wealth, life will be enjoyable.

, may you enjoy fengshui and make your family prosperous and enduring.