The worst decision in life is to marry someone who is not as good as you.
The worst decision in life is to marry someone who is not as good as you.
You should keep your eyes open if you work with you for the rest of your life.

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Bi Shumin once said:

"Marriage is not just happiness, it's a holiday, it's love, it's life and death, it's test, it's suffering."

Life is like this, where your joy is, where your weakness lies.

when husband and wife live a life, they will inevitably reconcile and stumble.

the worst decision is to marry someone who is not as good as you.

Marriage, don't be as angry as you

Why do some people fall in love and have problems as soon as they get married?

there is an answer: "the essence of love is the exchange of feelings, and the essence of marriage is the exchange of values."


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because my husband is not motivated, I feel so uncomfortable that I want to divorce.

they have been married for almost 9 years,

at that time, the marriage house was paid by two parents, and they paid off the mortgage and car loan every month, plus the daily expenses, which was a lot of expenses, and there was not much left.

she desperately takes up the business in order to save some money, invests it if she has some money, and stays up late every day.

but as soon as my husband gets home, he plays games and reads novels, and his salary is enough for water and electricity.

she wanted to pool money to buy school district housing, education and training for her children, but she calculated the poor money in the family, and the more she thought about it, the more helpless she became.

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every time she complains, her husband tells her to stop messing around. It's good to be safe and happy.

later, she got angry when she saw her husband being lazy. Even if her husband accompanied her at night and cooked noodles for her, he no longer felt warm.

for the two people who live a life, their academic qualifications and salaries are hardly the same, but their morale is not equal, and there will be conflicts sooner or later.

A wife who complains that her husband does not want to make progress will say, "mediocrity is a blessing."

there are also husbands who work hard to earn money and complain that their wives will only ask for money and are unwilling to work.

Marriage is like this sometimes. The person who makes rapid progress always wants to get rid of the one who is standing still.

No one is right or wrong, but you can't change others.

if your spirit is self-improvement, accept that the other party is weaker, at least have a bottom line, that is, he should respect you and not drag you down.

if you don't accept it, be determined to work together.

those who are not as angry as you should think clearly before marriage.

Let each other go, and sometimes it is done for each other.

Marriage, don't find your heart is not as good as yours

it is not only the money but also the balance of power that determines the happiness of marriage.

scholar Gottman conducted an experiment and found that among 130 newlyweds, the more willing they were to accept their partner's advice, the happier their marriage was.

those who do not want to share power with each other are 81% likely to break up.

being with narrow-minded people is not happiness, but torture.

A reader left a message backstage. His boyfriend talked for five years and had a headache at the mention of marriage.

the two are in different cities, the girl's home is a second-tier city, the development momentum is good, the boy's home is more partial, and there is no good job.

but her boyfriend refused to let her go, so she reluctantly agreed.

when I bought a house, my boyfriend made a down payment and secretly added the name of his family, but he didn't have a girlfriend.

but she was asked to pay off the mortgage.

she had a big quarrel with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend wouldn't give way, when her mother-in-law said that it was convenient for his niece to go to school and that she wanted to live in the new house and let them take care of her.

her boyfriend argued loudly with her: "my family takes a wife, but I'm in charge?"

once and twice, she didn't want to put up with it any longer.

No matter how forgiving you are, the other party will not give way. This is the boss and subordinates, Party An and Party B, but not husband and wife.

if you lose your temper occasionally, he has a bigger temper, and you are the only one who is aggrieved.

in marriage, the mind is a matter for both parties.

in the short film "Silent", the couple quarreling and sulking are thought-provoking.

they keep posting hurtful words on Wechat:

"Let's divorce."

"I'll take care of the baby myself. It would be better without you."

"I work to death every day, just go home to be angry with you?"

perfect marriage doesn't exist, but sweet, but I wanted to divorce 100 times, but I chose you for the 101st time.

shoes fit together for a long time, while marriage is the result of mutual accommodation.

you must be more open-minded, and don't find a marriage whose heart is not as big as yours, and break your heart.

Marriage, don't find love is not as good as yours

"the so-called loving couple means that they love as much as they are grateful. If one side is giving and the other is profligate, love will eventually disappear. "

Song Dandan and Yingda were married for 10 years, but when they separated, she confessed in front of everyone, "I am so unloving."

as the sketch queen, she laid down her posture to take care of her sick father-in-law, worried about everything about her children, and took the initiative to bear the expenses of the family. Yingda never said anything.

he creates as soon as he has a job, sleeps until 12:00 at noon, and pays no attention to the family.

as a result, there was a rumor about the affair and the cold violence against Song Dandan, and the good wife and mother was finally tiredYes.

A fight between husband and wife ends with both cheating.

and when Yingda is with the screenwriter Liang Huan, he seems to be a different person.

working as a babysitter and cook at home, he doted on him and Liang Huan's youngest son, accompanied him to participate in various activities and became a good man to take care of the family.

No one doesn't know how to get along, and all the indifference is just that you are not important enough.

because taking is a human instinct, it is only natural to give when you love deeply.

when you put it all into it, the other person hesitates;

when you give everything, the other person is only responsible for enjoying it.

Don't kid yourself, he just doesn't love deeply enough.

some netizens posted a post saying:

"once I thought that marriage is to change my heart, no bride price, no house, no demands, and marry the person I love most like a moth to the fire, but I forgot to ask, does he love me?"

after she got married, her husband could only remember their quarrels and all their unhappiness.

take the initiative to kiss your husband, but the other person subconsciously avoids it.

the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law always seems to be her fault.

the husband even lamented countless times that everyone living in the world is an actor, and acting well in his own play is a complete life. He was acting as a good husband, but he didn't give up.

feelings are fragile, and if there is no response, they will wear away.

No matter how good-looking he is, how much money he can earn, and how much you love him, sometimes the best decision is to let go.

Love and marriage are not unilateral,

the feelings of two people are equal, help each other, and both are willing to consider for each other, so that when you raise your eyebrows, you will not deliberately make peace.

always remember that the premise of love is worth it.

everyone in the world is an independent individual. Marriage is never a must. Happiness is.

the right person, you have to wait.

the person who works with you for the rest of your life, you should open your eyes.

the spirit is not as good as yours, the heart is not as good as yours, the love is not as good as yours, let go in time.

because the person who is in tune with you may be watching you not far away.

, may you make a decision that you don't regret, meet a loved one, depend on each other, and go together.