The worse the woman's character is, the more she likes to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make a deep acquaintance.
The worse the woman's character is, the more she likes to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make a deep acquaintance.
The quality of ​ friends often determines the quality of life.

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every day we deal with all kinds of people and hear thousands of words and ten thousand words from their mouths.

which should be filtered and which should be listened to, testing the "hearing" of the ear all the time.

for women with poor character, they are all these words, so we must be careful.

critical gossip

you may have met this kind of people:

they often comment on the people and things around them, label others, treat bitterness as bluntness, lack of eloquence as eloquence, lack of breeding as personality, and open mouth as straightforward.

they seize every opportunity to express their opinions, as if if they do not do so, there will be no place to show their "wisdom of life".

exactly: those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong.

writer you Sijing talked about a former female colleague who often met her in the elevator at work.

if there are people who know this colleague among the people who take the elevator, after the people in the elevator go out one after another, they will hear her turn and say to the people around her:

"look at her high heels, which is not good for the uterus."

"did you see the bag that man was carrying? There are popular styles on the online store. "

"that man's hair color obviously doesn't match her skin color."

No wonder Youjingsi said with emotion:

"every time I can't wait to get to the floor of the company. As soon as the elevator door opens, I almost want to run out."

there is no shortage of people to express their opinions in the world. what is lacking is not to casually evaluate the kindness and self-cultivation of others.

A malicious guess may leave an indelible scar on others.

do not judge others, do not ridicule the weak, control their own mouth, do not say meaningless words, know how to be silent at the right time, is a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of realm.

false lies

Zhang ailing once had a good friend Yan Ying. Originally, the two had a good relationship, but Yan Ying was a little bad. She always showed off her goodness when Zhang ailing was down.

for example, after Zhang ailing went to the United States, she was in financial difficulties, but Yan Ying often boasted about how she made money.

Zhang ailing has been a widow for many years, but Yan Ying talks about her sweet love with her husband.

until Zhang ailing couldn't stand it any longer, she simply broke off relations with her. Never said a word to death.

whether it's friendship or love, whether it's a man or a woman, adversity is the touchstone of the heart.

when you are in the scenery, you are full of friends, full of praise and flattery.

when you are down and out, the door is deserted. Among the followers of the past, some people looked on with a cold eye, while others fell to the bottom of a well.

A true friend or a fake friend is clear when you look at your actions.

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it is better to lend a helping hand when others are in trouble than to say meaningless gossip or nonsense after times have changed.

when you are proud, your friends get to know you, and when you are in trouble, you meet your friends again.

you can see clearly who are true friends, who are false morality, who share joys and sorrows, and who are mercenary.

A double-faced lie

as the saying goes, "it is difficult to draw bones when painting dragons and tigers."

there is such a kind of people, the face is compassionate, but ruthless, sweet words in front of people, black and sinister in the belly.

not long ago, my friend Mei Xue packed up and left the company where she had been working for two years. She never expected that she worked overtime at home every day during the epidemic and was finally fired by her boss.

A new colleague came to the department, named Xiaoying. The little girl was enthusiastic and called Mei Xue as a sister, so the two became closer.

on one occasion, Xiaoying and Michelle lamented the bloodshed in the workplace and asked her for advice on how to deal with it.

the warm-hearted Mei Xue dug out her heart and told her in detail which colleagues would gossip, which leaders liked to change their orders and some taboos in the workplace.

A few days later, the leader gave Mei Xue an excuse to fire her.

Mei Xue asked her familiar colleagues to know that Xiaoying had shared that night's conversation with other colleagues and finally spread it to the leader's ears.

others have been promoted step by step, and they have almost ruined their career.

exactly: you can say three things to everyone, and don't throw a piece of heart when something happens.

feelings of disagreement do not last long, and two-faced people cannot stay with each other for a long time.

when you have interests to seek, you immediately flatter and curry favor, and when you are down, you want to step on your foot.

it is a wise choice not to entangle with people with dark hearts and stop losses in time.

the quality of friends often determines the quality of life. It is not imprudent to make friends.

affection can only be achieved if there is a house. Only by abandoning a false friend can you gain a bosom friend who treats each other sincerely.

make friends, do not have to pursue the harmony of mountains and rivers, can get along honestly, without scruples to dig out the heart, is the most comfortable good friends.

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