The smartest way to solve a problem
The smartest way to solve a problem
All the good things will come as expected.


have read such a sentence:

"method is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. The way to solve problems is wisdom."

how to deal with a problem best reflects the person's knowledge and accomplishment.

if the method is right, twice the result with half the effort; if the method is wrong, the effect will be halved.

excellent people, do not panic in case of trouble, often have these four solutions.

keep your temper

Jobs once said: "people are defeated by themselves, and first of all by their own emotions."

when a person is controlled by emotion, 80% of the decisions made are wrong.

in a high-profile match, such a scene happened:

in the 1965 World Billiards Championship, world defending champion Louis Fox advanced by leaps and bounds, but missed the last No. 8 black ball to defend the championship.

but when he posed again, ready to hit the ball, the fly landed on the vital black ball.

in a rage, he picked up the club and poked it at the fly. As a result, the fly flew away, and his club touched the ball, so it was his opponent's turn to hit the ball, and the other side seized the opportunity and scored all the rest of his ball in one breath.

in a moment of anger, Louis Fox missed the chance to defend the championship and ended up depressed.

if he had controlled his anger and felt at ease with the game, the end of the story would have been a different story.

Life is like this. We will encounter some unexpected situations from time to time. The more grumpy we are, the more likely we are to make mistakes.

can you control your emotions so that you can handle things more calmly.

as a saying goes, "it is an instinct for people to have emotions, but it is a skill to control them."

Don't worry when something happens, restrain your emotions, think calmly, and do things calmly.

in this way, you can better control your life and dominate your life.

learn to turn

some people say that there are two magic weapons to win the journey of life, one is to move forward, and the other is to turn.

it takes courage to move forward and wisdom to turn.

the old monk and the young monk went down the mountain together. On the way, the old monk asked, "if you go further, you will die. If you retire, what are you going to do?"

the little monk replied without hesitation, "I'm going to the side."

move aside! What a wise answer, maybe everyone knows the truth, but when there is a problem, few people will do so.

have read such a story.

there is a farmer who lives at the foot of a mountain and lives by herding sheep. He often goes to and from the market to sell mutton and milk.

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there are two ways to get to the market from his house: one is in front of the house, which can lead directly to the market, but it is very difficult to be blocked by a boulder;

one is in the back of the house, winding around in twists and turns, and it will take hours to get there.

the farmer decided to remove the boulder in front of the house, but he and his son worked hard for half a year, but made little progress.

one day, my son was tired from work. When he sat down to rest, he suddenly shouted, "since we can't remove this big stone, why can't we move our house to the other side of the stone?"

the farmer suddenly realized.

before long, the farmer's home was settled very close to the market.

cartoonist Zheng Xinyao once said:

"at the end of the road, it does not mean that we have reached the end of the road, but reminds us that it is time to turn."

people are doomed to encounter all kinds of problems in their whole life.

stupid people, meet the "boulder" of life, blindly bang, time-consuming and labor-consuming, but finally get half the result with twice the effort.

people who are really smart are flexible and understand that turning is also a kind of wisdom.

think of others

in many cases, most of the difficulties and contradictions come from lack of understanding.

everyone looks at the problem from their own point of view, which can only make the contradiction deeper and deeper.

he felt that nothing went well and he envied that his wife didn't have to work at home every day.

when he expressed his envy to his wife, the wife smiled and said, "how about you experience my life at home tomorrow and make it easy for you?"

when the husband got up the next morning, he was urged by his wife to make breakfast. He hurriedly finished it and then went to wake the children up and take them to school.

when I get home, I start cleaning, washing clothes, and have to go out to buy food and cook at noon.

pay the water and electricity bill in the afternoon, communicate with the tutor about the children's recent state, and have to pick up the children from school and prepare dinner.

after only one day, he felt that his wife's daily life was so tired that it was no easier than his work, especially when he was torturing himself by helping his children with their homework in the evening.

he suddenly felt that his unhappiness at work was nothing compared with his wife.

when he faced the difficulties of his clients, his wife was also busy with the firewood, rice and salt at home.

you see, once you put yourself in the shoes of others to deal with problems, life will suddenly become clear, and many difficulties will become worthless.

some people say:

"the world is yours if you know how to be considerate of others, can really put yourself in other people's shoes, and can really help others solve their problems."

people who are really good know how to find reasons from themselves, which is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of wisdom.

every time something happens, if we can calm down and reflect on ourselves, less complaints and responsibilities, and more self-reflection, everything will naturally be solved.

know how to let go

in the women's team semi-final of a World Table Tennis team Championships.

the competition between the two sides entered the key game, and Ding Ning represented the Chinese team as the No. 1 singles.

but at the beginning of the game, Ding Ning was in very bad shape, thinking about the mistakes of the last game, so much so that he was four goals behind at the start.

at this time, Liu Guoliang, then head coach of the national table tennis team, shouted anxiously: "Ding Ning, now we have to start from scratch. If we lose, we will lose. It is over." You have to tell people that you can lose, but you won't be defeated. "

Ding Ning adjusted his condition, attacked more actively, and finally pulled back the game, helping the Chinese team advance to the final smoothly.

Life is like a game, it is not terrible to lose, but if you indulge in failure, you will only be put on heavy shackles and be defeated by defeat.

Zhou Guoping wrote in only one Life: "one should have two consciousness: one is to have the courage to start from scratch, and the other is to be calm in the unfinished."

No one's life is smooth, and those who cling to the past have too many worries about gains and losses, while those who let go of past success or failure and know how to let go of them can travel light.

when something is powerless to change, all we can do is to learn to let go and move on.

on the road of life, we will encounter many problems, and there are many ways to solve them.

and the cleverest way to solve problems is nothing more than ability and mentality.

Life is a long time. May you and I not be swayed by temper when we encounter problems, learn to compare our hearts, be flexible, and feel relieved in our hearts.

all the good things will come as expected.

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