The real sense of security is not a house or money.
The real sense of security is not a house or money.
There are not many people who are really good to you, so don't lose any of them.


there is a popular saying on the Internet: "if you don't have a lot of love, it will cost a lot of money."

so many of us, working hard and making money desperately, think that we will have sense of security when we can afford to buy everything in the mall.

but the reality is that even if you have great wealth, you will still lack sense of security; no matter how rich you are, your inner emptiness cannot be filled with desire.

in our lives, we often hear people around us say that only when we are strong enough can we have sense of security.

because the real sense of security is given to yourself.

money and house cannot bring inner satisfaction

Ibsen once said: money can be the shell of many things, but not the fruit inside.

if a person does not have a spiritual world, no amount of material can satisfy his growing greed.

in the TV series "the first half of my Life":

Luo Zijun, a full-time wife, indulges in a life of indulgence and indulgence, every day trying to prove that her husband loves him.

she thinks that if her husband meets all her material requirements, he loves her.

until one day her husband Chen Junsheng suddenly filed for divorce, which came as a bolt from the blue for her.

she doesn't know why her husband has to leave her, so she wants to find a job to prove that her husband still loves her.

but her living habits for many years have made her lose her ability to work. Even as a cashier, she has to wear more than ten centimeters of high heels. After two days of work, she can't hold on.

Luo Zijun is determined to save her husband, but her husband has made up his mind.

in order to fight for custody of his children, Luo Zijun had to start all over again.

and her husband thinks the money can provide him with endless sense of security.

unexpectedly, it was this self-righteous sense of security that led him to meet a greedy Ling Lin.

but he not only coveted Luo Zijun's innocence, but also was reluctant to give up Ling Lin's understanding, and could never be satisfied, so he could only get himself into an emotional dilemma.

material sense of security will only bring anxiety in the end, because there will always be someone who is richer than you.

material conditions are the basis for enjoying all good life, but the ability to create material conditions is a person's greatest talent.

if happiness is sacrificed for material reasons, life will lose its way.

money and house are the guarantee of life, but not the guarantee of inner fullness.

inner contentment needs to be found by yourself.

there is no absolutely safe environment in life

there is a line in the movie the growth of all things:

"I thought I could see through life at a glance, but who knew life gave me a loud slap in the face



there is no one who doesn't want to live an easy life, but being vigilant is the responsibility for life.

I have to admit that the world is not immutable, and things that were once thought to be immutable are vulnerable to reality.

I have seen such a piece of news: Tangshan has cancelled a number of highway toll stations and laid off a number of toll collectors.

although these toll collectors have also received corresponding financial compensation, many people still think that there will be problems in their future life.

an eldest sister said, "I've spent all my youth here, and it's hard to find a job."I can't do anything but charge."

the iron rice bowl that many people once dreamed of is no longer stable.

There is no argument that gold bridesmaid dresses are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Shop now and enjoy the fast delivery and good costumer service.

like this sentence very much:

"No matter how comfortable the job is, it won't stop you if you want to struggle; if you don't want to struggle, the unbearable job will make you sink."

Master Kang's instant noodle sales fell by 8 billion packs in three years, not because other brands of instant noodles are tastier, but because of the rise of takeout platforms such as Meituan and

with more delicious and convenient takeout, why eat instant noodles with a single flavor?

when we have the confidence that Mount Tai collapses ahead and remains the same, this kind of stability is the real stability.

Roman Roland said:

most people die in their twenties and thirties, because after that age, they are just their own shadows.

the rest of their lives are spent imitating themselves, day after day, more mechanically, and more posturingly repeating what they have done, thought, loved and hated in their lifetime.

there is no natural stability in this world. What we need more is a stable ability to make a living.

relying on yourself is the best way out

Nietzsche once said: if you want to go up high, use your own legs, don't let others carry you up high, and don't sit on other people's backs and heads.

in the TV series "the second time is also beautiful": an an is a post-90s mother who gets married as soon as she graduates and gives birth to children as soon as she gets married, but she doesn't want her son to be forced to divorce when she is five years old.

there is no third party, and there is no bloody plot in South Korean TV dramas, just because her husband thinks she is too boring.

Anan, who was a student, had a chance to become an excellent cartoonist because love gave up her dream.

but her efforts were not understood by the people around her, but became an excuse for her husband to hurt her.

Anan after the divorce finally understood that it is better to rely on anyone than to rely on yourself. Only your own ability and talent is the foundation to really settle down.

Breaking eggs from the outside is food, breaking from the inside is life.

so Ann continued to pick up the dream that had been abandoned for many years and made continuous efforts to become an excellent cartoonist.

Anan, who found herself, glowed again in the eyes of her ex-husband, but at this time Anan had understood the true meaning of life and finally found her own happiness.

there are many people, like an an, who always rely on others, but forget that they could have been good.

when you are young, you count on your parents to help you solve problems; when you go to school, you count on teachers and classmates to help you solve problems; when you grow up, you count on your partner and colleagues to help you cope with your difficulties.

the most terrible thing is to rely on other people's thoughts when you encounter things. This will make you lose yourself, make you have no choice, and you will only choose to run away from things.

relying too much on others will only make you a living and ideological dwarf.

and people must learn to be independent, learn to solve problems on their own, no one can accompany you for a lifetime, you are your own best ferryman.

there are no real good years in the world, but only continuous efforts to adapt to changes.

the real stability is that you don't have to worry about sudden unemployment and unexpected family changes at 40, and get a good night's sleep at night; at 60, you are still healthy, your children are filial, and the balance on your bank card fills you with sense of security.

and the premise of all this must be constant efforts and growth, keeping out risks and unrest ahead of time.

there is a good saying: the road is too smooth and can only take you to a plain place.

A person can become his own safe haven only if he makes himself strong.