The nature of marriage is too clear.
The nature of marriage is too clear.
Only when husband and wife are of one mind, marriage will be full of stamina, and life can continue to be beautiful.


speaking of grass-roots stars, Zhu Zhiwen is widely known.

the upsurge of his son Zhu Xiaowei's marriage last year has not abated, and it has recently been pushed to the forefront of the storm.

Zhu Xiaowei's wife Chen Yanan said bluntly in the live broadcast:

"his father (big coat) picked up Xiao Wei, and Zhu Xiaowei and I were separated for the time being."

they just got married last year. Why did something go wrong so soon? It turned out that Zhu Xiaowei had never had a job, and it was only after the two got married that they began to broadcast live together with the goods.

Chen Yanan has made painstaking efforts to grow up from his embarrassment and timidity at the beginning to his ability to handle it now.

but Zhu Xiaowei has been inattentive, with no expression and no sense of existence during the live broadcast.

once, I even mispronounced a simple line that I had practiced at home all day. Chen Yanan said:

"I tried to persuade him, too, but he didn't think so and knew how to play with his' meat and wine friends' all day."

from the beginning of the live broadcast to the different pace of "public separation", the passion of the two people at the beginning of their marriage was exhausted, and they no longer had the motivation to continue.

Marriage is realistic, it is not always full of romance like love, it is more like a spiritual practice, behind all smooth sailing, it takes hard work.

I have heard such a sentence:

"Marriage is a fire, and you need to keep adding firewood. Only in this way can the fire last."

it takes a lifetime for two people to get together.

Don't let your marriage lose to time

some people say:

"A true marriage requires not only love, but also insight into each other's heart."

A marriage that can stand the test of time is probably the case.

on the contrary, it is destined to be a tragedy. That's how Nicole and Charlie in the movie Marriage Story got separated step by step.

the two met on the set, and the fledgling Nicole starred in a film by the same unknown director Charlie.

they fell in love at first sight, met each other, and formed a common family.

at first, the two had a sweet relationship and gave birth to a son, Henry; their career went well, Nicole's performance attracted more and more attention, and Charlie made a small-scale hit film.

but with the extension of time together, Charlie and Nicole gradually have a conflict. Nicole wanted to express herself more, but Charlie ignored it:

husband and wife can go to Europe for half a year for Charlie's job, but not Los Angeles for Nicole's job;

because her acting skills are becoming more and more mature, Nicole wants to challenge to be a director, and Charlie's answer is always "next time";

Charlie thought it was only natural for Nicole to act for him, and even asked her to invest her new salary in his drama company.

be careful that you are getting farther and farther away, the marriage has no stamina, and the end of the relationship is inevitable.

Charlie's attitude towards marriage is more than Nicole can bear.

she questioned Charlie: "you are so used to being selfish that you may not even realize that it is selfish."

finally, the two went to the court for divorce. From the prosperity at the beginning of the marriage to the collapse at last.

the two crossed the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, but did not help each other. There is a good saying on the Internet:

"there is an emotional account between husband and wife. Once you are happy, you will have more savings, while once you are sad, your savings will be less. If you withdraw blindly, when the deposit is cleared at 00:00, that is, the other person will leave."

the tenderness of a marital relationship requires standing on each other's side and solving problems together, rather than turning a relationship into two unrelated people.

Don't wait for time to wear away all your passion, years to eat up all the sweetness, to worry and regret.

A good marriage has stamina

the long way of marriage is trivial and specific.

the two people who entered the marriage at the beginning are full of sweetness, you have me, and I have you.

however, there is a round moon, and there will be conflicts between husband and wife.

some couples only watch their feelings run out until they become dull, while others can solve problems at the right time, not only for a long time, but also become more and more fresh and full of stamina.

Review the TV series "Please answer 1988", in which the feelings of middle-aged couples are very touching.

President Kim and Ms. Panther are happy enemies. At first, the family was strapped for money, so they had to stay in the basement.

at that time, President Kim worked hard to support his family, and he gradually formed the habit of living frugally.

later, life improved. Not only did the whole family move into a big house, but President Jin also opened an electronics store.

but President Kim is still reluctant to spend money. But he never commented on the leopard lady who bought a lot of skin care products.

not only that, President Kim also knows how to care about the leopard lady in detail:

take away the sun-dried clothes and shoes and cover the kimchi jar; remember Ms. Panther's birthday and cook her a pot of favorite kelp soup; when Ms. Panther has insomnia, accompany her for a walk in the neighborhood in the middle of the night.

President Kim is considerate to Ms. Panther, and Ms. Panther also responds to her husband's concern in her own way.

she knew that her husband was unwilling to buy new clothes and a new car, and took the initiative to "force" her husband to buy it. Once her husband was injured and she had a porridge and a meal all day.Waiting to be taken care of, considerate and meticulous, without complaint. The sweet daily life between husband and wife has become the envy of the whole street.

there is no gorgeous romance between them, but more simple truth.

after countless ups and downs, the marriage that can really enter life is the most reassuring.

when decades of mutual understanding and giving run through each other's hearts, marriage will become increasingly strong and indestructible.

learn to make marriage full of stamina

Lin Yutang said:

"A happy marriage requires the habits of husband and wife; just like a pair of old shoes, they will fit perfectly after a long time."

A couple who can walk together for a lifetime may not be able to play the piano and sing in the first place.

but we will continue to run-in and achieve each other on the road of common progress.

Carter Sr. in the movie "bucket list" always wants to escape from his present life after his illness.

he feels that he has paid too much for his family, has been facing his wife and children, and is very unhappy.

he felt that what he had done was pointless. He began to miss his wife's insipid lunch and the chatter in his wife's life. Finally, he decided to go home.

when he got to the door, he found his wife waiting silently, and the two people hugged each other affectionately.

it was only then that Carter discovered that the best happiness was to have a wife by his side all the time.

the power of this habit is enough to resist all the uneasiness of time.

Lee Seung-hyun said in an interview: "my best friend is my wife."

when a relaxed and pleasant symbiotic relationship is established between husband and wife, it will continue to inject stable and lasting love into the marriage.

Marriage is naturally full of stamina when the relationship lasts. How can you manage a marriage with stamina? Here are three tips:

allow imperfections

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there is a good saying:

"Truth is better than perfection. Once we know what truth is, we will deeply perceive that perfection is unreliable."

the same is true of marriage.

people all have the nature to pursue beauty, and they always want each other to do better and better.

but our energy is always limited, and the advantages and disadvantages of husband and wife deserve to be understood and appreciated.

put aside your baggage as soon as possible and accept your truth as soon as possible.

the light emitted by each of us when we are ourselves is the real force that attracts each other.

A reasonable concession

many marriages are in constant conflict of invalidation. In fact, big disputes caused by minor contradictions could have been avoided.

tit-for-tat for the sake of a temporary war of words, it is easy to lose the space for rational thinking.

instead of a head-on conflict, it is better to make reasonable concessions and give each other time for reflection.

of course, we do not have to avoid conflicts, because contradictions are the test stones of marriage. If they are targeted and constantly run-in, the marriage will be better fulfilled.

after the precipitation of time, you will find that everything is already beautiful.

create more high-quality time together

British marriage expert Nicky Lee and his wife told us in the Marriage Book that setting aside time for husband and wife to spend together is a good investment and an effective way to keep the relationship together and keep the romance going.

carefully planned, trying to ensure the time together, no longer fantasize about "when I am free", may be the best form of marriage.

as a saying goes, "I love you and want to spend a lot of time with you."

in marriage, let every "together" can warm the body and mind, is the ultimate romantic.

"besieged Fortress" says:

"Marriage is a besieged city. People outside the city want to come in, and people in the city want to go out."

the years are long, and between coming and going, some people can get along for a lifetime, while others leave the field halfway.

because marriage itself is life, it has its own waves.

since we have decided to be together, we should take the necessary responsibility and practice the wisdom of getting along.

only when husband and wife are of one mind, marriage will be full of stamina, and life can continue to be better.

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