The longest relationship between people
The longest relationship between people
Cherish to deserve to have, care about will last a long time.

Q: what kind of relationship lasts the most?

answer: comfortable relationships last the longest.

it is better to have fun at first sight than to never get tired of getting along.

only when people trust each other, respect each other and cherish together can such a relationship be comfortable and lasting.

Trust each other, and love lasts long

being unrefined, insincere and unmoving.

sincerity and trust between people is the basis of making friends.

without sincerity and faith, the best friendship is just a castle in the air.

there is a little boy who often goes to the square to feed pigeons.

for a long time, the pigeon regarded the little boy as a friend.

once an art class had to copy a small animal, so the little boy grabbed a pigeon around him in the square and took it to the studio.

put the pigeon back at night.

from then on, the little boy went to the square and there were no pigeons around him.

even the food he fed dared not eat.

the little boy lost a group of close friends after only one abandonment.

Trust is like a piece of paper, once wrinkled, it is too difficult to restore.

"if you have no faith, you don't know what you can do."

Please cherish other people's trust in us and don't break your promise.

whether it is friendship or love, there is no room for deception.

Trust is priceless. Once lost, it is hard to get it back.

bosom friends have no tricks, and true feelings have no shortcuts.

only by comparing your heart to your heart can you deliver your heart.

think of others and respect each other

there is such a classic short story.

A pig was taken away by the farmer, which made it bark all the time.

the cow roared impatiently: "what do you mean, I've been caught so many times? I'm not as scared as you are."

the pig said: he caught you for milking, but he caught me for meat.

people have different positions and situations, so it is difficult to really empathize with each other.

this is the biggest gap between people.

only when people know how to think of others can they really respect each other.

on the train, a drunken man hit the passenger drunkenly. The girl asked her mother, is he a bad guy?

Mom said: no, he's just unhappy.

the mother thought of herself, that she had been in times of frustration and hardship, and that she had been grumpy and hurt the people around her.

when you think someone else is going too far, think from his point of view.

look at things from the standpoint of others, ask a few more why,

A little more understanding, more tolerance, less complaining.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

if you are willing to think of others, others are naturally willing to think of you.

compare your heart to heart and understand more.

people will be a little more tolerant, a little more relaxed and a little more happy.

you help me once, I will remember you for the rest of my life

it is well said that helping people is a duty, not a duty.

No one is born with an obligation to be kind to each other, and never take it for granted to help others.

be grateful and give back positively.

there is such a story in the biographies of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty:

Gui Guzi has two students, one is Pang Juan and the other is Sun Bin.

Pang Juan went to the State of Wei and wrote to Sun Bin to boast of her wealth.

and invited Sun Bin to come to the State of Wei for development.

Gui Guzi said: to write a letter to my younger brother, there is not a word to greet me, this teacher, such a person can not work together.

Sun Bin did not listen to the teacher's advice and insisted on going to the State of Wei.

after a short time, he was framed by Brother Shi and removed his kneecap.

gratitude is a kind of character.

if a person can't even remember the kindness of others, what do you expect him to remember?

the ungrateful cannot be handed in and cannot be dealt with.

the ancients said: "what you give to others, do not remember in your heart; if you receive kindness from others, you will remember it in your heart."

if one knows how to be grateful, he will not forget his roots.

if one is not ungrateful, he will never be ungrateful.

worthy of others to rely on, worthy of trust.

people know each other by fate, meet in love, cherish each other, and respect each other in virtue.

cherish to deserve to have, care about will last long.

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in this world, people are unfathomable and true feelings are hard to get. It is a lifetime blessing to have a long-term relationship.

Please cherish it when you encounter it.