The highest level of EQ is not exquisite in all aspects, not able to talk, but.
The highest level of EQ is not exquisite in all aspects, not able to talk, but.
There is no shortage of boastful people in this world, but quiet listeners.


there is a famous saying:

"to put it well, it is ourselves who gain the most. The more you can talk, the happier others will be, and the happier they will be, the more they will like you.


if you are eloquent, you may not have a large audience, but if you speak like a spring breeze, you will certainly be able to reap good popularity.

in the final analysis, the difference lies in whether you take others seriously or not.

the highest level of EQ is not elegant in all aspects, not able to speak, but the respect of oneself and others, and consideration for the sake of others.

A reporter shared his experience of flying:

every time he takes a plane, he will find an opportunity to talk to his neighbor and have a chat companion on the cloud, so time will pass faster.

once, however, the man sitting next to him puzzled the reporter.

the man looked solemn all the way, but stared blankly at the seat in front of him, motionless.

the reporter wanted to talk to him, but when he saw such behavior, he thought he was a weirdo, so he took care of his own time.

"excuse me," he said to the reporter, "can you let me go first? I can't miss the connecting flight. "

the reporter stood up to make way for him and suddenly heard him say again, "my wife and children died in a car accident."

when dealing with people, many people like to rudely judge others, comment on the things around them, and label them as mean.

everyone has unspeakable experiences. If you haven't experienced other people's sufferings and don't know the truth behind others, don't speculate maliciously, let alone tell them what to do.

knowing people without judging others is a measure of restraint, self-discipline and respect for others.

Plato has a famous saying: wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they want to.

speaking is an inborn ability, but keeping your mouth shut is a skill that many people will never learn in their lifetime.

in the TV series Ode to Joy, five girls live together and become each other's best friends.

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but of the five people, the one who gained the most trust was Andy, who was a little inhumane.

in the 22 floor, everyone has some secrets and embarrassment, they only talk to Andy.

Fan Shengmei left her ID card and bank card to Andy for safekeeping. When Quxiao's family war broke out, she asked Andy for help.

Guan Guan told Andy the secret that he liked Dr. Zhao; Wang Baichuan went bankrupt and asked Andy to keep it a secret.

with Andy, these secrets are all the same. She was tight-lipped and won the absolute trust of everyone.

being able to speak does not mean that he can speak; foaming at the mouth is not as good as timely silence.

to see through is experience; not to speak through is wisdom.

see through the back of not to say, not only control their own mouth, but also understanding, leaving each other a decent kindness.

it is said that there are many widows in front of their doors.

most of the time, it's not what widows do, but there are more people who like to gossip.

there is always a group of people who gossip and spread gossip in the hope that others will live a worse life than themselves.

when Su Shi was an official, Shen Kuo was very jealous of Su Shi's talent.

later, Su Shi was demoted to Hangzhou. During this period, Shen Kuo inspected water conservancy in Hangzhou, and the two got together and talked about their old friendship, which was very warm.

before parting, Shen Kuo wanted Su Shi to copy a recent poem as a souvenir. Su Shi didn't think too much about it, so he wrote it and sent it to him.

made long Yan angry, Su Shi caused a disaster, nearly died, and more than 30 relatives and friends were also implicated.

people who distort the facts and gossip behind their backs are malicious and jealous, hoping that others will be more and more unlucky.

those who are right and wrong are right and wrong. When dealing with such people, remember to keep your distance and don't confide in yourself.

the ancients said: the world is enlightened and learned, and human skill is an article.

the so-called high EQ is not slick and sophisticated, but to interact with people, we should respect others, take into account the feelings of others, and make each other comfortable.

there is no shortage of boastful people in this world, but quiet listeners.

less eloquent arrogance, more listening patience, less boastful vanity, more respect for yourself and others, is the embodiment of life experience and self-cultivation.