The hardest self-discipline for adults: stop loss in time
The hardest self-discipline for adults: stop loss in time
To stop losses in time is not cowardice, but a self-help.

if you dwell on the loss for too long, you will only lose more

writer Li Shanglong once shared his own experience.

one morning, he and his friends parked their car on the side of the road where there was a manual toll. It was exactly 11:50.

the toll collector charges 10 yuan for the first hour and 15 yuan for the second hour.

an hour later, the two men came back on time, but the toll collector charged 25 yuan because it was 11:45 and it was past one o'clock.

my friend was exasperated and confirmed the initial time with the toll collector many times. Finally, the toll collector simply said that he would not be allowed to leave if he did not pay for more than an hour.

meet bad people, even if you argue with each other, it is difficult for you to make up for your losses, but because of their involvement, you hold back.

this is like stepping on the mud. If you do not retreat in time, more and more mud will be stained with your feet.

the smarter people are, the more they know how to stop losses in time, the more they know how to give up strategically, and the more they don't get involved with bad people and bad things.

in Google Methodology, Wu Jun told a story.

Burchell put the sausage on the windowsill to dry after checking into a hotel.

at that time, the hotel was holding an afternoon tea event, which was disturbed by a shoe, a bath towel and a seagull that fell upstairs.

after returning to his room, Birchell dried his shoes with a hairdryer. After receiving a phone call, the hairdryer slipped out and fell into the sink, causing a short circuit in the wire and causing a power outage in the hotel room.

in order to attend the party on time, Burchell asked the cleaner to come into the house to clean. When he came back, he found that his luggage had been moved to another room and he was pulled into the blacklist of the hotel.

now that the loss has been formed, it turns to be entangled with bad people and things, which aggravates the chaos of the situation, and troubles come one after another, forming a Mino domino effect.

many people are in the same situation as Bircher. once they suffer a loss, they do not know how to pull away immediately and let the situation turn into a bad outcome.

in a declining sunset industry, thinking that there is a way out and refusing to change careers for a long time is blocking their own way out.

plummeted, thinking that there was still the possibility of a rebound, was unwilling to sell, and finally lost all his savings.

clearly knowing that he is going in the wrong direction, he is duty-bound to put in the cost and spend more capital. As a result, he loses badly and falls into the situation of negative return.

the longer you wrestle with losses, the more losses you will continue to produce, eating up your energy, time, and money, and getting more and more wrong on the wrong road.

only by changing direction in time can there be a turnaround

in the 1960s, Panasonic of Japan spent a huge amount of money on the development of large electronic computers.

after a period of time, President Matsushita Konosuke chose to stop the project, but everyone opposed the decision to terminate the project.

if you insist on entering this field, it may cause huge losses to the company and lose all your money.

do not dwell on sunk cost, do not stick to the cost of investment, and save yourself by stopping loss, which can avoid the continuation of loss.

this is the case for enterprises, let alone individuals?

Yang Zhenning often exploded when doing physics experiments because his hands-on ability was worse than others when he was young.

when his mentor, Dr. Taylor, knew this, he advised him that it was not necessary to adhere to experimental physics and asked him to consider studying theoretical physics.

after some reflection and seeing his own defects, he found that he was not suitable for experimental physics, so he specialized in theoretical physics.

when you go astray and push hard in the wrong direction, no matter how much you give, you won't get what you deserve in return, and it's always undermining your confidence.

stop loss is to find an area that suits you, spend your time and energy in the right direction, adjust your strategy, and minimize deviation.

Michael Bloomberg said: "in science, if you find that your path is a dead end, it is indeed a contribution, because people know that they no longer have to go that way."

this is the case in life, compared with not hitting the wall and not looking back and losing the cost, it is particularly important to pull away from mistakes and distinguish between right and wrong directions.

combine reality with personal needs, recognize your situation, and cultivate deeply into areas that suit you, so that costs will not be lost in vain.

people need to be ruthless in order to have a wider way out

economist Thomas Sowell said:

"there are no so-called solutions, there are only trade-offs."

when she was in the clothing business, Weiya opened a wholesale clothing store in Xi'an with a daily turnover of more than 400000 yuan.

in the past few years when she opened a physical store, she has invested in many suites and saved some savings.

in 2009, with the start of the Singles Day Shopping Festival, Taobao sales continued to rise, and Weiya's stores fell from 400000 to 200000.

once a customer tried on more than a dozen clothes in the store and did not buy them, but took out his mobile phone to look up the same clothes online.

sales of brick-and-mortar stores are declining, onlineSales are in the tuyere, which let Weiya see the need for transformation, after careful consideration, she decided to become an e-commerce.

the friends around her thought it was incredible and suggested that she leave some staff to guard the shop in Xi'an, but Weiya cut it off and did not give herself a way back.

it took her half a month to close seven clothing stores and set up an e-commerce team in Guangzhou.

Featured with the tiniest details, our country prom dresses are a prerequisite item. Our unique selections would be the best gift.

Weiya cut off her way back, gave up physical sales and turned to e-commerce to become today's "queen of carrying goods".

most of the time, what ordinary people lack is Viya's courage to make a quick decision and the courage to choose to start all over again.

she will weigh the pros and cons of the situation, dare to give up the costs she has paid, devote herself to another track and explore more possibilities for herself.

only by ending the past and focusing on the new path can one further broaden the way out and stimulate potential.

Lin Yutang said, "it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly."

stop loss in time to help you avoid risks, blind stubbornness will often push you into the pit, how to better stop loss?

recognize reality and admit mistakes

many people are unwilling to face the loss because they don't want to deny themselves who failed.

in fact, there is a good chance that everyone will go the wrong way. Let's see if you can put the steering wheel right, look for a perfect plan, and make up for it in time.

when something is wrong, dare to admit your mistake, and you won't get deeper and deeper in the sinking cost pit.

overcome the Zaigoni effect and focus on the future

the so-called Zaigoni effect means that unfinished things will always be left in people's minds and leave a deep impression.

after stopping the loss, many people are often bitter about past decisions and are occupied by various ideas.

in fact, your attention is a wealth, accept the result of stop loss, do not let the psychological burden interfere with your life now, can let you go further.

adopt a flexible method to solve

during the gold rush in the United States, Li Wei, a member of the gold rush, found

there is no gold in the west, so we give up the plan of panning for gold and think about how we can get rich without panning for gold.

he had an insight into the gold miners' demand for durable cloth, so he made clothes out of canvas, which was snapped up and later founded a famous denim brand.

there are many paths to the destination, giving up the wrong direction and thinking about more solutions, applying them to practice, can also achieve the desired results.

when persistence becomes the norm, stop loss becomes a luxury, but in the wrong direction, hard work is a meaningless sacrifice, which is harmful to personal development.

adjusting the direction, not because it falls short of success, can help you avoid greater losses, which is far greater than the reward that insists on giving you.

, stopping losses in time is not cowardice, but a self-rescue.

it is better to give up wisely than to persist blindly.

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