The greatest stupidity of human nature: self-righteousness
The greatest stupidity of human nature: self-righteousness
Let oneself smooth the edges and corners at the same time, rich connotation, is the right way.

Lin Jing

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one cannot be a man without self-knowledge;

to be a human being, it is most difficult to know yourself.

Flaubert once wrote:

"the earth has its boundary, but human stupidity has no end."

A man's greatest enemy in his life is none other than himself.

in many cases, we are unable to discover and overcome our weaknesses in time. Always too self-righteous and arrogant.

I don't know how many people's lives are ruined here.

when the sky is crazy, it rains, and when the man is crazy, there is disaster.

I do not know when to start, we will always meet some inexplicable people with a sense of superiority.

when they have been abroad several times, they think they have seen the world.

they read a few books and began to tell others what to do;

when they buy luxury goods, they look down on everything around them;


these people, conceited and conceited, always think of themselves as the center of the world.

do not realize that the more self-righteous and sharp-edged people are, the more likely they are to bring trouble and trouble to themselves.

Zhuangzi once said, "if a man can empty himself to travel around the world, who can harm him?"

if one is too arrogant, he will only set himself on fire in the end.

such a story was written in the True Story of Ren Zhengfei.

at that time, Huawei recruited a new graduate from Peking University.

on the first day this graduate joined the job, he wrote a "ten thousand words book" to Ren Zhengfei on various issues such as the company's business strategy and organizational structure.

, he waited confidently for a reply, thinking that his clever mind and original opinions would certainly be appreciated and valued by the leaders.

unexpectedly, Ren Zhengfei said after reading it:

"if this person is mentally ill, it is recommended to be sent to hospital for treatment. If not, dismissal is recommended."

as a matter of fact, a graduate of Peking University is already good enough. If he keeps a low profile, is modest and is not so self-righteous, he will certainly be taken seriously.

but if you show off in such a high profile and think of yourself as a great big shot, it will arouse the disgust and disgust of others, and eventually lose face and work.

this is not clever, but a kind of hasty stupidity.

Shakespeare said, "fools think they are wise, but wise men know themselves."

most of the time your boasting is nothing but grandstanding like a clown in the eyes of others.

only by practicing humility can we make continuous progress.

it is a pity that many people will only be stuck in the sense of self-superiority and will not be able to make a big deal if they hold back.

self-righteous people often end up miserable

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self-righteous, most of the time it is like a soft trap.

once you get stuck in it, if you can't take steps in time, you may be buried with a bright future.

think about how many people since ancient times have lost their future just because they are self-righteous and pretentious, and eventually become disgraced.

Zhao Kuo read several military books and thought that the war was the best in the world. as a result, after going to the battlefield, he could only hate battlefield.

Yang Xiu relied on his profound knowledge, could not control his mouth, made random suggestions, and lost his life in vain.

Ma Jing was dismissive of anyone, always high above, and eventually lost the street pavilion, forcing Zhuge Liang to cut it with tears.

people who magnify themselves too much and get too carried away like this often end up miserably.

because everything is moderate and too much is not as good as it is.

when a person is overconfident, he becomes self-righteous, and at that time, he may not be far from being down and out.

so really smart people will face themselves rationally. They know that they are just ordinary people who eat three meals a day, and they do not have the ability to call the wind and rain, nor do they have the ability to prepare in advance.

even Socrates, the founder of philosophy, when praised, he would only say, "the only thing I know is my own ignorance."

I still remember that Jin Yong wrote in "Book and Sword, gratitude and Revenge":

"deep affection is not longevity, strong extreme is humiliating, modest gentleman, gentle and moist as jade."

people avoid excessive fulfillment in their whole life.

everything should stop. It is rare to be confused in wisdom, just right in affection, neither humble nor arrogant in strength.

Let go of your self-righteousness in order to live a good life.

be tolerant of others and humble yourself

the more you know how to lower your status, humility and kindness, the more blessed you will be.

as there is a saying in the four trainings: "only humility is blessed."

Confucius once said, "A gentleman is not arrogant and does not honor his merit."

so the best way to deal with the world is not to think highly of yourself or underestimate others.

everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. If they take themselves too seriously and are too self-righteous, they will suffer hardships in the end.

I have read such a story.

Su Shi, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, often practiced Zen and enlightened Tao with his good friend Master Foyin.

once, they agreed to sit in a sit-in to see what each other looked like.

before long, Su Shi first said:"Master, you look like a piece of shit to me."

at this time, Foyin slowly said, "Maester Su, I think you are like a Buddha."

after hearing this, Su Dongpo was very proud and thought that his practice was better than that of Buddha Yin this time.

when he got home and talked to Su Xiaomei about it, Su Xiaomei just shook her head and sighed:

"your level is too low. There is a Buddha in the Buddha's heart, and everything is a Buddha. You have shit in your heart, so looking at others is a piece of shit. "

in life, the most taboo is to take yourself too seriously and despise others.

there is a good saying:

"A fool is arrogant. His complacency happens to be the weakness of being ridiculed and ridiculed, and he tends to boast of things that should be regarded as great shame."

I think so.

too much magnification of his position, too smug, will not show the value of life.

only if you don't think highly of yourself, don't underestimate others, get along with each other as equals, and get along with each other with peace of mind, can you laugh at life better.

so no matter when and where, people always need to maintain a calm and calm state of mind, with the strengths of friends to make up for their own shortcomings.

it is the right way to smooth out the edges and corners and enrich the connotation at the same time.