The first beauty in the mainland, did she regret it in the 25th year after she married a flirtatious director?
The first beauty in the mainland, did she regret it in the 25th year after she married a flirtatious director?
Wish their love happiness and sweetness.


she is known as the first beauty in the mainland and the director's favorite Diao Chan.

his debut is the peak, and he has played countless beautiful women in ancient costumes. In his most popular period, he chose to marry the most famous director in China. After marriage, he gave birth to two sons who dropped out of the entertainment circle and became her husband's wife.

after 25 years of marriage and love, Chen Kaige said: she is the only woman I have ever loved.

in the past two years, Chen Hong's feelings and appearance have become the most controversial issue in her. These two seemingly separate things are closely linked in many places.

in the eyes of outsiders, the charm of Chen Hong, 53, no longer exists.

many people say that she is not happy after she married Chen Kaige. Looking at her face now, she will not feel that she is the first beauty at all.

is Chen Hong a beauty? There is no doubt that it is.

the four beauties in ancient China: Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diao Chan and Yang Yuhuan all have the beauty of "sinking fish and falling geese, shyness of the moon".

when she was young, Chen Hong played Diao Chan three times, and her beauty is obvious to all.

in the brilliant Zhu Bajie in Spring, she played Chang'e and was once called a cold and gorgeous beauty.

Chen Hongmei is really beautiful, but she is beautiful without knowing it, and she doesn't care about her appearance.

compared with the bumpy experiences of others, Chen Hong's life is plain sailing.

she was born into a family of senior intellectuals and received a good education from an early age.

she loves acting very much. She showed high artistic talent when she was a child. When she grew up, she was directly admitted to the Shanghai Theatre Academy acting department. According to her own rhythm, she realized her life plan step by step.

Chen Hong made her debut with the movie "here is Spring" and has since starred in a number of costume dramas, known as "Beauty in Ancient costume".

Chen Hong played the role of purple cuckoo in A Dream of Red Mansions, Diao Chan in Romance of the three Kingdoms, Princess Taiping in Daming Palace ci, and villain Li Moyu in Divine carving and chivalry.

she is famous for her roles.

Chen Hong made a very smooth debut. Without a long wait, the audience remembered her after playing these roles.

Beauty is blessed by God, and her luck makes her reap the love of her life in love.

it's just that Chen Hong's love is unusual, because the person she marries is the most emotionally controversial director Chen Kaige.

one is a beauty in ancient costume, and the other is a fifth-generation Chinese director. It seems that there will be no intersection between two people, and fate has long been doomed.

A long time ago, Chen Kaige heard her father mention Chen Hong, saying that she was not only beautiful, but also acted well.

I first met Chen Hong when Chen Kaige was filming Farewell my Concubine. Chen Honglai visited her class friends at the scene. Chen Kaige met him from a distance, and the young and beautiful Chen Hong left a deep impression on him.

after Chen Honglai's "Wind Moon" audition, the two people officially got to know each other.

Chen Hong, who had made up, rested on her chair. Chen Kaige stared at Chen Hong in the mirror until Chen Hong woke up.

Chen Kaige communicated and talked with her. Chen Hong looked calm and calm without the slightest panic.

her reaction aroused Chen Kaige's curiosity. Chen Kaige asked her, "other actresses are very afraid of me. Why aren't you afraid?"

Chen Hong replied generously, "Why should I be afraid of you? Will you eat me just because you are a big director? "

Chen Kaige laughed and said on the spot that he liked her character very much and wanted to ask her out later.

, Chen Kaige often meets with Chen Hong, and their private contact is also very frequent, and their relationship is getting better and better. In 1996, after Chen Hong finished filming, Chen Kaige flew to Canada to propose to Chen Hong.

Chen Hong said: "promise you first, it is not suitable for us to leave."

Chen Kaige said:

"No, I've been divorced twice. You must promise me that if you get married, you will not be allowed to leave. This is the only condition for me to marry you. "

it was the first time for Chen Hong to meet such a stubborn Chen Kaige. She agreed to his proposal for 25 years.

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it's just that this marriage also made Chen Hong bear a lot of notoriety. Before Chen Hong was together, Chen Kaige had just ended a seven-year relationship with Ni Ping.

Ni Ping and Chen Kaige lived together for five years, and just when everyone thought they were going to get married, they broke up.

in many public occasions, the interviewer asked Chen Kaige that he was asked about Ni Ping's emotional questions, and he always said:

"she is fine, but we are not suitable, the relationship can not go on, it is normal to be separated."

We don't know what the real situation is. Maybe this grudge is only known to everyone.

Chen Kaige's previous feelings, I don't know the whole picture, and I don't comment.

he is on good terms with Chen Hong now.

Chen Hong is a very sober person. She knows what she wants. It is rare for such a smart and self-aware woman.

after she married Chen Kaige, she gradually dropped out of the entertainment industry and became the woman behind Chen Kaige.

she worked as a producer for Chen Kaige and gave him a lot of help. Wuji, Mei Lanfang and Zhao Orphan witnessed their efforts together.

after 25 years of marriage, Chen Hong gave birth to two sons, both of whom are very promising, and the family of four lived happily ever after.

in 2017, they took part in the variety show "familiar Taste" together, and their sweetness almost spilled over the screen.

Chen Kaige, who grew up in Beijing, often takes Chen Hong to the same place for breakfast. He even said that if only he had known her earlier, the two would grow up together and spend more time together.

Chen Kaige's riddle to Chen Hong on the program, Chen Hong can answer each of them correctly, and the tacit understanding between the two is self-evident.

Chen Hong looks like a little girl in front of Chen Kaige. She is not only coquettish, natural and lovely, but can also accurately handle Chen Kaige. She pretends to be angry and tricks out Chen Kaige's next destination in the program. The interaction between the two is simply not too cute.

he is laughing, she is making trouble, this kind of love beautiful appearance, is talking about them.

program, Chen Kaige wrote a letter to Chen Hong, which moved people to tears.

he said:

"you and I are both people who refuse to be nasty, and love words have been melted into these 20 years. Now our lives are full of small things. As you get older, your habit of not wearing socks should be changed, at least in winter, and you should cherish yourself more. "

they do not have too many vows of love, there are only some minor habits in life, this kind of emotion into life is the most touching, I think the highest state of love is like this.

he said: "Ken is haggard with Shaoguang. After more than 20 years, it's good that you are still here."

Chen Kaige also made her the braised Yuanbao eggs she made when she proposed, and Chen Hong was moved to tears.

over the years, two people have long been used to being around each other, and they have become indispensable to each other.

after getting married, Chen Kaige voluntarily handed over all the money, and all the economic power was in the hands of Chen Hong. Love a person, perhaps is like this, give each other all can give everything, this kind of trust, is very rare.

in fact, they are quite suitable, they are neck and neck, and they are a good match, so they can stay together for 25 years.

when Chen Kaige's film "Wuji" encountered word-of-mouth Waterloo, Chen Hong always stood beside him to encourage him and accompany him to face all the storms of the world.

when Chen Kaige had no money, she took out all her savings to make a movie for him. When Chen Kaige needed her, she immediately turned to be his producer and became his strongest assistant.

this woman deserves Chen Kaige to love with all her heart.

, wish their love happiness and sweetness.