The deepest understanding after middle age: the smaller the pattern, the more things will be broken.
The deepest understanding after middle age: the smaller the pattern, the more things will be broken.
The dissatisfaction in ​ 's life is often due to his own difficulties with himself.


Let's look at two photos first.

this is a drop of water, glittering and translucent in front of my eyes.

take a closer look under the microscope, but it is full of impurities.

all one's life, looking at the troubles of life is like watching a drop of water.

clinging to the details, all I can see is a bunch of crap.

but in terms of the length of a lifetime, everything becomes insignificant.

as Liu Zhenyun said in "one Day, three Autumn":

"when I live to this age, I think of many bad things in the past. At that time, I felt that things were too big to survive. Now when I think about it, it's all bullshit."

I don't have a good mindset and worry about everything

I have read a paragraph before:

"if you are a tree, other people's attitude towards you is a gust of wind. If you always care, any gust of wind will make you shake violently and even blow you down."

people live in the world, live is the state of mind.

Pepsi starts from the heart, if the state of mind is not good, no matter how small things can become big things.

for example, because of a casual look in the eyes of the leader, he pondered nervously and couldn't sleep well all night.

as soon as I entered the office, my chattering colleagues suddenly quieted down and began to be paranoid all day, feeling that they were talking about themselves behind their backs.

I like the sentence of "ordinary world": "if you don't worry yourself, others can never worry you."

Cai Lan is called a "really handsome person" by Jin Yong. The two of them often travel, and Cai Lan is in a happy mood all the way.

the driver drives too bumpy, he never complains, the tour guide has a bad temper, and he never gets angry.

even if the food is not delicious, it will be chewed with relish; even if there is a conflict with others on the road, it will not hinder the mood of playing at all.

he taught Jin Yong how to drink shoddy spicy Italian wine and how to suck cow bone marrow in Singapore stalls.

Jin Yong said: "I will frown, and he will always laugh."

like the game world, Cai Lan never cares about those annoying little things and leads a leisurely life.

Goethe said: "the happiness of people all lies in the happiness of the heart."

if you have too many things in your heart, you can't be happy; if you think too much in your mind, you can't notice the beauty in front of you.

if you are not satisfied with your life, you often have a hard time with yourself.

the practice of life is also the cultivation of the mind.

if you can see through and be open-minded, you can enjoy yourself without worry and fear no matter what situation you are in.

is not high, and I don't like anyone

I have read such a story.

A rather pedantic old man went out for a stroll when he came across several actors making a living in the street.

the old man didn't like the performers singing in public, so he went up and made a few mockery.

the performers did not want to be outdone, saying that they played and sang together and scolded the old man severely, and everyone roared with laughter.

the old man's beard trembled with anger and went straight home.

the old man told the old woman about this, but the old woman said, "you deserve it. They didn't mess with you."

in life, everyone will encounter behaviors that run counter to their own values.

if the level of a person is too low, he will want to tell him what to do and end up making himself uncomfortable.

Kant said:

"I respect any independent soul, although I do not agree with some, but I can understand as much as possible."

if you know how to understand different values and respect different ways of doing things, you will feel less critical and your life will be more pleasant.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, after the death of Zhuge Liang, Jiang Kui was the prime minister of Shu and presided over the imperial government.

he has a subordinate named Yang Opera, who is withdrawn and not talkative.

every time Chiang Kai-shek told him about the imperial government, Yang Opera always responded but did not answer.

some people can't stand the aloof style of Yang Opera and come to Chiang Kai-shek to snitch. It's outrageous for Yang Opera to be so snub to you!

Chiang Kai-shek said that people all have their own temperament. It is not in his nature to let Yang Opera praise me to my face; let him when people point out my shortcomings, he will think that I can't stand up to face and can't stand down.

people who have a big pattern are more peaceful at heart and look at everything pleasing to the eye.

Russell once said: "you should know that the variety of life is the source of happiness."

the world is diverse, and measuring other people's lives with your own yardstick will only make you unhappy.

to be a high-level person, there is no right or wrong in your eyes, and everything you see is scenery.

A small mind is easy to be entangled when something happens

in "chicken feathers in one place", Liu Zhenyun talked about a series of bad things surrounding "tofu".

because of buying tofu, the protagonist Xiao Lin is late for work, and the new college student takes his job seriously and gives him a "late" on his own initiative.

Xiao Lin angrily changed to "punctual", but he was very unhappy all day, thinking about whether the college students would report him or not.

because he forgot to put the refrigerator and the tofu went sour, his wife blamed the babysitter for not putting the refrigerator in time, and the babysitter shirked the responsibility to Xiao Lin.

when the two quarreled, Xiao Lin began to accuse his wife of breaking a thermos by mistake, but his wife said Xiao Lin was plastering.Broke a vase at the time.

Kobayashi's life is full of these broken things, and he is so upset that he lives a sad life.

if a person is penny-pinching in everything, he will only be stuck in the quagmire of life.

the matters of sesame and mung beans can be as big as a mountain, which can make you out of breath, or as small as a grain of dust that can be brushed away.

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in the 1980s, Mo Yan first showed his edge in the literary world.

critic Wang Gan published an article criticizing Mo Yan in a magazine with sharp words and no mercy at all.

after that, Wang Gan ran into Mo Yan at Lu Xun College of Letters. Thinking about the articles he had written, he wanted to avoid it.

however, Mo Yan took the initiative to say:

"I have read your article, and it is well written. All my friends said that I had been criticized, but in my opinion, it was mainly praise. "

Zhou Guoping said in a speech: "We should have uncompetitive wisdom in life and not compete with ourselves, others and God."

if a drop of ink falls into a glass of water, it will be stained with a black halo; if it melts in the sea, the sea will still be clear.

Open your mind and accept the ups and downs of life, and your days will be much better.

Cai Gentan said: "the world is not dusty, the sea is not bitter, he suffers from the dust."

after middle age, I have come to understand that most of a person is unhappy, just too obsessed with the small things of the moment.

the so-called chest has a wide world, and it has its own ferry.

A person's life is thousands of miles and mountains. If you relax your mind and prop up the pattern, you will see all the scenery and walk on a smooth road.

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