The best way to live in life: widowed
The best way to live in life: widowed
You and I can live out the meaning of life, have an ordinary heart, and harvest simple happiness.


Taoist said: "the beginning of all things, the road to simple, evolved to complex."

naturally, from the beginning, it is very simple. Everything recovers and slowly becomes complicated.

in fact, the road has always been very simple, but life is a spiritual practice, and there are all kinds of temptations that will confuse people's minds. Fools are greedy for more, but wise men like less.

the first half of life is from simple to complex exploration, and the second half of life is from complex to simple practice.

in the second half of life, the best way to live is: widowed!

keep quiet to avoid disaster

in the first chapter of the Book of morality, it is said: "Tao can be Tao, but very Tao; name can be name, very name."

the real road is unspeakable, and the truth that can be said is not the road.

as the old saying goes, "the mountains do not speak, the still water runs deep."

as the saying goes: if you talk too much, you will lose, and evil will come out of the mouth. Sometimes, it is often an inadvertent mistake, which will bring great disaster to yourself.

have seen such a story:

in the Song Dynasty, there was a scholar who failed the exam many times. Living in poverty, he eked out a living by picking vegetable leaves every day.

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she asked the lady who was selling vegetables at the vegetable stall and said, "which woman is this?"

the old lady said, "this is the wife of the Zhang Xianggong family."

look at the scholar and look at the woman reluctantly.

the old lady joked, "Don't think about it. He has a husband. Besides, you toad still want to eat swan meat."

after hearing this, the scholar was very angry and said, "when his husband dies, she will be mine."

the next day, the woman's husband was found and died by the river.

the scholar undoubtedly became the biggest suspect and was sent to prison.

by the time the real killer was found out, the scholar was scared to death in prison.

Gui Guzi said, "the mouth can be eaten, but not spoken, and the speaker is taboo."

words can not be said casually, as the saying goes: the speaker has no intention, but the listener has the heart.

maybe a casual word can lead to a disaster; maybe a casual word can change a person's fate.

the Book of changes says: "the words of auspicious people are few, and the words of irritable people are numerous."

A person's oral virtue is a blessing, and the more capable he is, the less likely he is to speak.

you know, everyone's cognition, position is different.

many words are useless, but they will lead to disaster. All wise people know how to keep quiet in order to avoid disaster.

lack of concern for good health

as the ancients said, "Heaven and earth cannot last long, but is it for people?"

Laozi told us: everything in heaven and earth is constantly changing, life is even more like this, impermanence is the normal state of life.

most people always regret the past and worry about the future. Thinking too much, the heart can not be pure, will not only affect the mood, but also harm the body.

once upon a time, there were two brothers in the State of Qi. My brother works at sunrise every day, rests at sunset and works hard.

one day, he saw his brother sitting at his door all day, the field gradually abandoned, looking at the sky, silent, very sad.

asked, "what are you thinking?" Why not go to work? "

my younger brother said, "you don't know, I worry about the sky falling every day, so I don't think about food or tea."

my brother smiled and said, "how can the sky fall?"

so I went home to continue my work, and my life was getting better and better.

while my younger brother lived in worry all day, his health was getting worse and worse, and soon he was ill in bed.

the Tao of Heaven has its own reincarnation, which can not be predicted by ordinary people. Instead of worrying about the uncontrollable, just like the brother in the story, do what is in front of you, and what will come will come.

and the younger brother in the story, it is because he thinks too much that he becomes ill.

the saint said: "if there is a solution to the problem, there is no need to worry, if there is no way to solve the problem, it is useless."

the most important thing in life is to practice an ordinary mind.

things come to adapt, things go with fate, do not nostalgia for the past, do not worry about the future. Only by walking well in the present can we be calm and healthy.

want to clear your heart

as the ancients said, "there is no greater misfortune than discontentment, and no greater guilt than desire." Therefore, contentment is often enough. "

the greatest evil in life is discontentment. One can only be content with one's heart, and one can be happy only if one is content.

people in the world are always greedy and often confused by desires and lose their hearts.

on his deathbed, a Taoist called two disciples to his side and said, "go to the wheat field and find an ear of wheat. Whoever finds a big ear of wheat, I will give him the management of the Taoist temple."

after hearing this, the two disciples came to the wheat field. After walking for a while, they saw a big wheat ear, so they picked it back and gave it to the master.

and the big disciple went to one place and felt that there must be something bigger behind him, so he walked from morning to dusk, and finally he only got a small ear of wheat.

when the Taoist saw this, he handed over the right to manage the Taoist temple to the little apprentice and said, "people are always greedy and dissatisfied, and in the end they even miss the good ones."

in the story, the big apprentice is always greedy for bigger ears of wheat, but misses the ears in front of him.

in life, we always hope for a perfect result.

does not know that life is never perfect. When there is a sunny day, there is a time of cloudy days. Only by knowing how to accept and let go of desire can we reap happiness.

I once heard someone say, "only by expecting a little can you approach the highest happiness."

phase is born from the heart, and the environment changes with the heart. The heart is clear, and the world you see is self-sufficient.

both fame and wealth are external. Only by knowing enough is enough, can we gain inner peace and indifference.

as the ancients said, "the supreme goodness is like water, and there is no dispute over water conservancy."

Water is silent, but it carries all things; water is colorless, but it nourishes life; water has no desire, but it flows through mountains and rivers.

people who are really wise know that less is more, and more is less, depending on how you look at it.

Life is nothing but an experience, an experience, the important thing is the fullness of the heart and the abundance of the soul.

the best way to live is:

avoid misfortune with few words, and good fortune comes from it.

have few worries about keeping in good health, and there are plans in heaven;

if you want to clear your heart, you can get help along the way.

May the rest of my life: you and I can live out the meaning of life, have an ordinary heart, and reap simple happiness.