The best way to end a relationship
The best way to end a relationship
The origin is full of joy, and when the fate is over, it ends with dignity.


when we were young, we walked with good friends, side by side, hand in hand, laughing that the retractor was a promise, always thinking that the retractor would last a lifetime after it was stamped.

so at the end of a relationship, when we are not yet mature, we will cry, make trouble, entangle, and even fight.

even if we finally have to part, we will say goodbye with tears and solemnly agree to be good friends for life.

when we grow up, a relationship always fades away as we walk, and some friends slip away before we know it.

No crying, no entanglement, no quarrel, no breakdown.

without questioning or explanation, he was alienated without proclamation and silence.

from then on, we went our separate ways, the mountains were high and the road was long, and we never met again.

but what if we never see each other again?

when the wind blows, the clouds disperse, and there is no regret for you and me to walk together.

compared with the relative annoyance after being entangled and beaten, it is better to end this encounter honorably in an adult way.

all relationships

whenever you feel hard, you are forced to

some people say that life is a grand encounter and parting.

Yes, in the adult world, parting is the norm. If you have experienced more, you will gradually understand:

the best way to end a relationship is not crying and entanglement, quarrelling and questioning.

but tacit, is a natural abatement, is a silent gradual alienation.

after all, you have your busy schedule, I have my busy self-care, and everyone has their own way to go.

No one can stand where they are forever and wait for each other.

how did we and our former good friends get to this point?

think about it:

there is no bloody betrayal in TV dramas, and there is no evil of interests in real life.

it's just an occasional message. After a few pleasantries, if the other person doesn't reply, you don't send it again tacitly.

it's just that they don't have a common topic, and they have their own new friends and new lives.

is just a bright future, each calendar wonderful life, slowly, gradually drifting away.

Tagore has a poem:

"the furthest distance in the world is not that the stars do not meet, but that even though the tracks converge, they are nowhere to be found in the twinkling of an eye."

it is true. In this life, people will meet all kinds of people.

they will accompany us through a certain stage of life, and then suddenly leave at some point, and then never see each other again.

is not unkind, nor unnatural, but on the way of life, each has his own busy and his own difficulties.

Life is hard enough, so I don't want to force a relationship that needs to be maintained.

the best friends in the world are really rare to see each other, just like the rising and falling stars.

Adult life, there are always a lot of busy and busy.

busy work, life, busy family, life.

We don't have so much time for sentimental parting, and we don't have so much room to feel at ease.

all relationships, whenever they feel hard, are forced. In adulthood, we are no longer forced.

with its painstaking maintenance

it is better to leave quietly and bid a decent farewell

what is the best difference?

some people say:

"the best thing is to hold hands and look at tearful eyes, unexpectedly speechless, choking and sentimental, with deep feelings and unparalleled thoughts."

some people say:

"the best difference is" Don't worry about the friends who don't have bosom friends in front of you. There is no one in the world who doesn't appreciate you. "

and so on, to name but a few.

but in my opinion, in the adult world, the best difference should be not to disturb, not to entangle, but to leave quietly and bid farewell with dignity.

as it is said in Thousand and thousand fathom:

"Life is a train to the grave, there will be many stops on the way, and it is difficult for anyone to accompany you from beginning to end.

when the person with you wants to get out of the car, be grateful even if you don't give up, and then wave goodbye. "

Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi have been partners for 12 years and are well-deserved best partners.

but after Shaolin Football, they haven't worked together for 20 years.

once, in the "Thirteen invitations", when Wu Mengda was asked about his old friendship with Zhou Xingchi, he said:

"I know him very well and know each other very well. We (used to) have such a tacit understanding that we know what each other is thinking with one look. "

host Xu Zhiyuan asked him:

"for you, a friendship that was so close in the past has since disappeared. is this disappearance a great pity for you?"

Wu Mengda said:

"I sometimes wonder what caused the feeling of being a little out of touch with each other.

it seems that people don't know how to break through this mouth.

I'm sure he's thinking, too. But in any case, it is not easy to get to know each other. "

hearing this sentence, I was really filled with emotion:

the relationship between people, if you talk about it, it will be light, and you can never go back.

the fate between people is gone if it is said to be gone, and it can never be pursued.

the world of adults is so cruel that even the best partner of the past will inevitably become the "most familiar stranger".

from saying nothing to saying nothing-silence is the loudest cry of an adult at the end of a relationship.

who doesn't:

when I take out my mobile phone, I clearly have a thousand words in my heart, but suddenly I have nothing to say when I open the dialog box.

Open the friends list without blocking or deleting, but there are many friends who haven't been in touch for a long time.

there was no long pavilion to see off, nor did we send willows off, so we broke up tacitly and broke up.

perhaps, no longer disturb, silent parting, is the last tacit understanding between us.

and leaving quietly and saying goodbye with dignity is the final fulfillment of this relationship.

Let everything be silent, and there will be no more contact; let's say goodbye and be happy.

that's fine.

the best ending is

Let go of the past and let yourself grow

the philosopher Plato said:

"if you are not happy or happy, let go.

the most regrettable thing in life,


it is true. As soon as I put it down, I feel at ease.

the best way to end a mature relationship is to let go of the past and let yourself grow.

Separation is always painful, but instead of waiting for the echo, it is better to let go of the past and let yourself grow.

when Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up.

Varied with the smallest details,our pirate wedding dress are your indispensable items. New and stylish arrivals up for grabs now!

the collapse of people, the plot of dog blood, the love of chicken feathers. When netizens are still playing and hugging for Zhou Yangqing.

she only said one sentence:

"Thank you for your company over the years."

then broadcast live, bring goods, and restart life.

there is no despair of "no longer believing in love", no question of "why is he doing this to me".

there is no "am I not good enough" self-doubt, facing a broken relationship.

the valiant girl chose to let go of the past-get out quickly and stop the loss in time.

chose to grow up-get into your career and start all over again.

this girl shows me the best way for a mature adult to extricate herself from a bad relationship in time-let go of the past and let yourself grow.

all say that if you keep thinking about it, there must be an echo, but I think:

if the object is broken, don't repair it any more. No matter how good it is, there will be cracks that can't be erased.

when the tea is cold, don't renew it. No matter how full it is, it is not the original taste.

people leave, don't stay any longer, even if you stay, you won't get the original love.

in this life, there is no so-called insurmountable hurdle, unforgettable thing, or unforgettable person, but only a heart that cannot be put down.

some people are destined to be passers-by on the road of our lives. Instead of insisting on them, it is better to let go of the past and let them grow.

as one writer wrote:

"Life is actually like a road from a broad plain to a forest.

companions can walk in groups on the plain, pushing forward and backward happily, helping each other

once you enter the forest, the grass and thorns stand in the way, and the situation changes, and each person pays attention to his own way and looks for his own direction. "

when walking in groups, they help each other, and when they go their own ways, they forget each other.

there is no need to send you thousands of miles, nor to indulge in nostalgia, just let go-let go of the past, let go of ta, let go of yourself to grow up.

only strange people are weird in the wind

it is not up to you and me to gather and disperse

in the adult world, it is not easy to meet, it is too difficult to stay together, and parting is the norm.

it is not that we have changed, but that time has changed and years have changed. neither you nor I can change, so we have no choice but to say goodbye and be happy.

the vast sea of people, meeting is fate, and parting is only the end of this fate. The next moment may be the beginning of another period of fate.

when it begins, it is filled with joy, and when it comes to an end, it ends with dignity.

do not worry, do not feel lost, meet each other, there is no regret.

from now on, the mountains are high and there is a long way to go. Take care of each other.