The best state of life: easygoing, easy-going, easy-going.
The best state of life: easygoing, easy-going, easy-going.
May you and I find our best in the rest of our lives.

du Fu, the poet, once wrote:

"the clouds in the sky are like white clothes, and the sky is changing like a dog.


Life is impermanent, the years are silent, like a torrent, we have to move on.

I can't help but wonder what kind of state we live in in order to live up to our time and this life.

after going through the world, after crossing Qianshan, you will eventually understand that the best state of life is hidden in the word "follow".

to be easy-going and kind to others is to be kind to yourself

Laozi said, "it is as good as water."

although water is soft, it can contain all things, and it can also wear through drops of stone, hiding infinite power.

be as easy as water, calm and atmospheric, you can make a good impression, get good popularity, a good popularity, in the future can flourish.

the first impression of Mr. Lu Xun was inexplicably out of reach.

but in fact, Lu Xun is a rather easygoing and interesting person.

once, when the wife and friends of writer Zhang Yiping went to visit Lu Xun, they happened to see him across the street and greeted him across the street, but he did not hear him.

when he arrived at Lu Xun's house, he could not help talking about what happened on the road. After listening to this, Lu Xun smiled and said, "Oh!"

seeing this, everyone was confused: what is Lu Xun doing?

Lu Xun laughed and said to Mrs. Zhang:

"you called me several times just now. I'll answer."

people cannot be judged by their appearance. Mr. Lu Xun, who looks cold and arrogant on the outside, is an easygoing and humorous Xunge inside.

this easygoing part is funny, more restrained and wise.

as Mencius said:

"A gentleman is better than being kind to others."

if a person is always superior and aggressive, no matter how talented he is and no matter how extraordinary his IQ is, it will be difficult to show his ambition.

on the contrary, only by being generous and friendly, with a tolerant heart and a gentle memory can we move people and make heaven and earth wide.

We often say that harmony is the most precious and easygoing gesture in the world.

if you are more easygoing with others, you will have one more friend and save one more fortune for yourself, and the road will become wider and farther.

follow the fate to adapt, not welcome in the future

Zhuangzi said:

"knowing that he has no choice but to live in peace is the most virtuous."

means: you know that some things are helpless, calmly accept the arrangement of fate, is the highest state of morality.

people who go along with fate do not muddle along, but regard life as an experience, neither like nor fear, leisurely.

try your best like an insider and follow the fate like an outsider, live in the present, just work hard, regardless of gain or loss.

such a story was recorded in Zhuangzi Tian Zifang.

Sun Shu'ao experienced three ups and downs in his life, went from official to Ling Yin (prime minister) of the State of Chu three times, and became a civilian three times, but he never looked worried.

I was puzzled, so I asked him:

"you don't show glory when you enjoy high positions, and you don't worry and fear when you are demoted to a civilian. What do you think?"

Sun Shuao replied:

"there is nothing remarkable about me. I will not refuse when the official position comes, and I will not stop it when I leave. I cannot control my gains and losses, so I have no worries about it."

Xunzi says:

"if the villain doesn't get it, he can't worry about it; he who has already got it, he may lose it."

so there is a lifetime of worry, there is no day of joy. "

when he doesn't get it, he is afraid of not getting it, and after getting it, he is worried about losing it, so he is entangled with pain all his life


in fact, getting is the gift of fate, and losing is just the training of life.

Why not follow the fate, do your best to listen to the fate, because of the efforts, the results go with the fate.

when you join the WTO with the heart of being born, you will be happy to gain, and there will be no worries about loss. How can there be any troubles to speak of?

Don't compare with others, live a good life

writer Sanmao said:

"Life is short and there is no time to waste. All freedom should be pursued. It doesn't matter what other people think of me."

Yes, life is only a few decades. Instead of looking around admiring others blankly, you should do what you like and become the person you want to be.

the most important thing to be a man is to be loyal to your heart, not to drift with the tide, to work hard all the time, and to have fun all your life.

many people do not know that Qian Zhongshu, who is regarded as the greatest scholar of the 20th century, actually only has a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University.

when he graduated from the English department at Oxford University, he did not apply for a degree, but went directly to Paris to study.

many people are confused, but Yang Jiang once mentioned it in her book. She said:

"he thinks it's not worth spending a lot of time for a degree and wasting his time reading unnecessary lessons."

Qian Zhongshu got rid of the shackles of his degree and chose to be at ease. Instead of going to a lot of trouble to apply, he might as well read a few more pages.

after that, Princeton University offered him an olive branch to give lectures, and his half-year salary was as high as $160000. In the face of the astonishing treatment, he also refused.

Harvard University directly sent him 3000 US dollars as the cost of Qian Zhongshu's PhD, which he also refunded directly.

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Qian Zhongshu's heart doesn't care about the outside world.With his honor and false reputation, he just wants to be serious, diligent and loyal to poetry and books.

that's what he thought, so he did.

there is a good saying:

"low-level people are complex, high-level people are simple."

simple people can always keep their hearts and return to their hearts in a complex world.

there are all kinds of things in the world, and there are many troubles. Only by following your heart can you not be trapped by the world and live your life in the way you like.

the best state of life is this:

be easygoing, know how to get along with the world, others and yourself, live comfortably and bring your own fragrance.

when things happen, one laughs at the ups and downs of life, and life rises and falls calmly, pure and open-minded, free and easy and transparent.

do whatever you want, get rid of the fame and gain of the outside world, listen to your heart, pursue your own simplicity and richness, and your soul is indifferent.

, may you and I find our best state in the rest of our lives, always be easygoing, follow the fate, follow the heart, do not think about the past, do not fear the future, and live a bright life.


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