The 12 good habits of living younger and younger, please force yourself to develop!
The 12 good habits of living younger and younger, please force yourself to develop!
Staying young is a sign of love for life.


there is a poem:

"how many springs can there be in life? The years make one grow old mercilessly. "

under the wind and frost of the years, heroes will turn white and beauties will twilight. But there are always some people who can escape the bitterness of fleeting time and be treated gently by time.

they are getting younger and younger because they have 12 good habits that are worth learning!


work and rest properly

irregular work and rest, immunity is easy to decline, the body is easy to get sick.

people who can't sleep well are listless all day, and sometimes irritable and irritable, making people fat.

people with good sleep quality are energetic, their faces are bright, and their faces tend to be younger than their peers.

after a busy day, a deep sleep and the self-repair of the body in a sweet dream can relieve the hard work of the day.



the Little Prince says:

what makes life so beautiful is the sincerity and childlike innocence we hide. "

people have to have some fun no matter when and where they are. It has been a pleasure since childhood.

childlike innocence, know the world rather than the world, do not restrain themselves for the feathers of one place, but still remain curious and enthusiastic about everything.

Open yourself to your heart's content and release your naive nature, and you will be able to live freely, willfully and happily.


keep your appearance clean and tidy at all times

some people think that keeping good health means eating all kinds of health products, eating more certain foods, soaking Chinese wolfberry, and so on.

keeping in good health nourishes both internal and external spirits.

if you comb your hair, you will be much younger immediately; if you shave your beard frequently and trim your eyebrows, your face will be neat and radiant.

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paying attention to image and beauty is a positive attitude towards life.


study for more than 30 minutes a day

Confucius said:

"if you keep learning, you will stop closing the coffin."

only by constantly learning can we avoid aging and keep pace with the times.

Mr. Qian Weichang, a famous educator, taught himself Russian at the age of 44, battery knowledge at the age of 58, and computer science after the age of 64. When he was in his 90s, he also said, "up to now, my self-study time is after 9 o'clock in the evening."

Let knowledge influence you, broaden your vision of problems, be more flexible and have a more novel mind.


likes to make friends

sharing happiness with friends doubles happiness; sharing hardship halves sorrow; among friends, we get support and maintain healthy habits together.

so it is appropriate for some people to compare friends to happy birds.

like to make friends, or have a couple of bosom friends, can make the body younger.


Don't deal with bad people

as the old saying goes:

Raptors do not fight with evil snakes, and male lions do not compete with mad dogs for food.

entanglement with bad people is not only a waste of life, but also often at the expense of 800.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, it's like meeting a dead end, turning a corner and turning around.

stop the loss in time, turn the story in time, do what you like, and be with the person you like.


keep exercising, keep exercising

those who persist in sports for a long time are becoming more beautiful, more handsome, more self-disciplined, better and healthier in varying degrees.

exercise can not only maintain good health, but also improve memory and effectively prevent diseases.

having a sport that you love and persist in, such as walking, mountain climbing, dancing, your body, mind and mind will really be different.

exercise is the secret of keeping the body young, the most natural secret of maintenance, and the best way to build a body.


manage emotions

it is only natural to have seven emotions and six desires, joys and sorrows.

if emotions are allowed to run rampant, they will become slaves to emotions, becoming increasingly depressed and depressed.

Lin Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions always thinks sadly when things happen. She loses her temper, is jealous, and is depressed. She ends up depressed.

manage emotions and let emotions serve you. In fact, emotional stability is the best way to maintain good health.


I am young in mind and don't think I am old

A study also shows that people who live longer tend to feel much younger than their age.

Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind. Love life, enjoy life, there will never be an old day.

it's never too late to start life. It's never too late to do what you like, no matter what age or stage it is.

if you live a little more wonderful every day than yesterday, you will naturally be much happier, more interesting and much more energetic.


balanced nutrition and suitable shade

when many people reach a certain age, they are especially afraid of the "three highs", so the three meals are served with green vegetables with white porridge.

but too light, just like growing vegetables only watering without fertilization, the body can not eat enough nutrients, but can not grow well.

the importance of diet lies in balanced nutrition. Eat meat properly, eat the right amount of meat and vegetables, and your body will thank you.


normal heart

No one is destined to be happy, and no one is doomed to misfortune. The heart must be blue in order to prop up a sunny dream.

when the road is smooth, stick to the ordinary mind of modesty and prudence; when going downhill, keep optimistic and open-minded.

inner youth and vitality have nothing to do with wealth. If you are not afraid of change and time, you will be able to feel the truth of life in ordinary times.

in spite of favor and disgrace, I am idle to watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall; whether I go or stay unintentionally, I will follow the clouds outside the sky.


change facial expressions and smile more

smile more, spend every day with joy, and illness will shy away from you.

smile for less than ten years, sorrow makes your head white.

people who love to laugh give people the feeling that they are full of vitality. No matter how old they are, they are always young.

people don't grow old slowly, but in an instant.

A young body is not a good appearance or a large figure, but a strong body and vigorous spirit.

staying young is a sign of love for life. May everyone be physically strong, young in mind and enjoy a beautiful life.

how many of the above tips for staying young have you achieved?