"that's why I don't want to talk."
"that's why I don't want to talk."
As social creatures, "communication" is an indispensable part of our daily life.

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as social creatures, "communication" is an indispensable part of our daily life.

what a wonderful thing it is to cooperate with each other and live in harmony, but there are always some unexpected factors that lay down barriers for us to communicate with each other.

for example, when I ordered takeout today, I left a message saying "No onions, no coriander". When I received a reply from my boss, "OK, I'll deal with it for you right away." there was a glimmer of hope in my heart (I know it's a robot, don't remind me).

when I got it, there was still a thick layer of green floating on it, so I sighed and accepted my fate to pick it out.

I know that the boss of the meal is busy, and when I see it, the meal may have been delivered, but since notes and messages have been set up, it can't be used as a decoration, right?

invalid communication + 1!

for example, when docking customers, there is sometimes such a magical conversation:

Party A: can we change the video? Me: yes, what kind of video would you like to change?

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Party A: replace the previous video with another one. Me: OK, what will it be?

Party A: video, replace it with another video.

at this time, my heart: I know what video to change, but you give me the video!

invalid communication + 2.

of course, in the end, people will suddenly realize it and solve it amicably.

there are other "obstacles" in life, which make it impossible for both parties to accurately convey their meaning, but it also adds some joy to the mundane daily life.

and I believe that as long as we are more patient, we will be very happy to communicate with each other.