Some words are suitable to rot in the heart.
Some words are suitable to rot in the heart.
May you have lights in the dark, umbrellas in the rain, and one can understand when you are lonely.

the most enjoyable thing in the world is that there are people who tell their thoughts and those who understand their feelings.

only you can understand what's on my mind, and only I can give you happiness.

it is enough to have such a person in life.

some words are suitable for rotting in my heart

when I was young, I met a lot of people and wanted to say a lot of words without scruples.

maybe I will talk to this friend about everything today and lose track of time with another person tomorrow. Even if they make up a story, they can talk with relish.

however, as we get older, we will gradually find that fewer and fewer people can listen to you and talk to you, and sometimes these have become a luxury of their own.

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nine times out of ten, there are unpleasant things in life, and everyone has unspeakable suffering and unknown sadness.

none of us are as strong as we seem, but we are used to using smiles instead of sadness and silence instead of quarrels.

I don't want to worry people around me, and I don't want to be laughed at by unimportant people.

because not everyone is sincere. When you say something, they treat it as a joke and turn around to tell it to others.

has suffered losses, so he has a sense of defense; he has been hurt, so he knows how to be silent; what he can get through, there is no need to tell others, because not everyone can empathize.

so you might as well swallow it into your stomach, face the big and small things by yourself.

it's really hard to find someone to talk to

people who have not experienced loneliness will not understand how rare it is for a person to speak his heart; those who have not been hurt will not understand how indescribable the pain in his heart is.

there is someone who can speak his heart and feel better.

ta will not disrelish you long-winded, will not say that you are asking for trouble, just listen quietly, silently accompany.

not everyone in the world can let you speak freely anytime, anywhere, and not everyone is suitable for you to speak out without scruples.

the most disturbing thing is not that the other person doesn't understand you, but that no matter what you want to say, the other person doesn't care.

therefore, it is particularly valuable if there is a person who is willing to chat with you, understand all the words you say, and understand all the feelings you have hidden in the words.

in front of him, you don't have to worry about talking too much, and you don't have to worry about what the other person thinks of you.

when you have troubles at work and grievances in your life, when you want to talk to someone, he will not be annoyed with you, let alone verbose, but will give patience and advice.

when you have something happy, you can express your joy without scruples, and don't worry about the other person's feeling of showing off, because, you know, he is happy for you.

A lifetime is nothing more than a "I understand you"

it is difficult to find someone who can talk at any time.

it is more difficult to find someone who tells the truth all the time.

even Lu Xun lamented when he met qu Qiubai that "it is enough to have a bosom friend in life, and the world should regard it as a bosom friend."

in the TV series "Kangxi Dynasty", Kangxi owns three thousand Fandai of the harem, and the person he loves most is Princess Rong.

when he went to Princess Rong, his favorite words were: "I want to talk to you." Then, pour out some state and family affairs.

can just talk, think about it, and that's it:

No matter how great and vigorous what you do, you are also a person, an ordinary person with seven emotions and six desires.

I also hope to have a person who is considerate, cold and hot, who can deeply understand your thoughts and feelings, and communicate with you.

Love should be to say everything and depend on each other; to be lonely but not lonely, knowing that there is a long way to go and snow, but still grateful to walk with you.

, may you have lights in the dark, umbrellas in the rain, and one can understand when you are lonely.