She finally announced that she had been abused and divorced!
She finally announced that she had been abused and divorced!
When the strength of women is gathered together, they are invincible.

recently, moments have been scanned by "vulgar Girl Development 2".

what moves me more than the main line of "how older women get out of the predicament of life" is the mutual understanding and redemption between women.

such as this one-minute clip--

my cousin confessed her secret of domestic violence to her strange policeman sister.

she had intended to evade the ticket for running a red light by selling badly.

unexpectedly, the police sister hugged her and returned the ticket--


and what we see is--

it is not easy to understand women in a few words, and it is always women.

you never know how powerful one woman can bring to another.

many sisters have the habit of wearing two lipsticks with them.

one, for mouth, and the other, for small advertisements.

are those small advertisements for egg-selling surrogacy in shopping malls and college ladies' toilets.

they cross out the advertising message with lipstick and then tell the ignorant girls--

"Don't believe this, it's all a lie!"

"Girls should love themselves."

"fake, girls protect themselves."

there are always girls who don't know the harm behind selling eggs-from infection and complications to life-threatening.

if wasting a lipstick can save a life, it's really worth it.

this kind of story about women helping women is happening every day in real life.

in 2012, Aunt Sun opened a snack bar in an old alley.

the old alley was so desolate that it was inaccessible in the latter part of the night.

one day, a girl who lived nearby ran up to her and said--

"Auntie, can you close the door later every day? I come home from the night shift, and I'm afraid to walk alone."

because of the girl's word, Aunt Sun changed the time of lights out in her house, from 11:30 in the morning to 2 o'clock in the morning.

No one could have imagined that Aunt Sun insisted on turning on the lights for the late girl for ten years.

over the past ten years, rain or shine, regardless of return.

Auntie also said, "as long as the shop is open for one day, it will turn on a light for the girls."

that lamp, I do not know how many girls warm, do not know how many girls to eliminate the fear.

what breaks the age limit and binds the aunt and the little girl closely together is the mutual help of women.

there is a story about girls help girls, which is quiet.

such a story happened on Air China CA8647.

A young girl was "harassed" several times by an uncle sitting next to her.

the girl could not tell whether my uncle did it intentionally or unintentionally. she was anxious and wanted to escape.

but at that time, the cabin was in a state of lights out.

the girl couldn't communicate with the flight attendants, and she was embarrassed to press the distress button, so she wanted to cry.

the stewardess did two things to save the girl from water and fire:

one is to take the uncle's hand off her, and the other is to hand her a note and ask her if she wants to change her seat.

this practice not only maintains the girl's dignity, but also helps the girl out of trouble.

Women can protect each other or support each other.

in Thirty, Gu Jia started a business, and Wang Manni and Zhong Xiaoqin did their best to help.

such a story also shines into reality.

there are two girls in New York. At the beginning of COVID-19, she was very distressed to see Asian old people being discriminated against because of their race. They wanted to do something for these old people.

one of the girls thought of cooking Asian food.

the two hit it off and set up the project of "Love meal"--

one is responsible for cooking and the other is responsible for packing.

later, more and more women were moved by the kindness of the two girls and joined them.

the female-dominated team is growing, sending out 80,000 boxed lunches in the past 18 months.

the friendship between women is always belittled.

but they lead other weak people out of the island again and again with unity and love.

"you're not alone. I'm here."

on Weibo, there is a

# girls help girls#


there are thousands of short stories, each of which is easy to cry.

here, you can see the story of girls standing up for girls:

here, you can also see the story of women covering up physical embarrassment for women:

lovely, kind girls, we owe you a lot.

in addition to ordinary people, there are also many stories about women helping women in show business.

Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei are the best examples.

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when Jia Ling met Zhang Xiaofei, she was unknown.

it was 2012. Zhang Xiaofei, a graduate of Nortel, had nothing to shoot. In order to make a living, he went to work as a host of the China Radio Art Troupe.

one day, Jia Ling needed to find an actress to play. She thought of Zhang Xiaofei, who had a professional background.

in this way, Zhang Xiaofei followed Jia Ling in a comedy.

after that, Jia Ling helped Zhang Xiaofei a lot.

she helps her act, takes her on the show, and helps her get rid of the dilemma of "having a meal but not having a meal".

Zhang Xiaofei was bullied in the crew, and Jia Ling stood up and felt aggrieved for her.

the most rare thing is that Jia Ling can see the bright spot on Zhang Xiaofei.

Zhang Xiaofei has a terrible memory--

she has just graduated and went to audition, and the producers are always pointing fingers at her appearance, which makes her extremely unconfident.

but Jia Ling, looking at the essence through the phenomenon, she just thinks that Zhang Xiaofei's acting skills are very good and will definitely be popular.

as a result, after Jia Ling set up a celebrity entertainment, the first one to sign was Zhang Xiaofei.

when "Hello, Li Huanying" was released at the beginning of the year, Jia Ling asked Zhang Xiaofei to be the hostess, who became an overnight hit.

this friendship, which is a timely help, has also been talked about by everyone.

but think about it on the other hand, why would Jia Ling do her best to help Zhang Xiaofei?

perhaps, this is a kind of sympathy between women--

Jia Ling saw who she used to be from Zhang Xiaofei, who was down and out at the beginning.

out of empathy, she wanted to help her.

one, named Guo Jianmei.

she was born in Peking University and gave up her job with an annual salary of one million dollars after graduation to become a public welfare lawyer.

Guo Jianmei has been on this road for 25 years.

more than 90% of the people she helps are disadvantaged women who have no money or power.

and there is no shortage of rough and bossy people she wants to confront.

with such a wide gap, Guo Jianmei never flinched.

each time, she stood in front of women and took up legal weapons to protect them-

she personally sent the man who abused his wife to prison and brought to justice the president who sexually assaulted female employees for ten years.

Guo Jianmei strives for fairness and justice for women out of women's sympathy.

she understands that it is not easy for women to survive in this society--

in the countryside, pregnant women also have to do heavy work.

the girl dropped out of school to work to earn money to pay tuition for her brother and brother.

she herself has suffered from the injustice of sexism-

growing up in a family where men are superior to women, they are not welcomed by the elders of the family.

I have been "caught in the rain", so I want to "hold an umbrella" for more people who have the same experience.

the other one is President Zhang Guimei, whom we are familiar with.

the story of headmaster Zhang Guimei is already familiar to everyone.

Today, I want to tell the story of Zhang Guimei and a female journalist.

in 2007, Zhang Guimei raised money everywhere to start a female high school.

but over a period of time, only more than 10,000 yuan was raised.

it is impossible to build a school with this amount of money.

just when Zhang Guimei wanted to give up several times, she was elected a deputy to the 17th CPC National Congress.

one morning, she hurried to the meeting hall. Behind her, a female reporter stopped her. The female reporter called Zhang Guimei aside and whispered to her that there was a hole in her trousers.

the rescue of the female reporter made Zhang Guimei feel warm.

that night, Zhang Guimei found a female reporter again. She confided to her that she had not been easy over the years.

later, the female reporter wrote the story of Zhang Guimei into a report entitled "I have a Dream".

it was this report that made many people pay attention to the deeds of Zhang Guimei, and Huaping women's high school rose from the ground.

the righteousness of the female reporter realized Zhang Guimei's dream.

and Zhang Guimei's dream has changed the fate of countless girls in the days to come.

this is a transmission of female power. The power of the individual is as small as firefly, but when it comes together, it is light.

in the past two years, the word "mutual assistance among women" has frequently appeared in the public eye.

this actually sends out a good signal--

the awakening of female power.

this awakening is not a game between the sexes, but a redemption between girls.

in 2018, Hora was threatened by her boyfriend's video and was caught up in sexual violence.

200000 women took to the streets, holding up a sign saying "Don't be afraid, my sister is coming" in support of Hola.

this year, there are also many women in China who want to come forward and lend a helping hand to the girls even if they are stigmatized and misunderstood.

these brave sisters and sisters are telling us with practical actions--

Women are the embodiment of tenderness, but when women gather together, they are invincible.