Shaanxi's "little sister" caused great controversy because of her appearance: what is the cruelest truth in the adult world?
Shaanxi's "little sister" caused great controversy because of her appearance: what is the cruelest truth in the adult world?
There is no antidote to the bitterness of life, only perseverance and patience.

do you still remember the little sister "tumbler" who was once popular all over the country?

in the never-sleeping city of Datang in Xi'an, the little sister "tumbler" attracted many tourists with their graceful dance and sweet smile.

and the performance form of "tumbler" has also spread all over the country and become a major feature of the scenic spot.

at a scenic spot in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, a 40-to 50-year-old middle-aged woman stands on the disc of "tumbler", holding a basket of flowers in her hand, swaying back and forth, performing the dance of "tumbler".

she is a little old, and she may have never received so much attention before, so when she performs, her face is stiff and shy.

even though she was shy, she stood on the stage conscientiously, performing every move well and doing it in place.

many people recorded her video and posted it online, and in the comment area of the video, there was a sound of ridicule and sarcasm.

someone impolitely commented on her appearance and dress:

some people mercilessly compare her with the "tumbler" in Xi'an:

someone even made a video to put her with the "tumbler" in Xi'an, alluding to her appearance and age, and her sinister intentions were obvious.

they said: sure enough, everyone just likes "little sister".

Yes, young girls can arouse people's infinite yearning for beauty.

but those old aunts can inspire people's inner malice and attract attacks all over the sky.

how hot is this?

now enter the word "Yulin" on the Internet, and there will be hot searches such as "Yulin tumbler little sister" and "Yulin tumbler granny".

because there were too many curses and too many people came to ridicule the "tumbler" in Yulin, Shaanxi, the person in charge of the scenic spot in Yulin, Shaanxi, quickly responded:

as local young people go out one after another, these performers are all local middle-aged and old people. before the scenic spot was opened, they made a living by farming and had a meagre income.

these people, who do not have much income, are satisfied to find a job, so even if they are ridiculed and reviled, they will still work conscientiously to do a good job.

in this incident, some people saw ridicule, some people saw sarcasm, but behind these uproar, I only saw the sadness of an adult begging for a living.

she had no choice but to put down her dignity and perform hard.

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the moment she decided to set foot on that stage, she was not thinking about not being laughed at, but whether her children had enough money for school and marriage, whether there was a source of money for the elderly in her family to see a doctor, and the living expenses of her family.

these burdens of life have long exceeded the frivolous face and dignity.

so don't laugh at people who live hard, okay?

in November 2020, a collapse accident occurred at a construction site near Tianjin Port.

many workers who were working were unfortunately killed.

when the list and age of the victims were announced, people could not help but burst into tears.

these people are almost all middle-aged and elderly people in their forties and fifties, and the youngest of them is also 44 years old.

what stage of life is forty or fifty years old?

there are people of all ages and children, and the younger ones are in college or taking the postgraduate entrance examination, or they need to get married and have children, so they need a lot of money.

and the old one? The age of seventy or eighty years old, frail and sickly, is the most difficult time in one's life, and it is also the time when money is most needed.

all these burdens fall on them, and they can only do a little more, and they are willing to do any dirty work.

it is normal for them to do the hardest work and earn the most dangerous money.

No, they just don't have a choice.

everyone can stop, but they can't stop.

once watched a video on the Internet, which made me sad for a long time.

A migrant worker master said to the reporter with tears in front of the camera:

my fellow workers laughed at me for skipping lunch.

it's not that I don't want to eat, but if I don't have lunch, I can save 300 yuan for my daughter in the college entrance examination by the end of the month.

he said: I know I'm hungry, too, but for the sake of the children, it doesn't matter.

what he does is hard work, so how can he not eat?

but that was the only way he could think of to save money for his daughter.

the man in the video looks more than 60 years old, but in fact, he is not even 45 years old.

those wrinkles on the face and a lot of vicissitudes in the eyes are telling us that the person in front of us is being pressed hard by life.

his daughter once visited him at the construction site.

she said: her father's hardship is looked down upon by everyone.

my daughter has tears in the corners of her eyes and a lump in her throat when she thinks of it.

some people, it's not that they don't know embarrassment, it's not that they don't know that they will be ridiculed, it's not that they don't know that it takes dignity to be human, but their shoulders are bearing the burden of life.

compared to theseOh, those things are hardly worth mentioning.

there is a song called "Father" on NetEase Yun's music, which has a particularly piercing and highly praised comment:

"my father called and said to me in a very guilty tone:'I'll do it next year. Quit, can't do it,'it's like asking for my consent.

I burst into tears at that time, and I wanted to tell my father that it was not you but me who felt guilty. "

Don't scold young people loudly, they will resign immediately. But you can scold the middle-aged and elderly people to death, especially those who have car loans, housing loans and children.

because they dare not make mistakes and are used to swallowing their grievances, it is best to bully them.

in my previous company, there was an uncle who was much older than us and did a very basic job in the company.

because of his older age, he doesn't do things quickly enough, and occasionally he makes some minor mistakes.

and every time he makes a mistake, he is picked out and scolded by the supervisor, who is only in his 20s and is less than a few years older than his son.

once, when I went downstairs to the company, I saw him standing in front of the supervisor for a lecture.

Changsha is particularly cold in late autumn.

he stood in the cold wind, trembling with cold, without saying a word, but nodded incessantly.

seeing this scene, I couldn't bear it and looked away.

"what can I do? The son of the family is not married yet, and the mortgage has not been repaid. It may not be possible to find a job outside at such an old age. Bear with it, bear with it. "

every time he drinks, he can't help waving his hand and explaining.

No matter how humble he is, he still has his own rivers and lakes.

when you take up the burden of life and become a responsible adult, maybe at that moment all the voices of ridicule will be automatically silenced by you.

if you don't worry about money, if you don't bend over for life, you won't understand what they insist on.

in the bustling night market, a woman is handing out leaflets.

she just cried and bent down to pick up the flyers on the ground.

on the empty and steep steps, a wrinkled air conditioner porter is moving down the heavy air conditioner.

but one didn't notice to step on the air. He fell down the stairs. Regardless of the embarrassment of his fall, he hurriedly raised his hand to protect his head.

when cars came and went on the street, a man put down his self-esteem and carefully shined his shoes for the driver who sat with his legs raised.

inside the car is the ideal, is to enjoy, but outside the car, is the real life.

it is said in "the Grandmaster" that people live a lifetime, some people live to save face, while others live to become Lizi.

who doesn't want to save face and make money in splendor?

but the cruelest part of life is that it doesn't show any compassion for your face.

save face, you will be put down by life;

if you can lose face, you will inevitably lose your dignity and splendor.

when we were young, we always felt that face was very important and looked down on the middle-aged man who didn't make money elegantly.

but when we grow up and come to the crossroads where they are, we will understand their hardship and difficulty.

when people reach middle age, they are just like boating.

when you were young, you could stop if you wanted to, and you could do whatever you wanted, even if the ship sank.

but when you reach middle age, you have passengers on board. You want to stop, but the passengers on board can't stop. You have to consider more and more.

there is a good saying:

when you lose face and make money, it shows that you are sensible.

when you use your money to save face, it means you have succeeded.

when you can make money with face, it shows that you are already a person.

when you are still there drinking and bragging, pretending to know nothing and only love the so-called face, it means that you will be like this in your life.

there is no antidote to the bitterness of life, only perseverance and patience.

each of us is staggering forward.

maybe the posture is not very good, maybe the pace is not graceful enough, but as long as you start to move forward, it is victory.

everyone who dares to declare war on life is a true warrior.




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