"scrap pension" is destroying the pension life of a large number of elderly people.
"scrap pension" is destroying the pension life of a large number of elderly people.
May the old people live their lives, pursue freedom and have a happy old age.

"Mom! Wash the dishes! "

"how can there be such an unfilial son in the world!"

this is not the case. The professor "specially arranges" the dishes for his mother every day.

the professor explained to his students:

"even if the mother is old, in her eyes, her son will always need her help. Let her do the dishes and she will feel needed and have a full day. "

I think so.

many people know to show filial piety to the elderly, but they overdo it.

regard the elderly as "rubbish" that young people do not have the ability to take care of themselves, and think that as long as they are given good food and drink to meet the needs of material and security, it is the greatest filial piety.

do not know that this kind of "waste" pension is actually a kind of kidnapping to the life of the elderly.

scrap pension is the greatest humiliation to the elderly

Mother Teresa said: "the feeling of loneliness and not being needed is the most miserable poverty."

when people are old, what they fear most is not getting old, but being old and useless.

for the elderly, the increase in age is inevitable, but as long as they are still useful and can give full play to their remaining heat, life will still be meaningful.

in life, many children feel that to let the elderly enjoy their twilight years is to let them "enjoy happiness" and not let them do anything.

but the elderly are not babies who do not have the ability to take care of themselves, nor are they "useless".

the "scrap" pension you show is the greatest humiliation to them.

in the view of the young, the old always have all kinds of shortcomings that are not in keeping with the times.

according to the latest Statistical report on the Development of the Internet in China, there are nearly 200 million elderly people in China who have not been exposed to the Internet.

in this era of gradual networking, not having contact with the Internet undoubtedly means being abandoned.

is it true that these old people don't want to learn?

there has been a survey of intelligent learning for the elderly, which said that nearly 80% of the elderly are willing to learn, while more than 90% of the young are not willing to teach them patiently.

this is the status quo.

what is even more sad is that when old people want to pursue their own value in life, they are often regarded as "careless".

there is a clip in the variety show "Juvenile Shuo":

A teenager stood on a high platform and shouted to his grandmother, "Grandma, you are no longer a young man in your twenties and thirties. You are in your 70s. Can you help us not to get up early and go out to work?"

Grandma asked him, "what do you think a 70-year-old should do?"

the teenager said, "it's really not good to play mahjong and dance in the square when you take care of your child at home and go out for a walk."

in their eyes, old people can only do these things.

the ancients used to say that accompanying a king is like accompanying a tiger.

but for these old people who are treated as waste by their children, they are companions such as tigers.

Old people who can do nothing can only live by the faces of their children.

in the dislike and impatience of their children, the old people lived into a careful hedgehog.

there is a scene in the movie "later us":

the father couldn't use the new TV remote control, so he asked his son Lin Jianqing to teach him.

over and over again, Lin Jianqing became impatient and threw down the remote control and shouted to his father, "I've told you a hundred times."

the father had no choice but to hold the remote control and said, "forget it, don't learn."

at the end of the story, my father died and didn't learn how to use the new TV.

Old people are just old, they are not wrong, let alone be "humiliated" like rubbish.

the unwillingness and impatience of the children make the elderly become cautious in front of their children. This is the daily life of providing for the aged in the form of waste.

but their lives are not supposed to be like this.

True respect is to listen to what the elderly really think

before, the "hard-core old man" on the Dalian subway brushed the screen on moments.

it has always been an act of consensus to give up seats to the elderly on buses and subways.

Liu Zengsheng, 76, wants to fight this "custom".

with gray hair, he pulled the handrail in the subway car, slanted the cloth bag, and stood straight.

at his waist, there is a LED sign with the words "Don't give up your seat" stand out.

Liu Zengsheng said that it is not the old people who need to give up their seats. If they are strong, they may not give up their seats at the age of 80.

but if necessary, even young people should give up their seats.

in doing this, he does not want all the old people to follow suit and pay attention to acting according to their ability.

"scrap" pension always binds the elderly to secular prejudices, but ignores their true feelings.

in an interview with Qianjiang Evening News, a "gold matchmaker" in Hangzhou, Jin said bluntly:

she dared not touch the love and marriage of this group of old men and women in their sixties and seventies.


is that children are generally against it.

Sister Jin said that she had worked in the "database" for many years.None of the children came here to help their parents find a partner.

this is undoubtedly a kind of sorrow for the elderly.

one of the arguments that many people object to their parents' remarriage is: you are so old, why do you talk about feelings, are you ashamed?

put yourself in one's shoes. Feelings are not the preserve of young people. No matter how old one is, it is still nature to yearn for feelings.

moreover, the children are busy with their work all day, and there is very little time to spend with the elderly every day.

in their old age, they need company and are eager to pursue their own happiness. Is there any reason for their children to object?

the Book of Rites says: "if you raise a filial son, you should enjoy his heart and not go against his will."

means that true filial piety is to make parents happy and respect their own wishes.

True respect is to listen attentively to what the old man really thinks.

Don't kidnap old people with your own ideas and stereotypes. What you call "for their own good" may ruin their happy old age.

only if you don't accept the old can you shine.

Samuel Ullman said: "years make a man old, but if he loses his passion, the soul will grow old."

Old age is not really old, people are really old, is to be old.

the waste pension deprives the elderly of their freedom to fight against age.

people should not live in the shackles of age, the elderly can also be the brightest star in the crowd.

there is a public welfare short film "Dream Knight", in which the protagonists are 17 young knights from various industries.

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among them, the oldest is 89 and the youngest is 72, with an average age of 81.

and among them, 2 had cancer, 4 needed hearing aids, 5 had high blood pressure, 8 had heart disease, and each had joint degeneration.

they have done what many young people have not done, and this courage and love of life are worth learning from.

Youth has no restrictions on anyone, and people can still be full of vitality when they are old.

on Douyin, there is a cool grandfather, Nuo Minhe, whose life is the envy of young people.

because he sits on a plane to show his life.

he will fly a plane to see the swans, will fly over the prairie, overlooking the sheep on the prairie, will have the idea of a shepherd.

will fly over the desert, showing the audience the newly built Yellow River dam in Wuhai City and popularizing the reasons for the formation of Wuhai Lake after the change in the water level of the Yellow River.

at the end of each video, he yells ", I'm Nuo Minhe".

in his voice, you can't hear the vicissitudes of life. In his video, you can see the power of life.

the lives of the elderly are full of infinite possibilities, and they should not be bound by secular prejudices.

can only young people be energetic? Should people be lifeless when they are old?

of course not!

the body may grow old, but a youthful and restless heart can be maintained.

Why do you want to be old?

Old people can still live a wonderful life!

Bai Juyi has a poem:

the garden is full of chrysanthemum with golden color, and there are isolated clusters of colors like frost.

it also seems that today's song banquet, Pulsatilla Weng enters the youth field.

Old age is only a division of age, not a boundary of lifestyle.

3 pieces of advice for elderly people who do not want to be kidnapped by "junk" pension:

1. Don't set limits on yourself easily

is it true that people can't do anything when they are old?

not exactly.

Age doesn't define you, only you can!

Volkson Shahner once said: when you are fifty, you begin to tire of the world; at sixty, the world is tired of you.

A man really grows old, not because he is old, but because he admits in his heart that he is old.

it is always thinking, not age, that is limited.

No matter what age you live, you must maintain a love; only by living without limits can you live a wonderful life.

2. Don't be an accessory to a living child

"Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, do not be horses and cattle for their children and grandchildren." parents and children are two independent individuals and should not be bound to each other.

Mr. Zhao Puchu said:

"parents' home is always their children's home, and children's home is never their parents' home." Having children is a task, raising children is an obligation, and relying on children is a mistake. "

everything revolves around the children. Not only do they live uncomfortably, but sometimes they dislike them.

after working hard for your children all your life, you should have your own life when you get old, fulfill each other, and don't become an accessory to your children.

3. Don't be kidnapped by "junk" pension

Yu Minhong once said: the older people are, the more stubborn they are.

Old people cannot be happy in their old age without a clear and sensible mind.

choosing a suitable way of providing for the aged is the guarantee of happiness in old age.

Children are busy at work, so you can start a life of cohabitation with like-minded old friends.

I don't think it's interesting to go anywhere. You can travel for your retirement and go to all the places you wanted to go before.

Why do you have to be limited in your children's pension? you can live a wonderful life in your old age on your own.

, may the old people live their lives, pursue freedom and have a happy old age.