Reject Ma Yili and bring down Tong Liya, the cutest "scum man" in the entertainment industry, who has recently become popular again!
Reject Ma Yili and bring down Tong Liya, the cutest "scum man" in the entertainment industry, who has recently become popular again!
Like Lei Jiayin.


there are good dramas every year, especially this year.

I remember in the first half of the year, I guessed that--

"Age of Awakening" can be called the best theme TV series of 2021, and it should be second to none in three or two years. "

as a result, only a few months later, I was beaten in the face by "meritorious service".

"meritorious deeds", following "the Love of the Mountains and the Sea" and "the Age of Awakening", this year's third Douban score exceeds 9.

the plot is high-energy, the play is full of bones, no matter it is the pre-script or post-production, it is quite hard core.

after a serious pursuit of an episode, there is only one word in my heart-absolutely!

there are many actors we are familiar with in "Meritorious deeds".

Zhou Xun, Tong Dawei, Huang Xiaoming, Guo Tao.

and what surprises me most is Lei Jiayin.

in the play, Lei Jiayin plays Yu Min, a famous nuclear physicist in China.

he is the father of China's hydrogen bomb and the winner of the first Medal of the Republic.

objectively speaking, it is quite difficult to play Yu Min well.

even Lei Jiayin himself said bluntly: "I have encountered unprecedented pressure."

for him, most of the previous roles are fictional characters.

but Yu Min is different. He is a real and respectable scientist of the older generation, a generation of meritorious deeds, and a hero of the Republic.

therefore, we should not only perform Yu Min's well-known great achievements, but also interpret the unknown and life-oriented side.

this is not an easy exam.

Luckily, Lei Jiayin withstood the tremendous pressure and handed over an answer that surprised the audience.

he plays "Yu Min", both as a scientist for the country and for the people, willing to sacrifice personal happiness;

there is also loveliness in daily life as a husband and a colleague.

with a touch of freshness in rigor, great and grounded enough at the same time.

the image of an academician who is full of flesh and blood and gives up a small family for everyone, under his interpretation, stands perfectly.

whether it is the handling of details, or the control of emotions, Lei Jiayin's interpretation is full of appeal.

"there is nothing to say about acting skills. He is really a good actor who appreciates food and eats!"

"Lei Jiayin, what a treasure!"

in fact, starting from "the first half of my Life", Lei Jiayin, a treasure man, can no longer hide it.

his natural acting skills, simple and honest appearance, and his own funny "joker" attribute made him very popular on the Internet.

but many people don't know what kind of dramatic, bumpy, lonely and depressed life Lei Jiayin experienced before she became popular.

Lei Jiayin, born in the 1980s, is a typical problem child.

he grew up rebellious and restless, which broke the hearts of his parents.

and according to his own recollection, before the age of 15, he lived a very heartless life:

"I didn't go to class at all. I made a combination with four buddies who often played truant. It was called King of the love, the Emperor of Love."

everyone has a nickname with the word "affection". I am the fourth and ask for mercy everywhere. "

boasts that he is "showing mercy everywhere", but Lei Jiayin has not failed to live up to the name.

he has been in love since junior high school.

at that time, a beautiful southern girl came to the class.

Lei Jiayin, who was fascinated, once knelt down to confess her love in front of the girl and put down the words in front of the class:

"this girl is mine, don't rob me!"

under Lei Jiayin's swift and violent offensive, the girl quickly agreed.

from then on, the two went out in pairs and even kissed and hugged in the hallway in spite of the presence of their classmates.

such a high-profile "show of love", is that all right?

Sure enough, it wasn't long before the puppy love between the two alarmed the teachers and parents.

as a result, Lei Jiayin was beaten up by her father, and when the girl's parents knew about it, they also "beat the mandarin duck" to make the girl transfer to another school.

the relationship was strangled in the cradle, and Lei Jiayin's score of "lovelorn" plummeted.

his mind became less and less focused on his studies, so he simply dropped out of school.

He was only fourteen years old that year.

the turning point of the story occurred when Lei Jiayin was 15 years old.

that year, an art school came to Anshan to recruit models.

in order to see pretty girls, Lei Jiayin and several good friends also signed up for the "model recruitment" exam.

Unexpectedly, he was chosen by Lu Xiaohe, a national first-class actor at that time.

LV Xiaohe said to him, "stop being a model and learn to act from me."... "

it is this sentence that changes the fate of Lei Jiayin.

so the 15-year-old left his hometown alone.

got on the train to Shenyang and started his own "road of learning".

when he first entered art school, Lei Jiayin's idea was simple and naive:

"being discovered, tall and good-looking, and performing crosstalk, isn't it destined to be a big hit?"

but he soon found that it was not easy to follow the path of acting.

he has no background at all, and even the advantage he is proud of is only common in show business.Pass:

"I don't know the director, I don't know the producer, and I don't have any resources."

this reality dealt a heavy blow to Lei Jiayin, but at the same time, it also "enlightened" him.

he realized that there was no room for retreat or manoeuvre in the path he had chosen.

parents have given everything they can, and the rest of the way, they have to go on their own.

so he said to himself:

"Lei Jiayin, you must take the first place, because as long as you take the second place, you will still be eliminated."

the naughty boy is getting serious.

he knows quite clearly: "it is more important than anything else to learn to act in a down-to-earth manner."

with such an idea, Lei Jiayin changed her former fooling around and began to study hard.

when other people get up at more than six o'clock in the morning to practice, he is an hour earlier than others every day.

I also read all the books related to acting, and whenever I had time, I would read books, brush dramas and speculate on personas.

with full "horsepower", he has made rapid progress.

during his years of learning art at the art school, his grades were the first year after year.

later, he was successfully admitted to Shanghai Theatre Academy for further study with the second best result in the country.

in 2006, Lei Jiayin successfully graduated from the play.

after graduation, he was once in a state of obscurity.

he often plays some innocuous supporting roles in the play.

Don't say it's hot, it's hard to get a protagonist's performance.

so for a long time, Lei Jiayin fell into deep self-doubt.

later, he also recalled that time to the media:

"find that the reality is not like what you think, there are too many excellent people.

coupled with the changing situation, the market is different every year, and I almost feel like I'm going to drown myself. "

there is no shortcut to success, only unremitting efforts.

since nothing can be compared with appearance and resources, it can only be compared with hard work and acting skills.

in order to do well in the basic skills, he was admitted to the Shanghai Drama Center.

there, he vowed secretly: "I will act well as always and live up to everyone's expectations."

since then, he began his drama career of honing his acting skills.

and this performance lasts for five years.

unlike movies and TV dramas, without the right to NG, you have to be extremely accurate in every moment on stage.

It is these five years that let Lei Jiayin learn how to control the rhythm of the stage, how to hold on to the hearts of the audience, and how to better shape the characters.

and these valuable experiences have laid a solid foundation for his follow-up works and roles.


, he also made some TV dramas one after another, but he is still not the protagonist.

such as Lin Yide, the infatuated man in the temptation to go Home.

John Chang, the sales director in du Lala's Promotion.

Lu Zhaopeng and so on in Bai Lu Yuan.

however, after five years of exercise, Lei Jiayin already understood:

No matter how small the role is, it is also the temper and accumulation of acting skills.

only by playing each small role well and alive, can we usher in the leap of qualitative change in our acting skills.

the so-called instant popularity is the result of long-term incubation and accumulation.

in 2017, Lei Jiayin, who had been dormant for ten years, finally received an important script that changed his life--

"the first half of my life".

in the first half of my Life, Lei Jiayin plays the "ex-husband" who is cowardly, dull and hesitant.

but at the same time, he is righteous, upright and justifiable.

the trait of "scum Han" makes the audience love and hate him.

and as a result, he has become the rare and least resentful "scumbag" in the entertainment industry.

even Ma Yili said, "No one can play the role of Chen Junsheng. Only Lei Jiayin is suitable."

Lei Jiayin is the only one who can play an unlikable role.

after that, Lei Jiayin starred in "12 hours in Changan", "cohabitation beyond time and Space" and other works.

whether it is ratings, box office, or word of mouth, it is very good.

and his control of the performance has given him more and more recognition.

it is said that it takes ten years to sharpen a sword.

Lei Jiayin, an actor who has been hidden in the show business for many years, finally ushered in his own explosion in his works.

this hard-working group finally conquered the audience with his acting skills.

the popular Lei Jiayin is still low-key and down-to-earth.

because he knew in his heart that this was just the beginning and that there were more attempts waiting for him.

in private, he is easygoing and steady, but his humor is not greasy.

it can be said that as long as he is there, there is no shortage of laughter.

born with a funny physique, he can make people laugh at everything he does.

for example, when it comes to Lei Jiayin, the same handsome action of blowing foam immediately changes his painting style.

for example, on the red carpet of a film festival, the photographer asked him to put a pose, so...

he was asked to change his position, as a result.

privately, it is everyone's pistachio. Once in the play, it can be based on thePrecise role switching.

for example, his contagious performance in "Merit" earned enough tears from the audience.

in this era of fresh flesh, in this era of looking at the face first, with his solid acting skills and one interesting soul in a million, he has won the heartfelt love of countless people.

what is a good actor? I think this is it.

some people become famous quickly and can quickly climb to a high position by virtue of some advantage.

some people are dormant for several years, taking every step steadily and steadily, so that they can rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.

so if you ask me why I like Lei Jiayin, then my answer is--

because this humorous and honest man can stand loneliness and prosperity.

it doesn't matter whether you are a late bloomer or a later generation.

he can withstand the flames of his heart and maintain his original belief in this bizarre show business.

it takes ten years to sharpen a sword, not to show off.

such Lei Jiayin reminds me of a sentence:

does not seem to make waves day after day, will suddenly one day, let people see the meaning of persistence.

, like Lei Jiayin.

I also wish you, who read this article, to pursue and persevere.

fight steadily step by step, turn the sweat into wings, and finally fly to the sky that belongs to you.

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