People, why do they change? (read sad)
People, why do they change? (read sad)
No matter what happens in the world, you will have the courage to move on with your new life.

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people, why do they change?

became cautious, became no longer persistent, became defensive, became indifferent, became helpless, became reticent, and became indifferent to people and things.

time is silent, but it can change a lot of things; time is ruthless, but it can prove many lies.

We were all born with a blank sheet of paper, but in the big dye vat of the environment, we were dyed in a variety of colors and became the appearance we used to dislike the most.

all we know is that there are some changes that we cannot help, and some changes that we are not willing to do.

in the past, we pretended to understand; now we pretend to be confused.

when an enthusiastic person becomes indifferent, it is because his heart is cold.

when a sincere person becomes ruthless, it is because he is hurt.

when a kind person becomes no longer warm-hearted, it is because his kindness has been disappointed.

Don't easily accuse others of changing, because you never know what happened to others and what they went through.

in this world, nothing is immutable, feelings will change, age will change, thoughts will change.

some people become better and sensible, while others become bad and hypocritical.

Hanshan asked the eminent monk, "how can people in the world slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, hate me, deceive me, and deceive me?"

pick up and say, "just put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, bear him, respect him, ignore him, and stay a few more years and look at him."

if you don't change, others will change; if you don't change, the environment will change; if you don't change, you will only be hurt by others.

it's not that we want to change, but that we have to change.

maybe that's part of growing up. You keep changing, saying goodbye to people you know, and saying goodbye to places you know.

then walk on a strange stage, meet strange people, listen to strange songs, see strange scenery, and finally become a new self.

I know that the process of change is very painful, but every transformation will have the surprise of growth.

over the years, we have become braver and more able to endure hardships, become able to be alone, fearless, and easier to look down on right and wrong, and no longer always worry about small things.

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We become more and more light to eat, more and more tolerant of the world, do not lose our temper and learn to be patient, and slowly have a growing heart.

also began to be afraid to hear anything related to illness, and the greatest wish became the health of the whole family.

We have learned to say different things to different people, to be false to others, and not to show our emotions even if we deal with people we don't like.

We have abandoned our previous innocence and become so-called ordinary people who can integrate into society.

but no matter what we become, we are still who we are. The only difference is that we are no longer simple like a child, no longer sincere like a fool.

one day you will suddenly find that your good is like a glass of water to others, which is gone after drinking, while your bad, like a seed, will take root and sprout.

if there is such a person, because of your good, forgive you all bad, then cherish it!

because most people, only because of your bad, and forget all your good!

under the training of life, in the face of anyone's gradual departure, you are finally bearish.

No longer take out your heart to meet everyone, and begin to care about whether the pay is proportional to the return, and whether that person is worth it.

you are no longer desperate and lust for the old days.

you finally understand that there are always some vows, hidden in the lips and teeth, lost to the years. When the old leaves fall, you can start a new story.

over the years, some people have blocked and deleted their best friends, some have set their moments to be visible for three days, and some have closed them forever.

there is a line in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers": everyone can only walk with you for a while, and sooner or later they have to be separated.

time is like a sieve, leaving the best and getting rid of all the sediment. One parting and two breadth, each life rejoices. That's good, too.

after all, everyone's kindness and enthusiasm are limited.

if you entrust your precious feelings to someone who is not worth it, you will only break your heart, and once you get cold, you will never be full of love for life.

therefore, treat human feelings as cold and warm and the world as cool as light.

not everyone deserves to be nice to him. Cherish the people in front of you and live well in a way that suits you!

people should always learn to grow up. It is better to be happy than to please others.

you should live a dripping and thorough life, free and rich, with both sharp sharpness and mature innocence.