People who end up chatting like this must care about you very much.
People who end up chatting like this must care about you very much.
Don't worry, as long as you look back, I'll always be here.

some people say that the greatest regret of modern people is to fall in love with someone across the screen and lose someone across the screen.

the furthest distance in the world can be pulled very close by Wechat.

but no matter how close the relationship between two people is, they will gradually alienate in the push and pull of the chat.

but you can see the details of whether a person loves you or not.

he loves you as he ends his chat with you.

at the end of his chat, there are traces of loving you

there is a problem with Zhihu:

"does high-frequency chatting lead to the illusion of love?"

at the beginning of a relationship, two people who are attracted to each other are always desperately trying to show the most interesting side.

say good morning and good night to each other every day and share your daily routine anytime and anywhere.

even trivial things can start a sweet topic.

I am used to receiving his message as soon as I turn on my cell phone in the morning.

it's not too tired to hold your cell phone late at night, and no one wants to sleep first.

but the one who is willing to make the ending is the one who loves you the most.

this means that every message you have has an echo. Every time you finish chatting, he is willing to cover for you.

there is such a paragraph:

"if someone is willing to end every time with his words at the end of your chat, even if it's just an unnutritious meme, or even repeat the good night he said, don't think he's verbose, he's just taking the initiative to blame himself with a sense of loss."

I don't know if there is anyone like me. After the other party hung up the phone, he didn't react. He heard the beep coming from the other end, which was like a slap in the face in mid-air.

but someone who really cares about you is reluctant to turn around and leave ahead of time.

is always willing to be the one who persists to the end, just to give you peace of mind.

you know that no matter what, there will be such a person behind you, accompanying you, caring for you, and protecting you.

people who care about you are reluctant to keep you waiting

there is a song that sings:

"it's always wonderful every minute at first, and everyone thinks that enthusiasm will never fade, except for a little tiredness after the passion fades."

No matter how sweet it is, there will be a day when you talk too much.

the freshness of the two people faded, and the tiredness came.

perfunctory, is the most terrible coolant in the relationship.

if you send a Wechat message to someone you like, but he hasn't replied to you for a long time, what will you do?

someone replied that he would delete the dialog box as if nothing had happened.

because as long as I see that dialog box, I feel as if I am humble and ingratiating.

now everyone is always on their cell phones, and no one can be so busy that they don't check their phones all day.

those who want your information back have already replied.

people who care about you will make time for you no matter how busy they are, and they don't want to let you think alone.

people who don't care about you don't have time for you.

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you can't hide if you like someone, even if you don't like someone.

sometimes you just don't want to admit that he doesn't care about you that much.

if you are willing to wait in place, your relationship will have a future

some people say that such a small thing as Wechat is not enough to judge whether a person loves you or not.

but in our ordinary people's lives, there are not so many big winds and waves, but they are all made up of these details.

only if you love someone very much, will you worry about the other person feeling lost.

I hope you can also meet someone who is always the last to turn around and watch you leave.

when chatting, he is always the one at the end, accompanying you to sleep.

not afraid of your impatience, just want to give you peace of mind, with full marks of sense of security, let you firmly believe in being loved.

he is telling you with silent action: don't worry, as long as you look back, I will always be there.

it is his insistence on staying in place that he has become the posture that loves you most.