People who are not angry can't be annoyed by anyone.
People who are not angry can't be annoyed by anyone.
A lot of pain in life comes from blind competition.

Life is not as usual, I do not know which moment, the mood will suddenly collapse, three days an atmosphere, two days a stingy, nothing is more normal.

but have you ever thought that anger ruined your good luck?

anger is harmful to health;

anger consumes emotion;

anger disturbs reason.

and all counterattacks must never start with anger.

angry, who is cheaper?

when most people are angry, there are only two ways: vent and endure.

it doesn't really work.

in the documentary "119 Please answer", there is a father and son surnamed Luo, quarreling with each other and spilling liquor, which ignites the whole body.

in the end, Ronaldinho spent NT $200,000 to NT $300,000 on medical expenses. Luo was so seriously infected that he died after two days of rescue.

Ronaldinho's mother is grieving.

my home, which was not well-off, was plunged into boundless darkness.

there is no deep contradiction in the family. Father and son drive at the construction site, stay up late every day, and are often in arrears of wages.

having a drink, we quarreled.

when Lao Luo shouted, "you can light me if you can," and then lit the lighter, everything could not go back.

you think that venting is to alleviate, but your negative emotions will lead to more consequences, bringing up other people's negative emotions, the loss outweighs the gain.

just know that the only thing we can hurt is ourselves.

even if it hurts others, they are all people who care about us.

there was a case in Suzhou in which Wang quarreled with his colleague Xu and quarreled about some work issues.

after that, Wang was sitting outside the doorman's room and suddenly fainted to death.

Xu did not mean to, nor did he expect that he fell to the ground and did not bear any responsibility in the judgment.

the person who really annoys you probably doesn't have to pay any price or even take it to heart.

No matter how rough your heart is, the person who is angry with you is still light.

is it worth it?

in fact, many arguments are meaningless.

Don't get angry at your own fault, don't be angry at other people's fault, don't get angry if you don't worry, be calm and indifferent.

having a good mindset is the winner in life.

I can't control my emotions. Why on earth?

We always feel that anger is a subconscious reaction when a lot of things are messed up and provoked by bad people, and there is no way to perceive it, let alone change it.

but too often, you can't control your emotions, it's not the thing itself, it's the interpretation in your head that makes you angry.

Chen Qinghua, a psychological consultant, used to quarrel with his wife. his wife always put on a face over trifles. He wanted to communicate, but his wife didn't talk, and the two sulked together.

later he analyzed it, and he thought:

my wife seems unhappy. What happened?

I spoke to her shyly and ignored me as if I had committed the crime of beheading.

then ignore me and I won't talk.

while the wife's interpretation is:

how many times have you said it, but why do you still commit it?

forget it. You won't change anyway. I won't talk about it.

I ignore you, but you really ignore me?

We are all so easily stung that we grab a detail and think, "he makes me feel unworthy of being loved."

then, tit for tat.

if you think differently, the outcome will be completely different.

when there is any contradiction, Chen Qinghua always senses his heart, thinks about what he is angry with, and then adjusts his breath and asks himself:

is that what you think it is? "what else can be done?"

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listen to a piece of music, exercise for a while, calm yourself down, and solve minor problems quickly.

you can't decide what happens, but you can decide the mood of the moment and the direction of the future.

when you are unhappy, when you are upset, when you are in a bad mood, make an extra turn.

he who smiles and bows his head is the wise man.

be kind to yourself and never get angry.

you may want to refute me, broken heart, can not fall out?

of course, your kindness needs some edge, your love needs some sense, after all, not everyone deserves them.

but only if others are angry with you, don't be angry.

Zheng Yuanjie has a classic anecdote.

pen meeting, someone asked him if he had read a book by a Soviet writer, and then laughed at him: "I haven't seen it. How do you write?"

seeing everyone nodding, he smiled and nodded: "I made up this man."

learn not to be angry first, and then learn to be angry.

when you adjust your mood, you think you are letting others go, but you are actually being kind to yourself.

even if you don't have a strong tongue or anger, you've already won.

the couple were ticketed by the police for parking illegally.

they rushed to send their children to school, but they were so angry that they turned around and posted a video on the Internet, trying to get the police to be abused on the Internet.

in the video, they urge and scold:

"you don't have to be in such a hurry to take credit."

"study for a few more years before you want a promotion, asshole!"

"writing a few words is so slow."

and the police are neither humble nor arrogant all the way: "I don't want to take credit for writing a ticket. Being a policeman has the pleasure of being a policeman. "

the object of trial by netizens has become the couple themselves.

it is said that to control a person, it is necessary to control his emotions, so a person who is not infuriated by emotions and is not influenced by emotions is invincible.

Carnegie said:

"We have lived in this world for only a few decades, but we have wasted a lot of time worrying about the little things that will be forgotten within a year. What a terrible loss."

you must stick to your principles and bottom lines, but don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

in the troubled life, learn to be calm, use unangry wisdom to dissolve all kinds of stress, and your life will go smoothly.

Zhou Guoping has a saying: "A lot of pain in life comes from blind competition."

in a hurry, I don't have so much to get what I want, and I don't have so much time to be angry.

since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice;

since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate;

since you didn't get what you wanted, you might as well be relieved.

be confused, be forgetful and be happy.

, be smart,

others annoy me, and let the joys and sorrows go with the wind and live their own glory.