People pay for their emotions all their lives.
People pay for their emotions all their lives.
In this life, one must learn to live in harmony with one's own emotions.


have read such a story.

one day, a hungry snake crawled into a woodworking shop in search of food.

when it passed the saw on the ground, it cut its body a little bit.

it turned angrily and bit the saw.

as a result, the saw was unscathed, but it hurt its mouth, too.

the snake became more angry, red-eyed, rushed up and entangled the saw hard.

in the end, he used all his strength and didn't hurt the saw. Instead, he was sawed to death.

the poor snake didn't understand to death that it was not the saw that killed it, but his out-of-control emotions.

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in life, we will inevitably encounter unpleasant things, some people are worried, some people constantly hurt themselves, and some people have a bad temper, which leads to tragedies on impulse.

in the final analysis, people pay for their emotions all their lives.

Don't let a bad mood drive away a good mood

some time ago, a friend of mine had a major operation because of breast problems.

then she sighed to me:

"before the age of 30, I was used to keeping everything in my heart. My work was not going well, my feelings were bad, and my heart was overwhelmed by trifles. It was not until a serious illness that I knew that anger would destroy a person's health. "

Western modern psychology thinks:

in addition to external injuries, most of the chronic physical pain is caused by internal stress and psychological problems.

the biggest enemy on the way of life is actually your own negative emotions.

he Quanfeng, a best-selling author, once told a story in his book.

the head of the cardiology department of a well-known university had a heart attack and was sent to hospital for emergency treatment. After saving his life, he began to seriously reflect on his life.

these two rules of life are not secret recipes for keeping good health, but very simple ways to deal with the world:

rule number one, don't waste your energy on trifles;

rule number two, everything is trivial.

Life is always troubling after trouble. if you let your emotions get involved and live your life like a mess, you will not be in a good mood.

it is the best practice for a person to learn to adjust his mood.

as Professor Luo Xiang said, "be cautious about things that are controllable and optimistic about things that are uncontrollable."

the best way to maintain good health is to keep a balanced state of mind and a stable mood.

all bad emotions are paid for by yourself

writer Liu Na once said: "emotion is a gun. When we pull the trigger of emotion, the muzzle is actually aimed at ourselves."

in life, we all encounter a lot of bad things.

some people struggle endlessly over some trivial things, and trivial quarrels eventually turn into fists and punches, while others explode their mentality when they encounter an emergency, brewing trifles into great disasters.

however, after the fury, all the consequences have to be borne by yourself.

two days ago, I saw a piece of heartbreaking news.

because life is not going well, the two father and son quarreled at the wine table and even spilled liquor on each other.

the quarrel between the two became more and more intense, and finally the father lit his son with a lighter. In an instant, the father and son became a fire man.

facing such a result, the son must be very remorseful, but no matter how sorry he is, the father will never come back.

Liang Shiqiu once said: "when the blood is boiling, the reason is not very clear, words and deeds are easy to exceed points, which is not suitable for others and for themselves."

indulge your emotions, and it will certainly punish you in the most painful way.

you are the one who pays for all the bad emotions in the end.

can't hold back one's temper and keep good luck

psychologist Professor Davis has conducted a follow-up survey of nearly 1000 people and come to a conclusion:

if a person is in a fierce bad mood for a long time, it will lead to family failure, bad career, or make a mess of good things.

people who find it difficult to control their emotions often find it difficult to control their lives.

I have read such a story.

Lao Zhang is a veteran employee of the company. he used to work very hard in the market service department, but he is too grumpy and is often complained about conflicts with customers.

he was not in good health either. Once he had a sudden illness at his post and stayed in the hospital for more than a month before he came back to work.

the general manager wanted him to recuperate, so he was transferred to the Logistics Department. Lao Zhang was furious when he learned that it was the leader putting on small shoes for him. U3000

he did not realize that his poor health was related to long-term business trips, and that his salary had not been reduced when he changed to this position.

was supposed to be a good thing, but he had a big quarrel with the leader and insisted on resigning.

after he resigned, he opened a restaurant, but later closed down because of repeated quarrels with customers. He had different businesses, and lost all his money because he could not control his temper.

later, I didn't have any capital, so I started selling pancakes. Not to mention, the income was much less than before when I went through the wind and rain.

there is a saying that people win in this life.In tolerance, die in temper.

some people have a bad life, most of the time because they can't control their anger.

people who are dominated by emotions can only allow themselves to become weak and let life slide into a bottomless abyss.

to control your emotions, you can control your life

I read a question on the Internet earlier: what is the sign of a person's maturity?

A high praise replied: "even if the inner waves are rough, the surface can be light."

can be summed up in four words: emotional stability.

some time ago, I watched an interview by Luo Zhenyu.

when asked by the host, "is there anything sad or difficult for you to accept?"

Luo Zhenyu replied with a smile: "there is no so-called emotion in my life now, only what problems have happened and how to solve them."

Wisdom is revealed in a short sentence.

people who live successfully in life are good at managing emotions.

the writer Shen Congwen is famous for his good temper, humility and sincerity, and has always regarded himself as a "countryman".

he is simple, kind and tolerant, and no matter what bad things can affect him.

as he said of himself: "because of my character, to deal with any difficulties, my consistent attitude is to accept it in silence, neither discouraging nor moaning."

his strong ability of self-digestion made Shen Congwen's life turbulent and uneventful, and he healed countless injured souls with his words.

Laozi once said, "he who wins is strong, and he who wins himself is strong."

controlling emotions is not only the wisdom of dealing with the world, but also the practice of life.

do not be trapped in the heart, not confused in love, in order to live a life in peace.

Lin Yutang has a passage in the article, which I deeply agree with:

"A person who has a clean mind, a clear mind, and no superfluous emotions and delusions will bring sense of security to people.

because he does not hurt others, nor does he hurt himself, nor does he cause trouble, nor does he bother others. "

, in this life, people have to learn to live in harmony with their emotions.