Openly admit to cheating on Chen Xiaochun, this actress is so bold.
Openly admit to cheating on Chen Xiaochun, this actress is so bold.
In Hong Kong, she may not be the most beautiful, but she is the lightest.


recently, Lai Zhishan visited Thunder 881 Radio.

she is the TVB gold medal host and often listens to guests share, and this time it is finally her turn to reveal her experience.

the host asked about her past love history.

she took the conversation graciously:

"they're right. All the male stars I've dated have become popular." "maybe I can really prosper my ex, ha."

Picture Source: radio program Thunder 881 "1 Circle (weekend Edition)

who was Li Zhishan's predecessor?

if you count it, there are five people who have publicly admitted it.

Liang Jiahui, Zheng Yijian, Chen Xiaochun, Shao Chuanyong, Zhang Dalun.

are all male gods, ideal lovers for thousands of women.

moreover, after dating her, they all seem to have good luck.

from a nobody, suddenly leapt to a big hit.

Liang Jiahui won the Golden Horse Award and the Golden Horse Award.

after Zheng Yijian and Chen Xiaochun starred in "confused Boy," their popularity soared, and the music and film circles bloomed.

Shao Chuanyong has developed like a fish in water.

Zhang Dalun's role and popularity are growing.

Li Zhishan said with a smile, "maybe the men I chose are not in the pool."

what's even more amazing is that she can be friends with her ex-boyfriend.

often make dinners, meet, invite to their own programs, generous chat history and current situation.

many people are curious, Li Zhishan is not beautiful, why can always attract all kinds of handsome guys?

how does she manage to be "ex-friends"?

this starts in 1982.

is the age of crazy play, she likes to go to the disco with a group of friends.

Chen Baiqiang and Zhang Guorong

Leslie Cheung is older than her and keeps calling her "pretty sister" (Cantonese for "little sister").

later, Li Zhishan became a TVB reporter. When her brother saw her in an interview, he would always call her to the front with his eyes.

in addition to her brother, Li Zhishan also met another man, Liang Jiahui, the "actor of a thousand faces".

Leslie Cheung and Liang Jiahui

Liang Jiahui was not famous at that time, and there was still a year before he won his first Academy Award.

in the dim light, Li Zhishan looked at him, feeling dark.

he is 9 years older than Li Zhishan. At first, they didn't care about the age gap.

Leung Ka-fai picked up Lai Zhishan from class every day and attended the premiere of the movie "hanging the Curtain" hand in hand.

Li Zhishan also took Liang Jiahui home for dinner, but her father didn't like him.

"the actor is ruthless, how can you be with him?"

regardless of Li Zhishan, she still goes in and out with Leung Ka-hui.

A few years later, they broke up, and the age gap was a hurdle they couldn't get over.

in 2012, Lai Zhishan invited Liang Jiahui to appear on her own program.

while chatting, Li Zhishan suddenly asked:

"you didn't think I was (to be married) at that time, did you?"

Liang Jiahui paused for a long time.

he thought about it.

"but no, you are too young."

16-year-old she and 25-year-old him are not mentally on the same channel.

Li Zhishan calmly praised in the program:

"he is a super good man, a good husband and a good father."

now they still see each other a lot. They are work partners and old friends.

and Li Zhishan never found an "older" boyfriend. After Leung Ka-fai, every boyfriend is younger than her.

with Leung Ka-hui, Li Zhishan's career is also in its infancy.

she grew up in the ballroom and loved to sing and dance, and musician Angus noticed her.

after a training promotion, she became a signed singer.

in 1984, Li Zhishan released the album Girl Magazine with Chen Lemin and Chen Huixian.

it is a pity that only Chen Huixian is popular.

Li Zhishan and Chen Le-min released the album "Girl Manifesto, absolutely passionately in Love", which still had a mediocre response.

Li Zhishan was very depressed.

at this time, Hong Kong TVB threw her an olive branch.

she looked, wow, this is a great opportunity.

Our collection of tea party wedding dress are bound to dazzle and bewitch you. Find a design that is perfect for you, they will bring a whole new level to your wardrobe.

she was so busy agreeing that she became the host of the program "430 Shuttle".

at that time, Li Zhishan did not know that it was arranged for her by her uncle Stanley Ho.

Yes, she comes from a different family.

Li Wanhua, the original wife of the King of Gambling, is Li Zhishan's aunt.

Stanley Ho felt sorry for his niece who had just lost her father and secretly helped him. Li Zhishan always remembered his kindness.

at Stanley Ho's funeral, she was dressed in black to see her uncle off for the last trip.

but Li Zhishan didn't know anything about it when she entered TVB.

she hosts children's programs and has a good time with the children every day.

at that time, Stephen Chow was also the host of the 430 Shuttle.

they hook shoulders and backs all day long and have a good time.

Xing Yeh likes to tell jokes, and she often laughs until she rolls around.

later, Zhou Xingchi left TVB to film and was replaced by Zheng Yijian.

at that time, Zheng Yijian was not an ancient deceiver, and his eyes were green and tender enough to pinch out water.

his temper is very hot, on a par with Li Zhishan.

but these two "powder kegs" are inexplicably together.

after the two fell in love, they quarreled every three days.

there is a lot of blood in a quarrel, so that the whole building knows.

almost every colleague has witnessed their "war", but Zheng Yijian is also very sweet.

there was a birthday of Li Zhishan.

he is too cash-strapped to buy expensive gifts.

so he gave her his "most important thing" ID card.

after they had been noisy for more than three years, Li Zhishan passed Zheng Yijian's most frivolous years, when he did not know how to tolerate.

many years later, Zheng Yijian finally became a calm man, but it was a pity that she was no longer around.

"you are very happy to get to know Zheng Yijian at this time."

and bless: "I hope you will be happy forever."

after the breakup, Li Zhishan often went to interview him in his working relationship.

someone asked her if she wasn't embarrassed.

she laughed:

"No, it has an advantage." "because he dared not answer me! Ha. "

when we meet again, the two are as natural as they used to be.

Li Zhishan launched the program "Best Actor", and Zheng Yijian came to support it without saying a word.

Zheng Yijian held a concert and Lai Zhishan waved a glow stick off the stage.

she even has a good relationship with Zheng Yijian's wife, Meng Jiahui.

Li Zhishan and Meng Jiahui

when they take part in activities together, the three of them will happily take pictures together.

Meng Jiahui (first from left), Lai Zhishan (second from left), Zheng Yijian (first from right)

Li Zhishan is the only one who can be a good sister with her predecessor.

Li Zhishan has almost no window. After breaking up with Zheng Yijian, she soon fell in love with actor Shao Chuanyong.

the relationship was dull and long, lasting for eight years.

Shao Chuanyong suffered a serious car accident, the second cervical vertebra fracture, almost paralyzed.

everyone thinks that Li Zhishan is so playful that she will definitely break up and leave.

but she didn't.

she stayed with Shao Chuanyong all the time and never gave up.

take good care of him and help him recover.

half a year later, Shao Chuanyong finally recovered.

it is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

people are starting to guess again that it's time to get married.

but once again, Li Zhishan surprised everyone, and she broke up.

when asked why, she smiled and said:

"if we don't share weal and woe, there must be results."

but even if she broke up, she didn't want to say he was wrong.

once on a program, host Liang Tailai said half-jokingly:

"Shao Chuanyong is very unfaithful. You picked the wrong person!"

Li Zhishan leaned back and laughed and said:

"Wow, don't say that, he's fine."

Li Zhishan is not perfect.

in fact, these eight-year relationships are not without waves.

in 1993, the second year of falling in love with Shao Chuanyong, Li Zhishan had a brief affair.

this is Chen Xiaochun, a good friend of Zheng Yijian.

Chen Xiaochun was 26 years old at that time and was a member of the Fenghuohai group.

Young, full of hormones.

the eyebrow is beautiful and the smile is ruffian.

that night, Li Zhishan went to see Lin Yilian's concert.

Dance dancer Kui came out, and among them was a boy who was "very eye-catching and different from others".

she couldn't look away at all, and her heart was pounding.