Openly admit cheating, this well-known actress, how come no one scolded?
Openly admit cheating, this well-known actress, how come no one scolded?
She doesn't have to be hypocritical or ingratiate, but she lives to be herself.


I haven't seen Song Dandan for a long time.

when I saw him again, he was caught off guard and fed some dog food.

on September 4, someone accidentally photographed Song Dandan and her husband Zhao Yuji running at night.

Song Dandan is dressed in a black sportswear. Waving a gesture, as if to say something.

Zhao Yuji is tall and upright and vigorous. Smile and listen patiently.

the two walked side by side, very close.

Song Dandan and Zhao Yuji met in 1997.

after marriage, the two people helped each other for 24 years.

Song Dandan had two marriages before that. There have been regrets, unwillingness and grievances.

Song Dandan once said:

"I used to be without sense of security. When you get married, please your husband in the hope that he will love him more. "

looking back on the past, she lamented that it was those experiences that taught her to grow up.

otherwise there would be no Song Dandan today.

there is a woman in the Song family, known as "Dan Dan".

in 1960, Song Ying welcomed his third daughter.

he seems to have a strong interest in color.

the eldest daughter's name is Song Firefly; the second daughter's name is Song Qingqing.

"fireflies" is yellow; "green" is blue.

what is the name of this daughter?

Song Xing's wife, Haixing, is an art teacher.

"Let's just call it 'Dan'. 'Dan' stands for red and can be mixed with 'yellow' and 'green'."

in this way, Song Dandan came into this world.

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she did not know that her future relationships would be as strong and bright as her name.

Song Dandan's first love was at the age of 19.

at that time, the college entrance examination had just resumed.

many young people in society review and take the college entrance examination with the students in school.

on a muggy afternoon, there was a thundershower.

Song Dandan ran back to the classroom with an umbrella.

when I was collecting my umbrella, I caught a glimpse of a strange boy in the back seat by the window.

he is handsome and tall.

"the boy is so handsome."

Song Dandan suddenly blushed.

the next day, a girl found Song Dandan, hoping to find a boy in her class.

"is Yuan Gang here?"

"who is Yuan Gang?"

"is the son of Mr. Sun, the newcomer to your class. Can you call him out for me? "

Song Dandan suddenly realized that the strange boy he saw that day was Yuan Gang!

she turned to find Yuan Gang.

but the heart keeps beating like an abnormal heart rhythm.

at this time, God gave an opportunity for Song Dandan to send a signal of love to Yuan Gang.

after class that day, Song Dandan went to the toilet.

the corridor is dark.

Song Dandan walked down a step and found Yuan Gang coming head on.

suddenly, Song Dandan slipped and almost fell down the stairs.

in the dark, a pair of strong hands grabbed her sleeve in time.

all I heard was "prick", and the three buttons on Song Dandan's chest suddenly fell off.

Song Dandan quickly used his hand to protect his chest.

, she forgot whether to say thank you or not and didn't go to the bathroom.

she hurried back to the classroom because she was so ashamed!

the heart patted her on the chest.

the blush climbed up her cheek, as if it had been burned by fire.

Song Dandan suddenly picked up his pen and wrote a note to Yuan Gang:

"I hate you because you 'saved' me and I have to transfer. Because I can't learn anything. "

Song Dandan's trick of "playing hard to get" worked well.

she soon received a three-page reply from Yuan Gang.

the evening breeze is used to weeping willows.

Yuan Gang and Song Dandan walked side by side.

in Yuan Gang's eyes, Song Dandan was extremely beautiful at that time.

she is plump and strong.

along the way, he took the initiative to initiate a topic, and the shy Song Dandan, led by Yuan Gang, gradually began to talk freely.

when parting, Yuan Gang plucked up his courage and kissed Song Dandan.

Song Dandan, completely collapsed.

Yuan Gang was admitted to the Law Department of Peking University at the end of the college entrance examination. Song Dandan was admitted to the Beijing people's Art.

she thought they would get married. Their future is at hand.

until dinner in 1983.

Song Dandan and Yuan Gang's family ate with relish and enthusiasm.

she picked up an egg and was ready to eat when Yuan Gang's mother spoke.

"Xiaogang, use your passport to buy a bottle of salad oil at the Friendship Store tomorrow."

Friendship Store was the most advanced store in Beijing at that time.

Song Dandan was surprised.

"passport? Is Yuan Gang going abroad? "

after dinner, Song Dandan asked Yuan Gang about his passport.

Yuan Gang could not hide it and admitted his plan to go to the United States.

Song Dandan was surprised.

the boys who used to love have never included their future in the map of their lives.

the relationship of the past five years is actually just my own imagination.

Song Dandan's tears suddenly burst into disgrace.

she wrote a parting letter telling Yuan Gang that she would never see him again.

, she left Yuan Gang without looking back.

and quickly get married with another man.

when he married this man, Song Dandan admitted that he was too impulsive.

Men are simple and honest. Song Dandan is clever.

after marriage, the gap between them deepens.

A year later, Song Dandan filed for divorce.

at dinner, the man said to Song Dandan:

"Dan Dan, I have been married to you and married you to be my wife. I am already very happy. But you have to promise me one thing. "

"what is it?"

"if you become famous in the future, never mention my name on any occasion."

Song Dandan agreed and kept his mouth shut for more than 30 years.

after the breakup, the man completely disappeared from Song Dandan's world.

just like Song Dandan left Yuan Gang at that time.

so decisive and so determined.

this hastily ended marriage did not make Song Dandan regret.

she is always looking forward to love.

"I want to have my own home, my own bed, my own desk. I want to be with my loved ones day and night, not to be disturbed, no need to hide, and no need to wait in a hurry for a few-day meeting."

she pursued it all the way.

like a bird looking for, I just want a warm embrace.

in 1987, Song Dandan participated in the play "arsonist".

when discussing the script in the conference room, Song Dandan was very thirsty.

the director is explaining the script, and the whole crew is serious and serious.

Song Dandan is embarrassed to ask for water.

she glanced at a thermos cup in front of the man next to her.

the hot water in the thermos cup makes the tea full and swollen, and the aroma is overflowing.

Song Dandan swallowed his saliva and felt more thirsty.

"can I drink your water? I'm not sick. "

the man smiled and replied on the note:

"of course. But I have AIDS. "

Song Dandan was suddenly amused.

she is looking at the man, a little fat and wearing glasses.

not handsome, but witty and humorous.

, Song Dandan learned that the man's name was Yingda.

just got back from America.

is the trainee associate director of the play "arsonist".

"his cleverness, his erudition, his wildness and invincibility make people who like him fall in love at first sight and those who hate him can't be tolerated."

Yingda is more coaxing than Song Dandan imagined.

one day, Yingda clenched her fist and put it in Song Dandan's hand.

then release it, and it is a hard-boiled egg.

Song Dandan peeled off the eggs and laughed: "your hands are not hot at all. It's full of water!"

then Song Dandan invited Yingda to dinner.

they meet at a western restaurant.

Song Dandan arrived first, and she received a note:

I love you! I love you! I love you! I must marry you! I will marry you! "

Song Dandan's heart defense was breached instantly.

they go out together.

filming together in the theater, Yingda also taught Song Dandan to sing English songs.

they love so much, so devoted.

so much so that Song Dandan said, "at that time my IQ was almost zero."

in 1989, Song Dandan and Yingda got married.

the following year, Song Dandan became pregnant.

it was not until he really walked into this "home" and gave birth to a child that Song Dandan knew that marriage was not as easy as he thought.

Yingda is young and arrogant.

I have no shooting experience, but I like to "point the world" on the set.

is often "dissuaded" by the crew in various names.

to discuss the point of view with everyone, we must contend for one, two or three.

"can't you allow others to be smart for once?"

"No, I can't watch others try to step on the ladder and be high on my side."

because of her arrogance, Yingda soon lost her job.

as a last resort, Song Dandan performed everywhere 34 days after giving birth.

Yingda, on the other hand, slept at home until 12:00 at noon.

Song Dandan saw this and said to him solemnly:

"I don't care whether you become famous or not, but now that you are a father, you must take responsibility."

under the whip of Song Dandan, Yingda decided to write a novel.

at 3 o'clock in the evening, Song Dandan woke up and found Yingda's study lit up.

she is very pleased.

at 8 o'clock in the morning, Song Dandan went to call Yingda for breakfast.

went into the bedroom and was stunned by the scene:

the lamp is on; the manuscript paper has not moved a word.

and Yingda is lying on the table snoring like thunder.

she was a little angry, but then she softened.

"he's so smart, maybe I put too much pressure on him to be a writer at all."

married for nearly ten years.

Song Dandan is like a mother, trying to run the family.