One of the most expensive medicine in the world, only two words, cure countless people!
One of the most expensive medicine in the world, only two words, cure countless people!
Time is a medicine. May you have the sweet one.

someone once asked me:

"what is the most important thing in the world?"

I pointed to the watch on my hand and said:


time dominates everything in this world.

it is poison, giving a battered face;

it is also an antidote to the ups and downs of the years and the pain of the hearts of the people.

how to release its medicine, let's ask the time.

I asked the time:

"how to get out of the past?"

time answer:

"all encounters are just 'temporary'."

there is a folk story that you don't have to pick up a clay jar if you lose it.

A man with a pot on his back was walking in the desert. The jar rolled down and water was sprinkled all over the floor. He kept walking and moved on.

someone asked him, why didn't you pick up the jar when you dropped it?

the man said:

"the water in the jar has been spilled, and picking it up will only increase my load.

time waits for no man, so it is important to hurry. "

worry is like a clay pot thrown on the side of the road. If we pick it up, it will only add to our burden. Only by letting go of the past can we go further.

and time will bury its troubles in the wind.

Don't get carried away when you're happy, and don't give up when you're in pain.

Let go of the past, time is the antidote.

whether you gain or lose, it is only "for a while".

I asked the time:

"how long is one's life?"

time answer:

"only three days."

A person's life is only three days: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

No matter how good yesterday is, it will become history; no matter how bad it is today, it needs to be cherished; no matter how far tomorrow is, we must work hard.

there is an old British prime minister who has a habit of shutting the door behind him.

my friend asked curiously:

"is it necessary for you to close all these doors?"

of course it is necessary. "

George smiled and said:

"I have been closing the door behind me all my life. When you close the door, you leave the past behind."

so that you can live in the present. "

in fact, no one lives in the past and no one lives in the future.

now is the only form that life really occupies.

since time never looks back, life should have no regrets.

cherish the present, time is happy medicine, taste the sweetness of time, we can move forward and live out the beauty of the years.

I asked the time:

"what is the biggest mistake in life?"

time answer:

"wrong persistence and easy giving up."

in 2005, Shanda was in full swing in Chinese Internet companies, and Chairman Chen Tianqiao's ambition was to use the media to create a "home entertainment".

but more than a decade ago, with immature technology, insufficient video content and a poor user experience, the product ended in failure.

since then, Shanda has lost its vitality and gradually faded out of people's field of vision.

famous investor Josh Harris said:

"at the wrong time, the right thing can be wrong."

one thing, no matter how beautiful it is, once there is no result, there is no need to entangle it, and you will be tired for a long time.

A person, even if nostalgia, if you are not suitable, you must learn to let go, for a long time you will be heartbroken.

A person who knows how to love himself will not be overly paranoid, let alone turn precious time into poison.

I asked the time:

"what is the most worth celebrating in life?"

time answer:


writer Akira Nozaka said:

"cherish today, cherish now, who knows which comes first, tomorrow or accident."

just 22 words, it shows the fragility of life.

in life, everything is trivial except life and death.

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Bai Yansong visited Huang Yongyu, a painter in hospital, and found that he was all skin and bones.

while hesitating, Huang Yongyu spoke first:

"hospitalization surgery is also beneficial. You see, I have lost dozens of jin at a time, which is a relief."

indeed, time is precious. As long as people are alive, why not celebrate?

there is a folk saying:

"the reason why people suffer is to pursue the wrong things."

time, let me understand that money and wealth, but external things, fame and power, is just a dream.

No matter how important the money is, there will always be a time to spend it, no matter how loud the name is, and there will always be a day when you forget it.

time, let me understand that no matter how good the past is, no matter how difficult it is in the future, we have to continue.

Don't pester in memories, don't stay in the past, time waits for no one, look forward to everything!

time, let me understand, cherish everyone around me, cherish every day of life, only once in life, only once in life, do not injure yourself, do not leave regret!

time is a medicine. May you eat the sweet one, unlock the bitterness of life and taste the sweetness of the years.