New function of Wechat: I know, you deleted me.
New function of Wechat: I know, you deleted me.
Pick up the mood and whistle to start a new journey.



"exclusive ringtone that cannot be rung"

Derek wrote in Bleecker Street in Summer:

"Summer belongs to prose and lemon, to nudity and idleness, to imagination about return and eternal idleness, to rare flutes and bare feet, and to August bedrooms, twisted sheets and Sunday salt."

the four seasons, day and night, and the rich emotions of human beings are all precious because of their "exclusive".

on July 14th, Wechat launched a new version with two functions that have been hotly debated.

the first one is the ringtone for incoming calls.

in the news notification, you can set "my ringtone can be heard when a friend calls me", which is different from TA and belongs to TA for the people you care about.

the second one is chat on the top.

after the update, the set-top chat box can be folded at will, with a simple interface and reducing the possibility that off-top chat will be ignored.

in this regard, many netizens, as usual, expressed their opinions:

"can you give me a chat?"

"my cell phone is muted all the year round, am I the only one?"

"what if you set your own ringtone? it won't ring at all."

"even so, off-the-top chat will be ignored by him."


A bell that cannot ring and an off-top chat that does not receive a reply.

how many people's Wechat normal is this?

remembering that some time ago, "Why the computer version of Wechat must be scanned" was posted on a popular search.

it turns out that there is no such thing as a computer version of Wechat. Our commonly used computer version is actually an extension of the mobile version, in other words, it just provides a typable keyboard for the phone.

as to why there is no computer version, the reason is simple:

"because Wechat gives you the concept of being online for a long time and always online, if you do the PC version, the result is that users no longer trust the other person to receive the message immediately."

so, you've been waiting for news for a long time. It's not that the other side can't get it, it's not that the other side doesn't see it, but that the other side deliberately refuses to reply.

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even if the top message is folded, even if the non-top message is one step closer to the visual range.

you and TA are still thousands of miles apart.

you look at TA,TA and look away.

"I know, you deleted me."

April this year.

Tencent publicizes the patent for one-way detection of friends on social accounts: one-way friend detection instructions.

if this feature comes online, it means that we can quickly find out who deleted us in one direction through a simple test.

"it's not of much use. There are always a few non-friend friends lying in an adult's mobile phone."

"how much is the difference between not chatting and blocking moments and one-way friends?"

"when do I have a double delete?"


Why do people care so much about deleting features?

just because we have great expectations:

the long and hopeless wait can be shorter.

the terminal of secret love can be clearer.

someone once asked such a question on Zhihu, how does it feel to be deleted by a loved one from your Wechat friend?

some netizens replied:

"probably at that moment, I realized that some feelings really could not be forced."

the reader Wang Qing has been reluctant to do so.

two years ago, Wang Qing added Lin Song's Wechat with the help of her friends.

so obvious, but so far away.

on this side, Lin Song stayed quietly on the friend list, and there was no new news except for the initial greeting. On the other side, Wang Qing silently made numerous changes for them later on.

"Wang Qing, who did not like to be dynamic in the past, began to launch moments frequently"

"all the articles forwarded can see that she is waiting for someone's mood."

"shared music, sour and sweet"


in this way, a year has passed.

during this period, Wang Qing and Lin Song also had scattered chats, and each time Wang Qing took the initiative.

on the night of April Fool's Day, maybe it was desire. Wang Qing finally plucked up her courage and sent a long text to show her heart.

but she was not answered by affirmation or refusal, but by a red exclamation point.

at the end of the letter, Wang Qing said:

"if only I had this feature, I could quickly know that I had been deleted."

it turns out that the saddest thing in secret love,

it's not what you give, he can't see.

but what you gave, he didn't see it.

"the affection that doesn't get a response is a joke."

in feelings, many people like to be affectionate.

it is easy to be destroyed and easy to collapse, and at the same time, it is the most attractive and obstinate.

"give me the bell, step by step, step by step."

when the bell doesn't ring, I can't help thinking about you.

chat on the top didn't get a reply, but the little red dot didn't disappear.

was deleted friends, let go of TA, but can not let go of memories.

but why bother?

"my affection is a joke. The more I put my heart into it, the louder I laugh."

instead of being treated as a joke, it is better to let go of your affection.

Last month, singer Xie Anqi revealed in the studio that Fang Datong was in love recently. As soon as the relevant news came out, netizens sent their blessings to Fang Datong and asked, what about Xue Kaiqi?

once upon a time, there were only seven words in Fang Datong's life: eating, singing, Xue Kaiqi.

he and she will always be friends, but their lovers are not satisfied.

in 2008, the fatigue at work and the haze brought by the feelings of failure eroded Xue Kaiqi's body and soul.

as a result, she suffered from depression and shut herself at home every day, torturing herself. Later, depression became more and more serious and developed into bipolar disorder.

at some tipping point, Xue Kaiqi thought about suicide. Fortunately, she called Fang Datong that day. It was Fang Datong who pulled her back from the brink of death:

"I just want someone to tell me not to die."

that person can only be Fang Datong.

later, they had a deeper and deeper relationship.

there will be Xue Kaiqi in every concert of Fang Datong. In his words, "my concert, Xue Kaiqi will never be absent."

in fact, the subtext of this sentence is, my life, I hope you will come forever.

but Xue Kaiqi's response is that I can come, but not as a "lover".

just like the song they sang when they worked together for the first time:

"A couple who can't love each other are like brothers and sisters."

Sixteen years have passed since the passage of time.

Fang Datong's agent also clarified the rumors of Fang Datong's love affair not long after the news came to light.

netizens who like Fang Datong and Xue Kaiqi are relieved.

but after opening Fang Datong's social network, they also found that Fang Datong's life is still eating and singing. Only without Xue Kaiqi.

the most recent post about her on Weibo was 4 years ago.

can't be lovers, can't be friends.

then, put it down.

there is a classic line in the movie "2046":

"in the end, I finally realized that there are some things I can't force, and all I can do is give up."

it's not as hard as you think to give up someone you've loved for a long time:

cancel the top of Wechat;

have the freedom of moments;

No longer expect "Little Red Dot";


"go ahead, my depressed friend, although many things have happened, the stars in the sky are still beautiful."

you must meet the brightest star that twinkles only for you.