Never complain about your work.
Never complain about your work.
When you stop complaining about your work, it is the beginning of your strength.


Jack Welch was once hailed as the strongest CEO in the world.

Welch worked at General Electric for one year in 1961.

because of his excellent working ability and made a great contribution to the company, he got a very high annual review.

at this time, the company gave him a raise of $1000, and Welch was overjoyed and thought it was the company's affirmation of his value.

but I didn't expect that other people in the office would get the same raise as he did.

Welch is dissatisfied with this, and he believes that the more he pays, the more he deserves to be paid.

Welch went to the company theory and got the explanation: this is a predetermined standard for wage fluctuations.

this answer does not satisfy Welch, who feels that companies should treat employees differently on the issue of salaries.

to this end, Welch grumbled all day long, getting more and more frustrated day by day, and even had the idea of resigning.

one day, the head of the department called Welch to the office and said to him earnestly:

"although you have been in the company for only one year, I appreciate your talent and enthusiasm. There is a long way to go in the future. Complaining all day and not working intentionally will only waste the company's big stage. Don't you want to stand in the middle of this stage one day? "

at this time, he woke up and stopped making useless complaints, but continued to show his talents and show his edge.

later, he became the project leader, led the team to overcome difficulties, and volunteered to be the head of the processing plant, leading the material innovation in the manufacturing industry.

just seven years later, at the age of 33, he became GM's youngest president ever.

looking back on his career, Welch called the conversation with his boss a life-changing conversation.

tell me about a thing that happens around you.

she is a housekeeper aunt invited by a friend. I call her Aunt Chen.

Aunt Chen met an employer and the whole family exploded like a powder keg.

once, Aunt Chen wanted to wash the floor and worried that the water would splash her shoes, so she first put them on the balcony and was so busy that she forgot to return to her original position.

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the employer ridiculed her severely for this matter.

to make matters worse, after half a month of work, the employer ordered Aunt Chen's work to wait until she had finished the inspection on the grounds that they did not worry about her work.

employers will lie on the ground to look for hair, stare at some dead corners for dust, fiddle with the screen, pry open the range hood, check every corner and pick out all kinds of faults.

but the more you complain, the more depressing the day will be.

after a long time, Aunt Chen felt that she was in a wrong state and began to try to change her mind.

"although such a demanding employer is a nuisance, it is not necessarily a bad thing to force yourself according to such requirements."

so she began to study all kinds of detergents on the market, which is suitable for removing grease and which is suitable for cleaning wood floors, so as to get a clear picture of the characteristics of all kinds of detergents.

she will bring two sets of scrubbing tools when she comes to the door, because dirt will stick to the tools after the first scrub, so she will use the clean one at the last time.

she will write a memo on her mobile phone and make a list of things to do, indicating the steps and precautions of everything, in case of negligence and omission.

since then, Aunt Chen has rarely been criticized and occasionally made difficult. Aunt Chen will choose to ignore it and focus on solving problems.

later, when Aunt Chen stopped serving the family, she still went to work with this attitude.

gradually, because Aunt Chen's work was recognized by many employers, her reputation spread.

the shadow of the tree, the name of man.

unwittingly, Aunt Chen has become hot in the housekeeping market.

writer William Ward said:

"pessimists complain about the wind, optimists wait for the wind to change, and realists adjust the direction of the wind."

if Welch doesn't wake up in time, no matter how good he is, he will be lost in complaints.

Aunt Chen changed her mood and actively struggled with difficulties before she became a professional expert.

Welch and Aunt Chen seem to be out of touch, but their experience is a true portrayal of adults.

as big as being at the helm of a company, as small as a part-time job, any job will encounter difficulties and unfairness.

and a person's attitude in the face of challenges often determines the height of his work.

in 1967, American psychologist Seligman did an experiment.

he kept a dog in a cage and electrocuted the dog as soon as the buzzer went off.

after many experiments, Seligman changed his approach.

after pressing the buzzer, he opened the cage door first.

difficulties are like "buzzer". When we encounter problems, the first reaction is not how to solve them, but negative complaints.Will be trapped in a negative magnetic field.

I know an elder in the film and television industry, who talks about a past.

one year, because he took on the task of shooting a promotional film for a company, he went to Shenzhen on a business trip with his department boss.

but the company suddenly threw an urgent task to their department. He had to cut a five-minute short film in three days. He grumbled and reluctantly worked overtime.

finally rushed out at 12:00 the night before the business trip, but the company booked the earliest air tickets for them in order to save money. along the way, he complained about the inhumanity of the company with dark circles under his eyes.

when it comes to meeting customers, customers are stuck with a cost of NT $100,000 or NT $200,000, but take the popular Tokyo city promotional film as the production standard, requiring not only creativity, but also three-dimensional animation special effects and a large number of aerial photography.

caused the seniors to start shouting as soon as they went out.

when I talked about this, the elder specifically asked me whether his reaction to these things was normal.

I nodded.

the elder said that the boss showed him a different attitude.

when he complains about the company's inhumane system, his boss only cares about the quality of the finished video and picks up the details frame by frame.

when he is scolding his clients for being unreasonable, his boss has picked up a pen to write on paper, from pre-photography to late dubbing and animation, calculating the cost and seriously considering whether it is necessary to take this list.

the experience of this business trip made the seniors wake up to the fact that the gap between people slowly opened up in this way.

he keeps an eye on the sand on his feet and complains once when he rolls in.

but his boss doesn't care how much sand is under his feet and just goes his way.

Bill Gates said:

"learn to accept the inevitable, learn to deal with problems caused by defects, and don't complain about it."

face difficulties

complaining is an instinct, but solving problems is a skill.

instead of spending time and energy on useless complaints, improve yourself with a positive attitude.

someone asked architect I.M. Pei: "what do you think of the pickiness of the outside world?"

I.M. Pei said carelessly:

"I have never thought about these problems because I have been immersed in how to solve them."

No job is unaggrieved, and every job is a spiritual practice.

when you stop complaining about your work, it is the beginning of your strength.

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