More ruthless than Wang Fei! Lian kicked two big families and married a poor boy at the age of 36: the diva is not dragging, waiting to be dumped.
More ruthless than Wang Fei! Lian kicked two big families and married a poor boy at the age of 36: the diva is not dragging, waiting to be dumped.
Dai Penny has been dressed in plain clothes for 21 years.

the entertainment industry has been calm recently.

many people are still savoring the Mid-Autumn Festival spectacle of "Feng Fei".

without the same frame, Tingfeng doesn't even give an expression, but it stirs up a thousand waves.

it was also at this party that I saw another goddess that no one talked about.

Mingming people and singing voice are so beautiful, a song "I wish people for a long time", the timbre is very beautiful.

time condensed on her.

at first glance, trance is what she looked like 20 years ago.

I feel that all kinds of young goddess Bimei paste should also have her name.

after all, from 20 to 30, now 43, more and more beautiful.

20 years old VS30 years old VS 40 years old

if youth has an old face, it must be the appearance of Penny Dai.

maybe you don't remember Dai Petunia, but anyone who has seen Meteor Garden can't sing her Love you want.

who didn't hear "how", "Cinderella" and "madly in love" at that time.

she arranged all these golden songs, from lyrics and composers to singing and production.

even over the years, you may not have met Dai Petunia and hummed a few words of her song very occasionally.

but I can't allow you not to see this video.

1 billion netizens will feel sorry for Dai Penny, who has been cheated by fans.

then look at her gradually twisted smile.

Dai Petunia does have some skills in herself.

but she's more than that.

she became beautiful and was recognized as Lin Chi-ling several times. She was born with a star face.

she became cool and dismissive of the entertainment industry: "I don't want to be a star."

when she wins, Jay Chou + May Day + Stefanie Sun are all losers.

this is probably the alternative talent of the all-round talented woman who is a little diva in the singing world.

she was still doing modern dance before the age of 16, but she was suddenly connected to the governor's second pulse at the age of 17.

Dai Penny, has not studied any orthodox music.

but countless melodies pop up in her head, and she takes part in the competition in Singapore with her own lyrics and songs.

went to Taiwan alone again, trying to make his debut at one stroke.

all kinds of music producers listen to her work: when to come to work.

in the music scene at that time, Stefanie Sun and Liang Jingru had just emerged and were unstoppable.

but Dai Petunia still found her own way with "how".

the Love you want was chosen as the ending song by Meteor Garden, which was instantly sung in Asia.

and from lyrics and songs, singing, accompaniment to late remix, it was all created by herself.

male Jay Chou and female Dai Penny have the ability to completely control their own songs.

the company thinks it has really found the treasure.

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in the fifth year of her debut, she was shortlisted for seven Golden Melody Awards, from song queen to director, breaking the all-around king record in history.

the song "madly in love" is still a song from the bottom of many people's hearts.

after the name of "melody Goddess" spread, everyone invited her to sing.

her melody, lyric and rock, is changeable in style.

every single song was topped the list throughout the year and became a veritable hit song.

scoundrel sings that young people are at a loss about love: it turns out that we are all liars and scoundrels.

"Road", how many people have spent a confused night: the future may be ethereal, my strength may be very small.

Blessing on the street corner, I heard it was dark from three o'clock in the afternoon.

the queen of literature and art is gentle and delicate, but occasionally she shouts sharply.

she sang in the Thief: "I appreciate your outspokenness, but please watch your smelly mouth."

is cool or not? it's so cool.

she has made her debut for 21 years, released 12 full-time albums and won all the awards she deserves.

but her popularity is really short.

Stefanie Sun and others in the same period have long been diva, and the concert venue is full.

Dai Penny has been wandering on the way to release the album-disappear-release the album and then disappear.

she sings well and she is beautiful. You need to know how many people want to continue to admire her.

but herself: no need.

as she wrote: to let you know that persistence is my only pride.

of course, there is no lack of public doubts about "popular songs are not popular".

to this, Dai Penny has a beautiful answer:

"in this world, in the universe, as long as you have ears, you have the right to choose whether or not to listen to your songs."

Dai Petunia is indeed a "clear stream" in the music world.

she was born into an intellectual. When she was a child, her family laid down rules for her to be a good student.

Dai Petunia turned around to write songs, not doing her job.

later she said that no matter how her family reprimanded her, she went her own way and no one could change her.

is so detached that worldly rules can never bind her.

Men can't.

she is in love with Jaycee Chan. Fang appreciates her talent very much, but she can't change her nature of being unfaithful.

even if Dai Petunia is deeply in love, she is determined to break up.

Jaycee Chan later said the famous sentence "after dating Penny, I don't like other girls."

cried until she lost her voice at the concert.

then, Dai Petunia suffered from a strange illness, and for three years, inexplicable dizziness, neurological disorders, crowd fear, obsessive-compulsive and panic attacks.

at this time, her second boyfriend took care of her days when she was invisible.

in the end, Dai Petunia still chose to break up because her boyfriend could not give her full autonomy.

she said: I want to pursue life freely. I am a very straightforward person in the emotional world.

it's hard to comment on Dai Petunia, but you can slowly feel the sharpness and tension in her character.

like Faye Wong and Zhou Xun, she still yearns for love and lives by feeling.

it was at a blind date that Dai Penny met her current husband.

he has nothing but a small pub and occasionally turns around some art business.

Dai Petunia smiled: well, 200w, can afford my numbers.

intuition tells her that the person in front of her deserves to be loved all her life.

the two moved in together after a month of dating. Dai Petunia said: I have never seen such a clingy boyfriend.

the most terrible thing is that she is unexpectedly subdued because of her loose nature.

boyfriend Similu told her that boyfriend and girlfriend should see each other every day and should not be separated from each other for more than 10 days.

as a result, this has become the "family rule" that Dai Petunia obeys.

36-year-old Dai Penny and 40-year-old Similu officially married after five years of long-distance running.

that year, just after she won the golden song, on the stage, she shouted, "Thank you, my future husband!"

at that time, the promise of only 200w gave each other a lifetime of happiness.

Dai Petunia asks for nothing else. Usually she is cutting films and making music, while her husband is feeding the dog.

if he works, she can cook for him at home.

"We are husband and wife, as well as partner."

to be a happy and stable girl, she doesn't wear Penny at all.

on the other hand, she is still Penny Dai, loyal to herself and loyal to love.

when no work is published, no one can find her.

later, she also said publicly: "it is not open when creating or distributing films."

when the diva is retiring, she still has the energy to form her own band.

began to slowly engage in strong, harsh and beautiful rock'n 'roll, a song "I shot myself" was very explosive.

represents her continued passion and misery over the years.

like her: "I was born in spring, I like freedom, I like running, I like to be free."

nowadays, many people define Dai Petunia as a kind of "high-end cool".

be in Vanity Fair, know the world but not the world, and keep a moderate mind.

this is also the most powerful thing about her. She has always received a lot of attention in the circle, and has been drifting on the edge.

in the entertainment industry, she does not cater to the needs of the market and lives entirely with her own emotional experience.

this is the strongest part of her character.

"Music didn't make me a star, just a musician."

after 21 years of debut, her talent has not been squeezed dry.

is still transparent, gentle, delicate, occasionally sharp, scrupulous, profound.

Dai Penny has been dressed in plain clothes for 21 years.

and sing only your own songs all your life.